Record Valorant Gameplay on Your Computer for Free, Lag-free

If you’re a game lover who’s ever played Valorant, you might want to do it again often. Sometimes you will want to record the play of your favorite agent. You will then start searching for Recording Valorant Gameplay. There are many ways to do this, but we recommend that you try the method that best records your computer without lags or drop frames.

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In this article, I will show you an easy way to record Valorant without straining your computer. It’s all about using the best free screen recording program on the market.

Some Valorant players have already shown how to record on YouTube or other social platforms. What did they use to record? Their recording method may be successful, but it may also be error-prone, so why not use a game-recording program that doesn’t interfere with your computer’s performance?

What is The Best Valorant Free Recording Program?

iTop Screen Recorder is a professional screen recorder for PC with the ability to capture any activity on your screen. This allows you to record Valorant gameplay or other gameplay footage without any problems. With full HD video support, you can record gameplay footage without loss of quality. Thanks to its smooth operation and minimal CPU usage, you can record Valorant gameplay without lag and drop frames, even on a low-end PC. And, of course, all other running tasks on the computer are not interrupted either.


What can you do with this best Valorant recording program? Check out some great features.

Game Mode:  Browse your device to record your Valorant gameplay on your computer with the best settings. Up to 4K, HD quality. And if you’re using a low-end PC, you won’t get stuck because it records according to the system requirements.

Facecam & Voice Recording: This free game recorder has webcam and audio settings that you can quickly turn on and off before hitting the main record button. In addition to recording Valorant and other gameplay videos with audio, you can also know how to record Zoom meeting without permission, capture Netflix/YouTube videos, etc. hassle-free.

Unlimited screens or time:  You can select the screens you want to capture or record. There is no limit to the amount of time you can write, as long as disk space allows. It’s up to you to decide how long to record.

Compatible with all Windows versions: Works with all Windows versions up to Windows 11. Therefore, you can record Valorant even if your Windows and hardware are not up to date, or even on a low-cost PC .

Edit before sharing: There is an editing feature that allows you to correct and cut out some parts before posting for others to see. That’s why it’s a screen recorder full of essential features that will help you create your video the way you want it.

How to Record Valorant Gameplay on Your Computer

Recording Valorant plays is easier than you think if you have iTop Screen Recorder on your computer. Record your gameplay with iTop Screen Recorder, whether you’re using the latest NVIDIA graphics card or a low-cost PC with limited capacity. Here’s how.

Step 1: Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your computer.

Step 2: Start playing Valorant and proceed with the game. When the time comes to start recording , run this watermark free screen recorder .

Step 3: Select the part you want to record and adjust other details such as speaker, sound, microphone recording.


Step 4: Once setup is complete, click the red ‘REC’ button or press F9 on your keyboard to start recording. You can record in the background. If you want to quit, press the Stop or Pause button or use F11.

Step 5: Edit the video if necessary. Check out the ‘My Creations’ tab to view or share videos.

Concluding Remarks

How do I record Valorant gameplay on my computer? iTop Screen Recorder is the best choice.  No matter how long you play, no matter how long you record Valorant gameplay. Record your Valorant and easily share your great gameplay moments. Get it right now!

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