11 Most Funny Facebook Pages of India You Should Like

We all are getting grilled with an extra share of work and pressure from society and most importantly our jobs, social quotient for must of us has been limited to our Facebook Ids. We mostly check the most viable source of social media for latest news feed, trolls, memes and happening around us. There are many pages created by a group of enthusiastic Indian trollers to let us smile after a hectic day spent, in case you want to share the same sort of smile by Desi feeds available. We have ranked Top 10 available Most Funny Facebook Pages from India should be part of your news feed, these pages create desi humor at its best and our top 10 list contains listing of these light-hearted yet enjoyable Facebook Pages from India you should like for extra dose of laughter.

The ranking is totally based on a number of likes on these pages, more likes reciprocate better ranking there is no hard rule for ranking Facebook Pages.

Just sit back and add most followed and liked Facebook Pages part from India.

11. Last Bench Student

The page started in the year 2012 soon gain lots of popularity as it created memes and jokes right from the heart of some last bench admin part of the page. The entertainment page mostly showcases memes, trolls based on school life and gives you a daily dose of laughter and memories with followers list containing 1 lakhs followers and around 10 lakhs likes for the page. You can choose the page if you miss school life, college life fun being a back bencher and want to enjoy memories in form of jokes and memes.


10. Only an Engineering Student can understand the value of study on last Night

Studying Engineering is the most preferred dream of Indian parents, combined with a great number of assignments, projects, and most importantly backs. Engineering Students needed a page to laugh at their efforts, the page units 1.5 lakh Engineer together with over 1 million followers at Facebook. The page not only posts trolls and memes related to Engineering life, it also posts videos, memes, jokes related to sports and movie industry.


9. School Life Milegi Na Dobara

Facebook has now become a social platform that creates love and memories combine with the notion of fun, the particular page we are talking about is all about schools memories and fun with over 1.2 million followers and over 1 million seventy-six thousand likes. If you were not amongst the studious bunch of student, the daily updates about school life and memories with funny memes and jokes are for you.


8. “Bohot Bhuk Lagi hai yaar subah se kuch nahi khaya”

It’s a random desi line we all use to say when we meet our friends, the page started in the year 2010 as an entertainment page. The craze of pages was not there at that time as Facebook was solely used as messaging media, most of the pages shut down but the vintage page remained thanks to its groups of admin. This page is followed by over 3 million users and likes for regular updates from the page is 3,14,694 at present.

https://www.facebook.com/ Bohot Bhuk Lagi hai yaar subah se kuch nahi khaya/

7. Zakir Khan

The Indian Comedian is known for his simplicity in delivering jokes, at the page, you will get over 2 million likes showing love for his comedy style. The page contains all the information related to his live shows and tickets and his fans can see his new Youtube videos as the links are easily available.


6. Desifun

As the name suggests, the page is meant to create Desifun through trolls and memes based mainly on Desifun Cartoon and other trending over internet pics. There are over 2 million likes for the page with 2 million followers. You can simply follow the page by clicking the link below and add more Desifun to your life.


5. Ghanta Sarcasm

The above mentioned Facebook page is one of the most loved Facebook Community with over 8 Lakhs likes and followers of the page have seen 8 lakhs 23 thousands six hundred and thirty-four followers. The Entertainment website is rated as best to create Bollywood, Cricket and other entertainment based memes and trolls.


4. Rajnikant VS CID Jokes

With an overwhelming response from the fans from all over the India, the website is known to make some of the best trolls and internet sensation sharing. The multi-purpose page is funny yet informative that’s why it gained over 13 lakh likes on Facebook.


3. Scoopwoop News

The Indian most advanced media industry news agency with a masala of the funny notion and set of information interesting to read comes under one roof by following ScoopWoop News. There are over 1 crore likes for the page and it has many other media agency links.


2. Alia VS Pappu Jokes

With over 2 crore likes, the page started with two dumb stars name has gained great popularity since its start. The page has great funny memes, trolls and jokes about bollywood, politics and sports.


1. All India Bakchod (AIB)

Over 3 crore likes over Facebook page shows a great love for the community sharing videos, trolls, and jokes with top rated Indian Comedians Tanmay, Abish Mathews and others. You can follow the page by following the link below


There are many other pages also but all the above mentioned are very popular in Indians.

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