9 Most Common Problems for Refrigerator Not Working

The refrigerator is one of the useful appliances at home. It keeps your food from getting spoilt too. You must understand that any electronic appliances may have their troubles in the longer run. Most of them can be sorted from our end only without the intervention of skilled labor. Involving technicians for silly problems can cost you time and money too.

This write up shall give you the idea of knowing the common problems that you can face with the refrigerator, so it is time to see them one by one.



Water leakage

It is one of the most common problems that you can come across. But this is a dangerous problem too. You may have kids and adults walking around, and the possibility of them slipping down is more. Also, the electrical appliance, when connected to water anyways, can cause an electric shock as well. The reason for the water leak is a blocked defrost drain. The defrost drain is available at the back of the freezer. The drain hose can get clogged because of debris and food items too. It shall cause the ice to build up. Also, it makes the water to leak from the freezer and eventually from the fridge. It is easy to fix this. All you have to do is drain the hole by pouring some warm or hot water. Alternatively, use a long and slender instrument that can remove the clog.

If this is not happening, manually remove the clogs. As the drain is available at the backside, pull the fridge out of the wall and clean the hose with hot water after the clog is removed. Ensure that you clean it properly before fitting it back to the fridge.

Also, at times clogged water hose or frozen water supply can cause this trouble. Attempt to locate the shut-off valve in the fridge, Switch off the fridge and check for it. It shall be at the bottom. If the plastic line is broken, you may have to replace it.

The freezer is not Cold.

It is one of the severe problems. The reason for it is many. If the freezer is not cold, check the backside of the freezer. If that part is cold, then check for the freezer if it is blocking the air vent. It probably could happen when the food items are stocked that can stop the air from circulation. Remove that and check. If the problem persists, then check for the evaporator fan. It is normally at the backside of the freezer. If the fan is not rotating, then replace the fan. If the fan is functioning well and still the problem persists, then the trouble is with the condenser. It is normally at the bottom back of the fridge. Check that properly and see if the condenser is getting hot and also check the condenser fan. If the fan is functioning and the compressor is still hot, then there is a problem with the condenser itself. If the condenser is hot and the fan is not running, you may have to replace it. Either way, you must require professional support.

The refrigerator is cycling too often.

Yes, this is common trouble too. It can happen because of two reasons. One is the trouble with the condenser cabin. The condenser is located low in the fridge at the backside. Normally, the condenser is protected by a grill. Remove that, and please vacuum all the dust and debris in that place. Fit the grill back, and you shall find the refrigerator functioning accurately with proper unit cycling. Another reason for this is if you set the refrigerator temperature too low. It shall make the unit cycling to happen often. Always set the temperature of the fridge below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Food in the compartments is not getting cold.

There is just one reason for it to happen. It is the airflow trouble. All the refrigerators function the same way. The freezer unit shall pass on the air to other compartments. If the vents in the freezer are blocked, it cannot circulate the air. The diffuser through which this must happen must be checked.

Further, it is also good to check the evaporator fan as it has to function properly for the air to get circulated. Let us understand this first; most of the problems that we face with refrigerators are too easy to solve. Highly technical problems are very rare. Please check if there are any air vent blockage in terms of food items too.

An ice sheet on the Freezer floor

It is due to the defrost drains. If the defrost drains are frozen or clogged, this problem might occur. It has a quick fix too. Locate the defrost drain and put warm water in it; it must remove the clogs. Also, the defrost drain shall have the vent valve at the bottom, remove it and allow all the water to flow away along with the clogs. Fit it back, and your fridge will work well.

The fridge is freezing the food.

The main problem is with the thermostat. When the temperature is not maintained properly, the freezer can circulate very cold air. It may cause food items to get frozen. It can set right by changing the thermostat. You can change the thermostat setting from lowest to highest. If you do find any trouble, it is good that you replace the thermostat.

Water dispenser problem

There are a few reasons for it. One may the water dispensing pipe is frozen with water. It can be set right by pulling the valve and filling it with warm water. Also, check the temperature setting of the freezer. At the same time, there may be problems with the water inlet valve. The water valve may not open if the water pressure is too low. Check for the water pressure to be at least 20 psi.

Overflowing Freezing Food

It is also a problem with the inlet valve. If the water pressure is less than 20psi, then this problem persists. If the inlet valve is stuck or blocked, it may not shut off properly. Therefore the inlet valve is at fault and allows the water to overflow and cause problems. In such cases, you must remove the inlet valve and replace it.

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Ice gets build up in the freezer.

The ice gets accumulated because of many reasons. One can be the thermostat if the temperature is too low and causes the freezer to get cold. Additionally, the damper door can cause this problem too. If you find the air to leak through the damper door, such a problem shall occur. It may be due to dirt accumulation. Clean the dirt, and it shall start functioning properly. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, please replace it. Also, set the temperature depending on the weather conditions. Also, check the defrost drain. If the drain is clogged, then you may have to remove the clogs and allow the system to work properly.

A refrigerator is a prized appliance for every house. We must know how to use it and also avoid any problem that may aggravate later too. These problems are sinister and can be fixed easily. But the prolonged problem of such types may lead to severe damages.

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