10 Most Beautiful Russian Actress in Hollywood

Beautiful Russian women have gained international renown for their beauty. They are captivating, enticing, and charming. The brilliant and alluring beauty of these young Russian actresses lends credence to this claim.

At times simple and subtle, and at others bold and loud, they are always unique. All Russian stars and actresses share the same commonality: they all got their good looks from their mothers and are born in Russia.

Hottest Russian Actress in Hollywood

1. Aglaya Tarasova

Aglaya Tarasova

Russian-born Aglaya Tarasova entered the world on April 18, 1994, in St. Petersburg. “Victor Tarasov”, her father is a businessman, & “Kseniya Rappoport” works as an actress.

The role of Dasha in the 2010 short movie “9 May, a personal Relationship” was Aglaya Tarasova’s first in the acting industry. She took home a Golden Eagle Award in the year 2019 for her performance in Ice (2018) as the film’s leading lady. Since then, she has been very popular and has done numerous hit movies.

2. Liza Arzamasova

As the most outstanding young Russian actress, Liza Arzamasova won the Yul Brynner Medal at the “Meridians of the Pacific Ocean” film festival.

It’s also not too shocking, as early as age four; Liza Arzamasova began her film career. She has quickly become one of Russia’s most in-demand leading ladies. At age seven, she went to California to take part in a talent competition for kids in Hollywood. Applicants came from 60 different countries.

3. Nadya Mikhalkova

Nadya Mikhalkova’s reputation as one of the world’s finest actors comes as no surprise.

After all, both her dad and bro are in the production industry. The sister also has acting chops. In regards to related movies, this does not apply. She co-starred with Oleg Menshikov & Ingeborg Dapkunayte in her father’s film “Burnt by the Sun” when she was just eight years old.

4. Yekaterina Rednikova

It is stated that this stunning Russian actress is among the most well-known in her country.

She began performing on stage at the tender age of six, landing modest roles with a major Moscow theater company. Her breakthrough came after she was cast in the film Thief. Her brilliant performance piqued the eye of Hollywood producers. The film Death Visa gave her an acting role.

Yekaterina’s work as the lead actress in the film Thief earned her a Nika Award sometimes called as Russian Oscars.

She earned her big break internationally when the same film was nominated for best foreign-language feature at both the Los Angeles and Venice film festivals.

5. Nastya Sivaeva

She now stars in the TV series “Daddy’s Daughters.” Nastya Sivaeva, at only 18 years old, has more than a decade’s worth of professional experience. When she was just seven years old, she enrolled in and graduated from a children’s modeling agency, after which she performed in the eponymous theater of Russia’s most famous fashion designer.

Nastya’s first acting role was in the 2003 Russian film “Words and Music,” which also featured Vera Sotnikova, Alexei Guskov, Marat Basharov, Amelia, & others.

6. Nastya Zadorozhnaya

Since she was very young, Nastya Zadorozhnaya has held a position at a music academy. At the age of ten, she joined the children’s group Fidgets and began performing on stage. She joined Gitis at 16 years old after beginning her acting career at 15. The 2008 Russia Music Awards now have this young artist competing for “Best Vocalist.”

An award of record 2008 was also achieved by her. In the realm of Russian actresses, she is often considered to be among the best. Nastya’s first major role was in an episode of the hit youth TV series “Simple Truths,” which she filmed by chance after getting cast in Fidget.

She was a student and hadn’t even thought about acting as a profession. Numerous dashing Russian stars came close but ultimately failed to win her heart. This stunning Russian actress is currently active in the industry. She acts in movies and sings in musicals. She consistently ranks among Russia’s hottest actresses.

7. Anna Mikhailovskaya

Anna Mikhailovskaya is the next famous Russian woman, and she’s an adorable actress. She was the show’s star, so to speak, in “The Most Beautiful.” Almost by chance, she showed up. She had taken a class in sports dancing technique before. That very day, a crew from Mosfilm had arrived in search of a new series regular. She’s the only Russian actress to win the title of “most beautiful” twice.

8. Liza Boyarskaya

A male birth would have made it far more challenging for Lisa to overcome the rigidity of sight and constant comparison with her famous father. The young, stunning Russian actress managed the load admirably, though. She, like so many other young actors and actresses, got her start on the show. Her first two roles were in the critically acclaimed films “Deadly Force,” featuring Konstantin Khabensky, & “National Security Agent three,” starring Mikhail Porechenkovym.

9. Svetlana Khodchenkova 

Next up is the Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, who has appeared in such films as Bless the Woman & Tinker Tailor Soldier Spying

She went to public school on the outer edges of Moscow with the intention of becoming a physician. At the age of 15, she began her career as a fashion model in Moscow, where she appeared in various international exhibitions.

After a year in the modeling industry, she decided to return to school, enrolling at the Institute in Moscow of World Economics.

10. Yania Studilina

Yanina is a famous Russian actress who is just 34 years old. She is born and brought up in Omskaya Oblast of Russia. She has given top performances in some of her films like Ostrov, Stalingard, Russian room, etc.

She has graduated from music and theatre school in the year 2000, and further joined theatre institute of Boris Shchukin. She has bagged leading roles every time like Ranetiki and has also worked for RU as an anchor.

There are many more beautiful Russian actresses in Hollywood like Anastasia Sivayeva, Yulia Peresild. Irina Shayk, etc.


The above-mentioned Russian actresses of Hollywood are beauty with brain. They all excel in their field of acting and modeling. In all their movies, they give exceptional performances which make them top stars and celebrities.