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Puberty, Periods & Sex..! These are just some of the topics considered taboo in India. The result is that no one talks about them and the girl or the boy learns about these things from all the wrong mediums. The parents in India are usually not comfortable talking about such things, which is a terrible practice. This devoid the girl child from understand what is happening with her body. The drawback is that they are not able to learn about menstruation, and they are not able to take care of their body during their menstruation cycle.

Coming from a similar family where such things are not discussed, I understand the problems we face. I was never made aware of the tampons or menstrual cups, which are better than the traditional pads. I was never told how often I should change my pads. I learned everything by searching through various websites, and I learned some of the things during my discussions with my friends. I don’t want you to go through similar pain, which is why I started with the blog

how to use sanitary pad

This is an Indian blog that addresses your queries about the stuff you usually need during your periods. You will find details about the tampons, pads, menstrual cups and a lot of other things. As a friend, I have also recommended some products that can help you maintain proper hygiene during the periods. What else could you ask for? This blog should be your one-stop solution for all the things that you need during your monthly cycles. Also, I ensure that I update the blog as soon as a new product is launched in the market. I attempt to try the product before I recommend it to you so that I can share a genuine review about that particular product.

My relationship with you is not restricted to recommending products. I talk about various things on the website that helps you in deciding what product is better for you. For example, we are sure you would want to understand the difference between pads, menstrual cups and tampons. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it on the website. And, if you do not find any particular topic on the website, write back to me, and I will try to cover that up in my future posts.

Menstrual Cups and Tampons

With your support, I aim to reach out to every female in the country and help them learn about the Menstrual Stuff. I also want to utilize this blog for men so that they can learn about female anatomy and female needs. This way, the husbands can take better care of their wives. So, I welcome you all to my blog in the hope that it will provide you with some informative articles and it will help you choose the products you should buy and use during your menstrual cycle. Do share this blog as much as you can so that my goal of helping the girls in India is accomplished.

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