Top 10 Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World

If we talk about the world population some five centuries ago, we were merely one billion people in total. But in the twenty-first century, we have multiplied multiple times and almost chasing to be 8 billion human populations. The ever-increasing human population has its own pros and cons. It is the law of nature to grow and so is we, there is nothing to doubt in that. But considering the fact that every new child being born into this world is increasing the burden to be able to suffice for the requirements that every human is bound to have. The population has increased ever so much that it is hard to predict how long our natural resources are going to last. This has not only jeopardized the future of our future generations but also harming the universe with a much greater force.

The only way to stop that from happening is by putting a slight pause in our population growth. Well, it must be a total surprise to you that there are such countries where the population is as meager as a small district of your town. Some of these countries have succeeded in regulating the population due to governmental measures while in other countries the cause is entirely natural and belongs to the health conditions.

What are the benefits of having low birth rates and low population?

  • The birth rates control the growth of a country. The more evenly distributed the resources are, the more healthy and happy the citizens will be.
  • Controllable population means the citizens do not have to squeeze into tiny holes that they call their homes.
  • Overpopulation also results in poverty and widening the difference between the rich and poor, therefore a country where the population is balanced means the population is also in equilibrium with respect to their family incomes.
  • According to a survey, countries with low birth rates or controlled population are happier than the ones which are overpopulated, such as China or India.
  • Another important fact linked to the overpopulation is that the well being of every citizen is greatly affected now that’s valuable resources are scarce.
  • The long lying effect of having the population in control is that our natural resources will have time to recover and that our future generations will not have to live without them.
  • Also, we will be preserving our climate and therefore, save the world from ending into an uncalled apocalypse.
  • Another study has stated that countries with low birth rates pay more attention towards their own well being than merely concentrating on how to make the ends meet.

Although, the fact that low birth rates could also be a result of poor health conditions and worse living conditions is lesser known fact and should be acknowledged.

The fact that birth rates vary tremendously all across the globe makes it even easier to make believe that world is getting better. Any which way, the top 10 countries with lowest birth rates will have you captivated by the degree of success and happiness they have in their community.

Read in to discover these 10 magical countries with lowest birth rates.

10. Slovenia

Slovenia is a European country which is situated towards the northern hemisphere. It is surrounded by international borders of countries like Hungary. This is a beautiful and historic country is a famous tourist spot for international travelers.

The birth rate of Slovenia is mere 885 per 1000 births.

9. Czech Republic

Another European country on this list is the Czech Republic which has great historic importance. The archaeologists say that the old Germanic tribes of the bygone era lived here at the Czech Republic back in the Stone Age. In an average household, every parent has only one child which could be the reason behind its low birth rate which is 870 per 100 births.

8. Austria

Another beautiful European country to make it to our list is Austria which has a birth rate of 867 per 1000 births. The beautiful gritty streets and colorful houses of Austria are a great tourist attraction. The low birth rate is again the age-old trend followed by the generations of Austria.

7. South Korea

One might have hardly imagined an Asian country to make it to the list, but South Korea is not one of it. With 855 per 1000 births, the nation of South Korea under the strict dictator influence has successfully succeeded in accomplishing low birth rates.

6. Singapore

Next on the list is another Asian country, the IT hub of the world, Singapore. This island country is not only a technology capital of the world but also one of world’s lowest populated countries. Thanks to the low birth rates which is around 850 per 1000 births. This has enabled Singapore to use its resources thoughtfully and equally without over polluting it.

5. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, the Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a group of islands which is known to have more tourists than its citizens at a given point in time. With 832 per 1000 birth or birth rate, it is safe to say that it is one of the most beautiful countries given its controlled population.

4. Germany

It is next to impossible for anyone to not love Germany. All of its buildings which resemble great castles and the breathtaking landscape are one gem of a view to behold. It is most obvious to state that the limited workforce of Germany is the most skilled in the world. It has a birth rate of 832 per 1000 births.

3. Hong Kong

This Asian country is the coolest spot on the earth given its sunny beaches and moonlight parties. Yet it is not as popular as you might have speculated. Hong Kong has a birth rate of 749 per 1000 births. The reason behind this birth rate is a lesson from the neighboring countries which are highest populated countries of the world.

2. Japan

Japan is a hidden gem if our Earth which is underrated yet the most beautiful. All across the world, Japan is an inspiration to one and all countries. It has also inspired the rest of the world to regulate their population by lowering the birth rates. It has 731 per 1000 birth rate which has resulted into a great reason for the equal distribution of the resources available to Japan to all its citizens.

1. Monaco

Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World

Monaco is a great irony to be on this list for this European country is the most densely populated country in the world. The irony is that it has the lowest birth rate, as of now, which is merely 694 per 1000 births. This irony is a great mystery to the world, but it is the rules and regulations of Monaco which has resulted into low birth rates.