How to use a Menstrual Cup Safely [Beginners Guide]

It will be interesting to know about the working process of the menstrual cups. The small and flexible cup is made of latex and leather. It will collect the fluid and never absorbs the same. This is why it is always safer and more hygiene to use than pads or tampons.

When you find that the period is about to begin you have to hold the menstrual cup tightly and insert it without any sort of applicator. If you use it correctly, you will never feel any discomfort. It is almost similar to a diaphragm.

The cup is required to rotate first against the walls of the vagina. You will get a seal that will prevent the device from leakage. Now the blood will fall into the cup. It will not slip or leak to any place. This is the specialty of the cup. It will never absorb the fluids. Absorption may be infectious to the skin.  It is unsafe.

Menstrual Cup for Women India

Some of the cups are disposable, while others are reusable. For removing it, you need to pull the stem that sticks to the bottom and pinch the base for releasing the seal. Now it would help if you emptied the cup in the washroom. You can use an effective liquid wash to clean the cup. You will get many reputed brands that sell liquid wash for menstrual cups. They are safe and suitable for the device.

At the end of the menstrual cycle, you can sterilize the cup in warm water. It will be adequate to use it for the second time.

Best way to use a menstrual cup?

You need to follow some rules and steps while putting the menstrual cup.  Here are the following steps.

  • It would help if you washed your hands thoroughly with a hand wash so that the matter remains hygiene.
  • You can apply water or water-based lube to the cup’s rim at the time of using it.
  • Now you have to fold the cup into two halves by holding in one hand with the rim facing in the upward direction.
  • With all these preparations, you have to place the cup into the vagina without using an applicator.
  • The moment you put the cup into the vagina, it needs to be rotated. This will prevent the fluid from getting leaked.

It is simple and easy to keep the cups clean after every period. Just buy a mild soap and wash it once the menstrual cycle is over. You will get several such soaps that are used to clean the cups.

Check this demo video for beginners:

If you are willing to take out the menstrual cup after a specific period you have to follow some steps. Before taking out the cup, you must wash your hands. This is the main thing. You have to maintain perfect hygiene because it is a matter of the intimate part of your body. Now place your index finger and thumb into the vagina.

Then pull the stem of the cup till you reach the base of the device. In the next step, you have to pinch the bottom for releasing the seal and pulling down to remove the cup. Once it comes out, you have to empty the cup in a washbasin or drain. Soon after this process, you need to wash the cup thoroughly with  mild soap and water.

It is found that you can use a reusable cup from six months to ten years. It depends upon the care you are taking after the use of the cups. You must take special care of the cups. To do this, you have to wash it carefully and disinfect it through a sterilization process. This will kill all the infections and make it safe for the subsequent use.

The emergence of menstrual cups has solved numerous problems among people. The menstrual cups are always budget-friendly as you can use them for a long time. They are suitable for holding more blood. Thus if you tend to have heavy flow, it is right to choose the menstrual cups. You can stay free and relaxed with the cups. It will keep you active throughout this essential period. It is an eco-friendly product which means you are saving the environment by using it.

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