How to Register Mobile Number in PNB

Punjab National Bank, also known as PNB, is a public sector bank in India, and it was founded in 1894. The bank is the second largest Indian bank, with over 12,250 branches and more than 13,000 ATMs. The bank also has branches across the globe, and it also has stakes in some other foreign banks. You will also be proud to know that Punjab National Bank employs over 1 lakh employees. In the late 2000s, the bank gained popularity by offering zero balance students account.

This improved the penetration of the bank, and it also improved the customer base. Most of the new bank accounts have a mobile number registered, but if you have an old account or don’t have an account number registered, then it is time to do so. We will help you by sharing the detailed process to register the mobile number in the Punjab National Bank. You can scroll through this page and find verified information about the same. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Steps to Register Mobile Number in PNB


Steps to Register Mobile Number in Punjab National Bank

A mobile number is a piece of very sensitive information regarding the banking industry. Because of this, the Punjab National Bank has imposed some restrictions on registering the new mobile number online. You need to visit a branch to register the mobile number in PNB. Below are the detailed steps to change the mobile number.

  • To change or register the mobile number in Punjab National Bank, you must submit a Re-KYC Form. There is no alternative way to register the mobile number online or through ATM.
  • So, visit any nearest branch of the Punjab National Bank and obtain a KYC form. Enter your account details, followed by your name and other such information. Also, enter the mobile number that you would like to register.
  • Before submitting the form to Punjab National Bank, please attach an ID proof and sign the form and the ID proof. The bank staff will give you a receipt for getting the form.
  • In the usual cases, the change of registered mobile number is processed within two days, and you also get an SMS confirming the same. After this, you will be able to use all the services like mobile banking, net banking or SMS banking.

Final Verdict

These were the detailed steps to register your mobile number in Punjab National Bank. We hope that these details can help you in achieving the objective. Many resources on the internet will tell you different online methods to register a mobile number. Please note that those are all bogus, and you risk your information by following those processes. If you are still in doubt, please contact the Punjab National Bank at 1800 180 2222 and get information from them. As per the customer care executive, the only method to register the mobile number is by visiting the branch. So, please verify the inforamtion before you share any details. Also, never share any OTP, CVV, Card Number or Account details with anyone.

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