How to Register or Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank?

A mobile number can be very sensitive when it comes to banking services. You need to keep the mobile number safely as it has a high potential to be misused. All the transactions today are based on the OTP triggered on the mobile number. In such a case, the banks are also cautious with mobile numbers. Today, there is a process that you require to follow to change or register your mobile number with the Canara Bank.

In this article, we have documented this process for you. You can check out the details in the section below.

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Steps to Register or Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank

Follow the steps listed below to register or change the mobile number in Canara Bank. Before we proceed, please note that it is not possible to update the mobile number through online banking. The process has been restricted because of security concerns.

Offline Visit

  • To register or change the mobile number using an offline visit, please go to the nearest Canara Bank Branch with your Aadhaar card.
  • Obtain a form for Re-KYC and fill in the details on the Form. You would need to enter the mobile number, address, name, account number and signature on the Form.
  • Please attach a copy of the Aadhaar Card with the Form and submit it on the counter. Don’t forget to obtain the receipt for submitting the KYC Form.
  • Once that is done, your mobile number will be updated within two to five working days. Overall, the process is easy, and you won’t face any issues either.
  • Please note that the Form for registering or changing the mobile number is the same. In addition, you would need to go and submit the Form yourself.

Using ATM

  • To change the mobile number, visit the Canara Bank ATM. Insert your ATM and enter your PIN.
  • On the home screen, please click on Register Button, and you will see additional options on the screen.
  • From the available option, click on mobile number registration. If you don’t have your number registered, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.
  • Otherwise, you will get an additional option to enter the new number. An OTP will be triggered on the old number to finalise the transaction. Enter the OTP, and the reference number will be generated.
  • From the new number, send the Message Active OTP Reference_Number to 5676767.

Final Verdict

This is the detailed process of changing the mobile number in Canara Bank. We hope that the process has helped you to get the job done. It is good that the mobile number can’t be changed online. This additional layer of safety helps prevent many frauds. If you are facing any issues with the Canara Bank, you can reach out to them at 1800 425 0018. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account or any transaction OTP without you triggering it, please report it to the bank immediately. Lastly, never share your details, including the OTP, with anyone.

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