How to Prepare Your Skin for Permanent Hair Removal?

Body hair growth is the only growth we can live without happily!

Waxing and shaving are good options, but the constant regrowth can cause frustration and a huge hole in our pockets. Permanent hair removal is the way to go; imagine a whole life without hair popping out of every inch of your body; just the thought of it is reassuring.

hair removal permanent

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You might have 99 problems, but your body hair will surely not be one with permanent hair removal.

Getting into laser hair removal might seem alarming initially, but the long-term benefits are too many to ignore.

  • It’s almost permanent, unlike your Netflix subscription.
  • It’s less painful or, in some cases, completely pain-free.
  • Laser hair removal cost is a one-time investment rather than a lifetime headache.
  • Consumes less time.
  • The laser removes hair from each body part.

But before you get started with your treatment, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to prepare your skin for the hair removal process. Let’s explore them together.

Prerequisites for permanent hair removal

  • No waxing

Waxing should be avoided, even plucking. As waxing removes the hair from the roots, waxing and plucking aren’t advisable for 3-5 weeks before the treatment. Even between the sessions, when there is usually a time of 8-10 weeks before the next session, you must avoid waxing or plucking.

  • Shaving before the session

Shaving before the session is crucial, as we might not be able to see some hair with the naked eye. Shaving is an important part as it eliminates the chances of skin burns.

  • Medicine talk

Don’t forget to be completely transparent with the skin professional about all the medications you are taking. There are certain medications which might hamper the process. Make sure to be upfront about medical conditions.

  • Sun protection

Protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays is vital since sunburns and discolouration might result in the doctor rescheduling your appointment.

Sunburns can cause pain and bristles, leaving the skin in a poor state. To avoid such conditions, take care of your skin properly, especially before the permanent hair removal treatment.

  • What you wear

After the permanent laser hair removal process, you would not want to wear body-hugging clothes. Be mindful of what you choose to wear on that day, as tight clothes might cause extra irritation. And since the skin is sensitive at the time, tight clothes can cause damage.

  • Hair colour must be avoided

The treatment is most effective on black/dark hair. Hair with red, blonde and white colours can’t be easily removed with a laser.

Keep these easy steps in mind, and you’re good to go! Permanent hair removal is turning more heads by the day. Remember, investing in yourself is the best way to care for yourself!

Now, let’s talk savings

A full body waxing session cost might look way less when compared to a full-body laser treatment. But when you get laser treatment, you are free from any external waxing/threading costs for years.

That’s something to think about!

Did you know how laser helps with your mental health?

Can you recall the number of times you didn’t feel confident enough to wear your favourite dress or those pair of shorts just because your body wasn’t shaved?

Our mental health also has a big role to play when it comes to our bodies.

  • Each person suffers from body image issues at some point, and if we can find a permanent solution for that, it will eventually bring a sense of contentment.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot control what goes around us; we tend to focus too much on our physical appearance.
  • Body hair has been a stigma for ages, and we are way too deep in it to come back.

Permanent hair removal methods have arrived to save people from insecurities, which helps lead healthier and more confident lives. When you look good, you ultimately feel good. It will have an impact on your work and social life too. (Feels like a psych class, no?)

As I said, 99 problems, but your body hair won’t be one!

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