Effective Methods To Keep Your Home Dust Free

Clean looking homes may not necessarily be clean. Dust appears just about everywhere. This persistent problems is the most difficult to get rid of. More than being annoying, it is also dangerous for family members who have an allergy to dust or any breathing problems such as asthma. Keeping dust away from the house is critical to living a healthy life. Dust particles are made up of dead skin cells, dirt, mold spores, pollen, fabric fibers and hair.

Invest In Doormats


When you get back home your shoes will contain a lot of dirt and dust. One of the best ways to limit the amount of dust that enters your home is to invest in a good quality doormat. Make sure you choose a thick doormat that comes with bristles at the top. Also always make sure you clean the doormat after regular intervals.

Keeping Windows Closed


Although people usually open windows to get in fresh air, open windows increase the amount of dust that enters the house. Dust can enter in the form of pollen or various airborne pollutants. These buildup on window sills and will enter the house as soon as you open the windows. It is advisable to keep windows closed on windy days.

Improve Pet Care


Pets shed a lot of hair when they are not looked after correctly. Feeding them the right kind of food and regularly bathing them is very important. When they shed, make sure you brush their hair on a daily basis so that you take off all the loose hair that will eventually fall off. This limits that amount of hair that will spread all over your home. The lesser the amount of hair in your home, the less the amount of dust that will accumulate.

Clean Pillows

People are usually in the habit of cleaning sheets and pillow covers. However dust still lives within the pillows. Try using a very mild detergent or wash them by hand or in the washing machine. Once done you should leave the pillows to dry and then fluff them. You may also take the pillows to the dry cleaners to clean.

Eliminate Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

While this might seem like an extreme measure, but it actually helps you in the long run. Carpets are known to store a lot of dust and this can also lead to serious allergies. Getting rid of the carpets in your home will create healthier living conditions for you. If you are looking for something stylish on your floor, you can always opt in for wooden flooring or tiles that look pretty.

Beat The Dust

The best way to get rid of dirt and dust from your rugs is to take them in the open and beat them down. There are various rug beaters available in the market. These are usually made of wire, rattan or plastic. They help remove a lot more dust than a vacuum cleaner. It also serves as a good exercise for your body.

Damp It Down

There are a number of new methods that you can use to clean up the dust from your home, but one of the most effective methods till date is using the old mop. This is one of the best ways to clean your floors is by using a mop. Make sure you wipe your floor clean regularly to reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Static Electricity

Static electricity usually builds up in homes that are dry. This attracts dust and clings to various surfaces. The problem with such kind of dust is it is difficult to get off as it clings to the surface due to static electricity. The best thing to do is installing a humidifier. These things come in two sizes – full house model and a room size model. Try and keep the humidity level in the house around 40 to 50 percent to eliminate static electricity.

Dust Upholstery

Do not forget to clean up your couch, cushions and curtains. These things gather dust too and regular cleaning reduces the amount of dust on them. You can also choose to use a steam mop to clean up your upholstery in order for them to look fresh.