How To Join Ola and Uber Bike Taxi in India

Ola and Uber’s taxi offers riders different car services that range from microservice to affordable ones, as well as luxury class options. The ola and uber cabs can be booked through a smart application in one click from your mobile. As soon as a customer books an Ola or Uber cab, the driver arrives at their location.

If you are the one who wants to learn how to join ola and Uber bike taxi, then continue reading below:

Working with Ola and Uber

Ola and Uber offer various employment opportunities to passionate drivers. It caters to their needs and demands and offers amazing benefits to its drivers which include:

  • Higher earnings and low commission
  • Regular payments
  • The facility of the customer booking from any of the location
  • SOS for driver’s safety
  • Easy assistance
  • Detailed earnings report
  • Great working hours
  • Employment opportunities in all the Indian cities
  • Trusted by a large number of partners
  • Two paid holidays in every month

Old and Uber offer special benefits which are based on different employment options modes.

What are the documents needed to join Ola and Uber bike taxis?

  • A commercial driving license, with a yellow badge
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Permanent and present address proof
  • 4 references with their address and mobile numbers
  • Bank details, from a passbook, 1 canceled cheque

How you can attach your bike or taxi with Ola and Uber?

With ola and uber, a cab or bike rider has a variety of options to attach one’s car, leasing one, or can attach a bike or taxi. This includes various options as:

The candidates who are car owners can visit the Ola or Uber office. They can apply for the registration process where the documents are verified, car and driver audit is done, a training process is offered to a driver, the contract is signed and device distribution is done. This registration process is done without taking any charges from the applicant.

The employed driver is paid regularly or within 2 working days. They can keep a track of their earnings on the Ola website or partner app.

Ola and Uber operate with referral schemes that can benefit the employees and their customers for recommending a cab service.

The applicant has to submit vehicle proof which includes a vehicle RC, vehicle insurance, vehicle permit, etc.

How to lease your car from Ola or Uber

The applicant can also choose for getting a taxi on lease from Uber or Ola. This option offers the applicant with series of benefits like:

  • No risk on a leased car
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • The option to drive a car of your choice
  • 2 Lakhs of accidental insurance for free

The applicant who is willing to lease a car from ola and Uber, must submit some important documents in their office and can remit verification fees along with a security deposit. Once the verification process is completed, the car is delivered on lease. Around 4,000 Rs are taken as a non-refundable charge and Rs 30,000 as a refundable security deposit; this depends completely on the type of car selected.