How To Enjoy Your Trip To Delhi [Step By Step Guide]

India is an amazing country to explore various historical places and food. There are many historical places you can explore and learn about its history. These ancient stories and beautiful monuments are enough to convince travelers to visit the place. There are plenty of cities and states you can explore which are full of varieties of cultures, languages, dresses, festivals etc. Among all, Delhi, the capital of India, has amazing places to visit and explore and has worth listening to ancient stories. The building, monuments, forts and everything are in intact condition. While visiting you will feel the same aesthetic vibes and the work on the monuments and forts are so appealing to the eyes. Once visited, you will cherish all the moments lifetime. As Delhi is known for the places to visit, it is same as famous for food. You will get mouth-watering street food. You will find amazing streets for street shopping such as Sarojini market, Rajouri market etc where you will get amazing things at the less possible price. If you are amazing at bargaining, these streets are just for you to shop.

So, If you are planning a trip to Delhi, booking a cab service in Delhi will come in handy to do a historical & food tour. And know important about it. Following points will help you to get an idea about Delhi:

  • Best time to visit – The best season to visit Delhi is during autumn season i.e. July to September. It is also great to visit in winter season but nights can be quite chilly. Do not make your plan in summers i.e. in months of May and June because of the scorching heat, it becomes impossible to visit places with the temperature of 40-45-degree Celsius.
  • Culture – Try to know the culture of the places before visiting and then carry clothes accordingly. Like in Delhi, it is always said to wear full clothes before entering into Jama Masjid. So to avoid such situations, try to know the culture and then carry the required stuff.
  • Language – Hindi is the first language in Delhi. English is also spoken but not by the majority of people. So you won’t face any problem if you are good at English.
  • Transportation – While in Delhi, you will face the issue of traffic. You have to wait for long hours in traffic jams if travelling in auto-rickshaws or by car/taxi. So it always a good idea to travel in the metro. Some metro stations are in construction. So always look for the hotel where the metros are easily accessible.
  • Make a list – It is always good to do research on the internet of the place you are visiting. Know and learn about the attractions, monuments, historical places, famous streets and markets, famous food places etc to have the best experience. There are many places you can visit in Delhi such as Red Fort, India Gate, Humayun Tomb, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Akshardham temple, Jama masjid etc.
  • Book hotels in advance – During its peak season, it becomes difficult to get a hotel of your choice. So it is always advised to book a hotel just after you plan to visit Delhi. Also, you can contact an online travel agent to avoid any mistakes. You can also book a villa in Delhi for the best experience if visiting with a large group of people. There are many villas with amazing views and sights which you can enjoy in the morning and evening.
  • Payment options – Always keep some handy cash with you. Because everyone will not accept plastic money. While shopping from small street vendors or while travelling in a cab, cash will be accepted by them. So always keep some cash in your wallet for such situations.

A comfortable stay has a huge impact on the whole vacation. So, it is important to book a hotel which provides you with all the benefits in your budget. Always try to book a hotel which is located in a central area near all the attractions you want to visit. You can take online help as there are plenty to websites giving you the best deals with the best luxuries at amazing prices. Before booking any hotel, you need to consider some of the following points:

  • Family-friendly environment – Always choose a hotel which provides you with a friendly environment with some basic facilities like a room with attached washrooms, restaurant, laundry services, wifi, 24X7 customer service, pick up and drop services, swimming pool etc. Comparing all these things will help you to get the best one.
  • Central location – It is always best to get a room in the centre of the location to have easy access to all the places. Make sure to choose that which is near places like shopping markets, restaurants and metro station. It will make this easy for you to travel.
  • Budget – There are plenty of options available for hotels in Delhi at various prices and you can find affordable one by surfing on the internet. Online websites and travel agents will help you out to find the best one according to your desires.
  • Review – Never skip the recommendation column and feedback given by the previous clients. This will help you to get a glimpse of the services, staff co-operation, hygiene, customer services Etc.

Booking some days prior will give you unbeatable offers. The online websites are safe and will provide you with accurate results according to your wants and choices. Also, contact ones if any of your known ones have visited Delhi before. This will give you an image of the vacation and according to that, you can plan the stuff. Preparing a list is also very important as there are many things in Delhi to visit. So to avoid the confusion and to save time, it is a great idea to make a list of the attractions to visit. You can also hire a travel guide in Delhi if you think you will face issues while travelling or communicating with the local people. You can easily find them. Stay attentive and cautious of your belongings because some things can be uncertain sometimes.

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