How To Check Registered Name Of Mobile Number

Before, it was possible to purchase SIM cards without first registering. PTA has made it compulsory for consumers to register their SIM cards in their own name in order to use the network due to an increase in criminal activity involving unauthorized SIM cards.

To be able to purchase a new SIM card, the customer must present identification and proof of address. There are currently no more than five SIM cards that can be linked to one account.

Sometimes it’s necessary to replace or upgrade our SIM card.   You make a decision to get a new card after using your old one for a while. This will necessitate the submission of a SIM card number.

How To Check Registered Name Of Mobile Number

You may be getting bogus phone calls, random text messages, or the person may be hassling you by constantly calling you and you want to know the registered name of that particular number, here’s how you can do it:

Use a truecaller app

TrueCaller is the best app we’re referring to. As a result, TrueCaller can provide the following information:

  • Registered name of the mobile number
  • Owner location
  • Landline and mobile network the person is using
  • Owner location map along with longitude and latitude details

Android and Nokia S40 phones can use the TrueCaller app as well. TrueCaller is preferable than any other mobile tracing software because it provides more information. It is available in more than 150 countries.

A phone number is all you need to get started, as long as it is valid. You now know who the caller is because you received a phone call from him or her.

Truecaller can be used easily, and it has the most mobile phone numbers registered. Truecaller users have a good chance of contacting you.

If you’re curious about how to find out who owns a phone number and where it’s located, this is how you can do it.

Go to the  website for more information. For Android and iOS devices, you can install the TrueCaller app.

After you’ve chosen your country, you’ll need to enter your phone number.

After you’ve done that, click the Search button.

A Google Maps listing of the mobile phone owner’s location will also appear on the next page of information.

How it works?

Your friends’ and family’s personal contact information, such as their phone number and name, have already been updated as well as uploaded to TrueCaller’s servers.

This information is now available to anyone with access to TrueCaller’s servers. Finding the name and location of a network is a piece of cake once you have this information. However, ported mobile operators do not show the precise location in which users are currently located.


A mobile phone number can be entered into Truecaller to search for the owner’s name and address. Truecaller allows you to search any phone number for the owner’s information.

Truecaller has both an online portal and an app that can help you find the owner of a phone number in India. Truecaller, as of now, is the best name and address tracker for mobile phones in India.

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