How to check Land Records in Uttarakhand Online?

NLRMP, the National Land Record Modernization Program is one of the major steps taken by the government of India in the year 2008. This step was taken for the purpose of establishing transparency in the land records all across the country. This program will make the land records of an entire country computerized. It was also introduced for minimizing the scope of land or property disputes along with modernizes management of land records.

The NLRMP program can easily enhance of boost up the required transparency in the land records. It can create a modern and reliable, transparent land record management system in India. Now, if you want to check your land records in Uttarakhand then you have the following steps to follow.

Easy steps to check Land Records in Uttarakhand Online

After understating the basic of Land record project or program, you could be excited to know your land records in Uttarakhand. Follow the next steps to check your land records in Uttarakhand online:

  • First of all, surf this URL which is the official website of the Land Record Department of Uttarakhand government
  • On this opened webpage, you have to select your district, Tehsil and sub-district
  • After confirming that, you will have to select ROR option
  • This will open the needed land record page for you
  • Sometimes, this page can refuse to tell you the land records if you have not submitted the older name of your locality. So, always keep remembering the old name of your locality
  • Submit the asked details and data
  • After doing these steps, there will be some options in front of you

You can either see your land records online or can take a printout for various uses of the land records.