How To Change Tata Play Registered Mobile Number

In India, Tata Sky is now Tata Play is one of the country’s most popular television providers. Because of its excellent picture quality and a wide variety of channels, Tata Sky is a popular choice for many customers. They can choose between a variety of packages that include a wide range of channels when signing up for the company’s services.

One month’s balance is being given to Tata Sky customers who reload their accounts for 12 months. With this, Tata Sky customers can watch one‘s favorite channels while relaxing at home, as well as receive a month of complimentary cashback on their account. Many people enjoy the DTH provider’s services, but some have an issue with their set-top box.

Why a registered mobile number is important?

In order to receive messages about the balance, new offers, and more, you can register your mobile phone number with Tata Sky and receive notifications via SMS, activate/deactivate services via SMS, add or remove channels, showcase movies, and much more. Customer service can be contacted quickly and easily using a registered mobile number, as there is no need to verify the number first.

Many Tata Sky subscribers are baffled by the process of changing their registered phone numbers. How to change the registered phone number in the Tata Sky account is explained here in a simple manner.

TATA Sky DTH’s online mobile phone number changing service enables customers to change their mobile number with the Tata Sky in a matter of a few seconds. This option is not available if you’ve lost the Tata Sky mobile number and haven’t previously signed on

How to change the registered mobile number on Tata Sky online

  • Visit the MyTataSky website at to create an account or log in.
  • Go to “My Account” and then “Profile” to get started.
  • In this section, you’ll find the registered phone number as well as a backup number.
  • Edit your profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” button and entering the new phone number.
  • To save the new phone number, click on the “Save” button. You will receive SMS-based transaction records to the new phone number once your registered mobile phone number is changed.

How to change the registered mobile number on Tata Sky offline?

If you don’t have a MyTataSky online account, you can still use the Tata Sky support line to make changes to your account. Inquire about changing your phone number with the customer service representative, depending on where you live. Please provide your name and address as well as the old phone number to verify your identity.

Change Via IVR

  • Using IVR, call 1800 420 5577 with the new phone number you want to use with the Tata Sky account.
  • Enter the subscriber ID when contacted by telephone.
  • Press its yellow button on the tata sky remote to access My Info > The RMN, where you will find your four-digit code.
  • After you enter the 4 codes shown, your new contact number will be registered with the Tata Sky.

Changing the registered mobile number is completely unrestricted in Tata Sky. As long as Tata Sky’s RMN is updated or changed, it can be done so infinitely.

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