How to become a DevOps engineer in six months or less?

The DevOps engineer is the one who understands the software development life-cycle and has a thorough understanding of different kinds of automation tools for developing different kinds of digital pipelines. To become the DevOps engineer people need to comprehensively follow a roadmap so that they can avail the best DevOps training in Bangalore. The roadmap to becoming the DevOps engineer has been explained as follows

#1. The people need to be proficient with at least one of the version control or source code management tool systems preferably GIT so that they can have a good amount of hands or knowledge of the GIT and the GIT workflows.

#2. It is also very much important for people to understand how automation can be included in the whole building process and how they can continuously build the latest things to the source code repository. In DevOps Course, Understanding of the automation servers is also very much important so that there is a level of integration and continuous integration pipeline has been taken complete advantage of.

#3. The people need to learn the concept of the automation testing stage so that everything is very less complex and everything can replicate the DevOps environment in the testing servers perfectly. People also need to have an idea about the continuous testing of the code associated with their commitment and this can be termed as continuous delivery.

#4. After this people need to deploy the configuration, development and testing production environment so that safety testing of the application in the production server can be carried out without any kind of issue. Having proper access to tools like Docker and Puppet is also very much important to configure and deploy everything in the production environment perfectly.

#5. It is very much important for the DevOps engineer to collect the right amount of feedback and implement the changes quickly and for this purpose having knowledge of the monitoring tools like Spunk and Nagios is very much important so that overall goals are easily achieved.

#6. After this people need to understand how the cloud service platforms work and for this purpose having a good amount of cloud knowledge to combine the benefits of cloud and DevOps is very much important because many of the organizations have their infrastructure on the cloud and this is a must to learn the skill.

Hence, if the people are interested to clear their DevOps engineering course in less than six months then being compliant with all the above-mentioned points is very much important so that they can successfully clear it. If the people are a developer or even or a fresher and are interested to become DevOps engineer then it can be a very high commitment-based journey which is the main reason that having proper access to all the above mentioned points and understanding of the concepts is very much important so that we will make the right kind of decisions all the time. After all, the whole process of DevOps training is about how and where people can use different kinds of development, testing and deployment technologies to gain maximum advantages in the long run.