10 Interesting Facts & Benefits About Money Plant

Money plant is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and fortune. Not just it looks good but also spreads positiveness at a place. Due to its aesthetic appeal and the luck it brings to a person, it is found in almost everyone’s house. People plant it in their outdoor and indoor spaces that include verandah, rooms, balcony, terrace and on roofs, etc.

Money plant, a money-making machine is popularly called by different other names that you may not be aware of. These are Saba Nut and Malabar Chestnut. There are several interesting and lesser-known facts and benefits of this plant which you must be excited to know.

Money Plant

Benefits of Money Plant

It is very beneficial to have a money plant in your house as it impacts the lives of the people on all fronts i.e., financial, health, and luck. Let us some of the widely known benefits that you can reap by planting it in your garden.

1. By planting a money plant in your garden, you achieve financial prosperity. It brings happiness, and wealth in the life of people.

2. To grow and maintain this plant, you don’t need to put any extra effort on your part. All you need is to cut a stem of it and sow it into the soil. This much easy it is. Once it is properly sown into the soil, it starts to grow on its own. Regularly watering it and keeping it at a place where it gets enough air, and sunlight is all that is required to grow at a substantial rate. Due to this reason people call a money plant as a low maintenance plant.

3. Besides the financial gains it provides to a person, this plant is valued by people for its prettiness and charm. Its leaves have got a lovely shape. Hanging stems of this plant create a beautiful look to a place and also provides cool shadow. Due to its incredible appearance, it magnifies the overall look of a house.

4. Money plants are self-seeding plants that normally grow in the form of a biennial.

5. The leaves of this plant produce a good amount of energy that gets stored in the developing roots of the plant.

6. Money plant has this distinctive ability to purify and filter polluted air by eliminating all toxins and harmful elements from it. By planting it, you also see an increased flow of oxygen in your house.

7. The flowers and leaves of this plant are used as vegetables. Its seeds are tiny in size and taste like that of peanuts. People normally roast it consume these seeds as a snack. Powder made from its seeds serves as flour for baking food items. Thus, the entire plant including leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems are beneficial for health, wealth and abundance.

8. Money plant acts as an energizer as it attracts energy and fills your home with positivity.

9. When you place this plant near any sharp angle or corner, then it lessens stress and anxiety.

10. Use of a money plant also avoids any kind of sleep-related disorders and arguments. Thus, it restores peace and harmony among people and brings good luck in their life.

Facts About Money Plant

After looking at its amazing benefits, now let us uncover some of the hidden facts about this plant that you might now know.

1. There is an ancient belief about this plant is that in order to reap its benefits it has to be stolen from the garden of another person. This is strange but true.

2. Another interesting fact of this plant is that the sap of it is highly poisonous when consumed. Thus, you need to be extra cautious to keep it at a place where it is least accessible.

3. The wild variety of money plants normally grows up to fifty to sixty feet in height. This is simply amazing!! On the other hand, when it is grown inside a pot in the house, it can only reach till ten to fifteen feet. This brings a lot of difference in the overall impact on the environment.

4. Every single branch of this plant precisely has five leaves that extends up to twelve inches in a fully developed state. These leaves have got a dark green color and a dazzling shine.

5. The five leaves of the money plant signify the five different elements that make the Mother nature. These are Fire, Water, Air, Ether, and Metal. All of these elements have got immense power to attract loads of positive vibrations to its owner. In this way, money plant multiplies the prosperity and good fortune.

6. Though, the shiny green leaves of this plant shower greater financial luck, the strong smell of its creamy and white flowers protects the house from bees, butterflies, and bats.

7. It is very simple to grow a money plant. You can grow it anywhere, in the soil, in a flower pot, in jars, or in water-filled bottles too.

8. Another lesser known fact about a money plant is that it has got tiny seeds in it. You may not have seen it, but they do have. Seeds are grown inside the pod where they are kept hidden from any environmental influence. When these seeds get enlarged, they burst and fall on the ground.

9. The best part of this plant is that you can easily plant it in any season.

10. Money plant grows in the indirect as well as direct sunrays. However, making it exposed to a lot of direct sun rays can burn its leaves. So, ensure that the plant gets moderate heat and protect it from too much of it.

Money plant is seen as a true blessing. It showers happiness and prosperity to all those who plant it. It is a lovely bundle of luck in the plant form that impacts the lives of people in a multitude of ways. Hope you have found this article informative. It is written by the team of https://www.plantstandindia.in/.

Learning about these brilliant facts and advantages would have surely enriched your knowledge about this plant. If there is any other important fact or benefit, that is not mentioned here, then please write to us.

So, don’t forget to attend to all these things when you attend to your precious money plant the next time.

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