10 Surprising Facts About Men

According to statistics, several facts inspire us about men. Such facts are really surprising. Still, some more facts about men are unknown and unpredictable. Based on research, it was estimated that women live longer than men, though men are physically strong than women. Here we are going to such 10 facts about men who are surprising for you.

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1. Men get nightmares mostly about disasters

Most of the people get unpleasant dreams as death, threats, and health issues. The Scientists and Research experts of the University of Montreal made a study about nightmares among men. It was the result after researching on more than 10,000 men that men mostly get disasters as nightmares. There is a great difference between men and women when you consider how they see nightmares. Most of the men wake up from their deep sleep when they see large-scale disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes, etc. But in women’s dream, most of them see interpersonal conflicts which are twice greater than men.

2. Men prefer women having a healthy weight

This is another surprising fact about men, which is a proven fact. According to a researcher from the University of Granada, men prefer women who look slim and healthy at the same time. This doesn’t mean men don’t like women who don’t get a fever or cough or other health issues. But this means the healthy weight of the women. This fact proved that the men never prefer any women by their beauty and look, but having a healthy body weight.

3. Men bend over to take the fallen objects

After reading this point, you may get this that you have seen this many times. But you haven’t noticed it deeply when any men bend over to take a fallen object. It is not sure that every man does the same thing, but it is much prevalent among men when compared to women. This is because women may wear uncomfortable clothes that let them not to bend over but just squat to pick the object. Men don’t have such issues in clothing so that they can bend over to pick up the objects easily.

4. Men like compliments from other men

It is common to see that men like to accept gifts from women with great pleasure and love. But how about the men’s mindset and thought about accepting gifts from the same sex. It gives a different feel and self-esteem for men when he gets good compliments from the other men. This was proved to be true by an expert Robert Herbert from Binghamton University. According to him, the man likes a lot to get compliments from another man, and at the same time, he feels pleasant and motivated.

5. Men eat much when they are with women

It is a bizarre fact that men eat much or twice as they eat when they have lunch/dinner with women. According to an expert from Cornell University, men eat much, especially when they are with women, and this is to attract women. Though it seems silly, this methodology is based on instincts.

6. Men go with looser clothes when age increases

Clothes that we wear are the main element that attracts your surroundings. Moreover, the clothes keep on changing with the trend. There is an important note here that men keep on changing the style of wearing clothes with age. For example, young men wear tight pants or shorts, but with age, men go in loose clothes as they feel comfortable with that. So, the men are slowly switching to looser clothes with age.

7. Men get friendship through their common interests

According to research done by Ronald E Riggio on friendship among men, and he understood the fact that men develop a friendship based on their common interests. For instance, men play football, volleyball, golf, tennis, or video games or poker, whatever the games they play, if the known person plays the same game of what other people like, then there will be a development of good friendship between.

8. Men lie more than women

According to research, an average man lies to his boss, friends, partners, or relatives around 6 times per day. But when you take a woman, she may lie 3 times a day.

9. Men like to attract a girl by keeping their thumbs on their belt

When a man wants to show his interest in a girl, he involuntarily likes to show him to be strong and courageous. So, the man holds his thumb over the belt of the pants, which gives a courageous look.

10. Boys mostly drop out of school or colleges

According to research done in the US, teenage boys are facing critical situations that lead to dropping from schools. This rate is four times greater than the girls’ dropout rate.

These were the top ten interesting and surprising facts about men.

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