10 Interesting Facts about Mathura

Located in the Uttar Pradesh Region, Mathura is also known as “Brajbhoomi” because of the abode of Lord Krishna in this sacred place. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and presence of many religious temples can be seen in Mathura. The people of Mathura are quite fond of sweets and it is also a pilgrimage place for Hindus. The environment and the views of Mathura are fantastic and there is peace and serenity when you visit Mathura. Vrindavan located in Mathura is also famous for the Raas Leela of Radha and Krishna. Mathura holds within itself many interesting and fascinating facts.

The most important ones are listed as under:


10. The culture of Mathura

Very Near to Agra, the people of Mathura is very friendly and easy going. They always try their best to help people as much as they can. The main languages of Mathura are Brajbhasi and Hindi. Not just Hindus, but the Islam religion also commemorate in this place. The entire Mathura is spread over an area of 9.37 sq kms. It is not such a big space but Mathura is a religious abode and people come here to offer prayers.

9. Important attractions in Mathura

The Govardhan Hill is the most important attraction in the city of Mathura as Lora Krishna is believed to have taken the Hill in one of his fingers when the people of Mathura faced the Wrath of Rain God. The Hill has a shape that resembles the peacock.  The Archaeological Museum is also a famous sight which has details and information about Indian Art and the history of the mythology of India. Jama Masjid, Dwarkhandeesh Temple, etc. are some of the famous tourist spots in Mathura which are visited by thousands of people every year.

8. Climate of Mathura

The best time to visit Mathura is in March and October. The other seasons are either windy or too cold for people to live in Mathura. The climate is tropical extreme and people are always expected to carry woollens during winters and cotton clothes during the summer season.

7. Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir

Named as the World’s tallest temple, the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple has even beaten the Burj Khalifa in its construction. The temple is 700 feet tall and the amount used in the construction was around Rs. 700 crores. This is the most expensive temple ever built which is spread across 26 acres of land. A heritage museum is present on top and viewing tower on which will provide distinct views of the Yamuna River. This temple is constructed by the ISKCON organisation and they are trying their best to make it the world best.

6. Secret of Nidhi Van

Even after many centuries of the Hindu mythology, the Nidhi Van holds many secrets in it. Even today, just after midnight, Radha and Krishna are believed to come to the Nidhi Van and perform their Raas Leela. Nidhi Van is the area where Gopiyaan used to perform their Raas Leela. The area is fully covered with trees and bushes and it is a dense jungle. It is also believed that each tree in the Van is a gopi and they turn alive at night and back to trees in the morning.

5. The secretive place of Rang Mahal

After performing Raas Leela, it is said that Radha and Krishna rest in the Rang Mahal which is very close to the Nidhi Van. A bed is decorated each night for Krishna Radha. They come here to take rest. People have seen the bed kept in a used position even now and some have found ornaments near the bed. People also leave food which are either consumed or scattered on the floor. People who go in search for the Raas Leela and many have died in the forest.

4. Janmashtami Celebrations in Mathura

Mathura celebrates the greatest Janmashtami celebrations where curd matkas are hung from hopes at a great height and boys form teams and go up to crack the pots. Competitions are held in many parts of Mathura. It is known as the Birth of Sri Krishna and he loved curd and butter a lot.

3. Prem Temple

The Prem temple is one of the most devoted temples of Vrindavan. The temple has two floors where 1 floor is dedicated to Ram and Sita and the Pious Hanuman. The second floor is dedicated to Krishna and Radha. The interiors of the temple have precious stones in it and also the temple is made of pure sandalwood. The temple is 125 feet high with beautiful walls and carvings.

2. History of Mathura

Sri Krishna is the sole idol which made Mathura a heavenly abode. It is the birth place of Krishna and he is considered as the re incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vrindavan also has memories of Sri Krishna with the Mauryan Empire, the spread of Hinduism also increased in the place of Mathura.

1. Bankey Bihari Temple

The Bankey Bihari Temple has the idol of Sri Krishna which is very old and marks the ancient civilization in a great way. The interesting thing about the temple is that there are no conches or shells being played inside the temple. The reason was that Bankey Bihari did not like the sound of conch or shells.

These are the top facts about Mathura. It is a place worth visiting, do give a try!

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