10 Interesting Facts about Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Built by Raja Madho Singh in the 1600’s, The Bhangarh Fort is known to cast dark spells and magic. A tourist spot but people are afraid to visit this fort. The Bhangarh Fort is considered as one of the most haunted places of India. The Fort itself has seen several deaths of a clan because of the use of dark magic. The Fort is located 40 km from Jaipur and the town of Bhangarh was ruined because of many magic casts and spells. The Bhangarh Fort holds in itself many spine chilling stories and people have dared to come here but many could not stay for even 10 minutes.

The top most interesting facts about the Bhangarh Fort are listed as under:

Ghost Town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan

10. The entry is banned after sunset

The doors of the Fort are closed after the sun set and people are not allowed to come here at night. An incident revealed that some friends went to stay at the Fort at night but unfortunately, they were not found in the morning. The main entrance is always locked after sun set because of the occurrence of many horror tales in this fortifying castle. Many have also felt an eerie presence when they have tried visiting this place at night.

9. People fee restless and anxious inside the fort:

The Bhangarh Fort has no connection of electricity in it because of which the darker parts of the fort remain quite dark even in the mornings. The Fort provides shelter to many wild animals at night and people nearby have heard sounds of ghosts loitering about in the place. When you enter Bhangarh Fort, you will tend to more restless and anxious and you will feel as if some outer presence is following you. You might also feel that someone is seeing you or looking through you.

8. The tragic tale of Princess Ratnavati and Singhia:

The legendary story of Bhangarh Fort reveals that Singhia was a magician and he fell in love with Princess Ratnavati as she was very beautiful. In order to capture the princess, Singhia did black magic on the oil supposed to be used on the Princess’s hair. Ratnavati came to know of it and threw the oil on the ground and the magic bounced on the rock and killed the magician. In his dying words he cursed that the city will be cursed to death which leads to the horror lurking in Bhangarh.

7. Guru Balu Nath and his curse

The area was Raja Madho Singh decided to construct Bhangarh Fort was the burial spot of Guru Balu Nath. Balu Nath had a condition that the shadow of the fort should never fall on the spot or else the city will be ruined totally. But, Madho Singh could not stop the shadow from falling on the spot and as said, the entire city was ruined and people killed each other.

6. Archaeological Survey says to “Stay Away” from the Fort

There are many true incidents related to ghosts which were faced by people in the Fort. But, still many ghost hunters, travellers, etc. come to the Fort to prove about the existence of ghosts in the Fort. The Archaeological Survey has initiated a sign board to Stay away from the Fort, especially after dusk as it can be dangerous.

5. Place of paranormal activities

There are many events and incidents with the Fort that prove that the paranormal activities can be real. One incident says that two boys waited in the Fort to return home in the morning. But, both the boys were never seen again. Many temples have been built nearby to keep people safe and healthy. One other incident reveals that a boy went to the Fort with a light instrument but he fell to the steep of the Fort. His friends rushed him to the hospital but all three died in an accident.

4. Roofless village

The village near the Bhangarh Fort don’t have a single roof. All of the houses in the village are roofless. When asked, people say that whenever they put a roof, it collapses in itself. No one knows the real reason why the roof could never stand on the top. People have started to live without roofs in the place.

3. History of Bhangarh

The population of Bhangarh was estimated to be 10,000 populations and the town existed in the times of Akbar. Bhangarh was itself a quite deserted town and not many people preferred to live in this quiet town. Many temples and other important places have been made near the Fort.

2. Structure of Bhangarh Fort

The Fort of Bhangarh is actually beautiful and if you stand on top of the fort, you will be able to see the vast stretches of land covering the entire area. The temples inside the Fort are dedicated to Hanuman and Lord Shiva and thousands of people offer their praying here. Because of the stories, many temples have been made inside the Fort.

1. Food near the Bhangarh Fort

No doubt, the Fort is haunted and people find it awkward to go inside the Fort. But, outside the Fort, one can find stalls of food and chai. The chai is fantastic of the place and the dhabas nearby provide one with Traditional Indian food.

These are some of the facts about the mysterious Bhangarh Fort! Dare to go there??

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