EPF Balance Enquiry Check Online – Know PF Account Balance Status

EPF forms an important pool of fund from the retirement perspective. It is not like, that your EPF can’t be used in present. The fact is that you can withdraw advance EPF for your personal use even before retirement. There are certain conditions when you can withdraw advance EPF. For example, if you plan to buy a flat, house or building a house on an existing plot, you can use your EPF Money. In addition to this, the government understands that marriage can be a major expense and hence you can withdraw EPF for your child’s marriage.

Just like this, there are many more conditions when you can withdraw EPF from your account but the percentage of withdrawing is dependent on many factors. It is best to get in touch with the HR of your company to get more information about that.

The main purpose of penning down this article is to help you in checking the EPF Balance. In this article, we have listed different ways to check the balance. This not only helps you in planning things better. Do you know you can check your EPF Balance with help of a simple missed call as well? We are sure you were not aware of this. Do not worry and simply refer to the instructions below. We have shared the details of checking the balance online, via SMS and via Missed Call.

Before we talk about the process, we will take about the pre-requisites of checking the balance and you can refer to them in the section below.

Pre-Requisite of Knowing EPF Balance

There are somethings that you must know before you plan to check the balance in your EPF Account. The pre-requisites are

=> It is important to know the UAN number and at the same time, your UAN number should be active. If you do not know your UAN Number then you can either refer to the UAN Number from salary slip or you can contact the HR of your company. If nothing works, you can use Know UAN Status on EPF Portal to get to know your UAN Number using Aadhaar Number, PAN Number or EPF Number.

=> If your UAN number is not active then you must register your UAN Number be activating your UAN Number.

=> You must also remember that if you are checking the EPF Balance online then you must have a gap of 6 hours between the registration and checking the EPF Balance.

=> If you have reset your password for UAN then again, you need to wait 6 hours before you check your balance.

=> Apart from this, your mobile number should be synced with your UAN account so that you can check the balance in EPF Account using SMS or missed call service.

=> Lastly, your UAN Account must be KYC compliant before you plan to check EPF Balance in your account. Your Bank Account, Aadhaar Number or PAN must be linked to your UAN Number.

We will now talk about the process of checking the balance online. The process is quite simple and there are three ways to check the balance in EPF Account. You can check the balance via SMS, Missed Call and even Online. Let us talk about these methods one by one

Check EPF Balance Online

To check the balance through EPFO Members portal, you can follow the process listed below.

  • Visit the EPFO India Website with help of the link https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php and this link will have all the details you need.
  • From the top menu, select Our Services and then select For Employee. This will take you to the employee portal of EPFO India. You can access this page by clicking on https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php
  • On this page, go to the section for Services and click on Members Passbook from the options available to you. If you are not able to find the link then you can directly click
  • Login to your account using the UAN and Password that you have. Also, enter your Captcha Code and click on the Login You will now be taken to the dashboard of your profile.

epf passbook

  • On the right-side pane, click on the PF Account number and your Passbook will now be displayed. You can check the balance in PF by adding Employer PF Contribution, Employee PF Contribution and Pension Contribution.

This is how you can check the balance via EPF Portal. This is similar to downloading your passbook and after following the above step, you can also download your passbook. We will now talk about checking balance via SMS in the section below.

Check EPF Balance with SMS

Just like SMS Banking, you have provision to check EPF Balance with help of SMS. The process is again very easy to follow and the best part is that you can check the balance in different languages. Below are the details for the same.

The number on which SMS must be sent – 7738299899

Default Code for English – EPFOHO UAN

The above code can be sent on the mobile number and you will receive the Balance details in your account. However, there are an additional 9 languages that you can use to check the balance. Below are the codes for all other 10 languages apart from English. All these codes are to be sent on 7738299899 to get the details.

  • English – EPFOHO UAN
  • Bengali – EPFOHO UAN BEN
  • Gujarati – EPFOHO UAN GUJ
  • Hindi – EPFOHO UAN HIN
  • Kannad – EPFOHO UAN KAN
  • Malayalam – EPFOHO UAN MAL
  • Marathi – EPFOHO UAN MAR
  • Punjabi – EPFOHO UAN PUN
  • Tamil – EPFOHO UAN TAM
  • Telugu – EPFOHO UAN TEL

These were the different codes. You can save them in your mobile phone along with the contact number and use it whenever you wish to check the balance in your account. In the next section, we will talk about checking the balance in your Account with Missed Call.

Check EPF Balance with Missed Call

To check the EPF Balance with a missed call, you can give a missed call on 011 2290 1406 from your registered mobile number. Once that is done, you will get a message from EPFO stating your account balance.

This was all about checking the balance via Missed call and all different options available. Let us now look at the answer to some of the FAQs so that you know the solution of the problem that you might face.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am able to check the Balance Online but I am not able to check the Balance with Missed Call or SMS, What can I Do?

There could be multiple reasons for that. One of the reasons why this could be happening is that you are not using your registered mobile number to check the balance or your mobile number is not registered with UAN Account. If both of these things are not true then it should be noted that your UAN must be linked with Aadhaar number, PAN Number or Bank Account to check the balance.

I am not able to download the Passbook using members Portal, Am I missing something?

If you are not able to login to the Passbook portal then there are possibilities that you have just registered your account or your UAN is not active. You need to wait 6 hours after resetting the password or registering the UAN. It is only after 6 hours that you will be able to check your balance. If you are facing problem then you can call on 1800 11 8005. This is the UAN Helpdesk contact number.

There seems to be a discrepancy in the balance, what can I do to check?

If you feel there is something missing then you can check the detailed transaction log using the UAN passbook. If you use the process to check the EPF Balance using EPFO Member portal then you can go ahead and check the balance the transaction log as well. The entry for every month is updated by 25th of every month. If you feel there is a discrepancy then you must contact your HR first and then you can get in touch with EPF Helpdesk.

Is there a way to check the transaction history via SMS or Missed Call?

There is no way to check the transaction history or mini statement using SMS or Missed Call. You need to use the EPFO portal to check the transactions in passbook. Apart from this, you must also note that you can use UMANG app to check the details of transaction history and balance details.

Can I Change my Contact number on UAN Account?

Yes, you can update your contact number on UAN Account. To do so, you can login to the members Portal of EPF. The link where you need to login is https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/. After login, click on Manage and then click on Contact Details. From this section, you can now update your Mobile Number or Email ID. It should be noted that your mobile number should be updated to get the UAN Balance details via SMS or Mobile Number.