How To Get Duplicate Voter ID Card Delhi, Download Form & Process

We all know that voter ID card is one of the significant documents that are being issued by the Indian government to its residents. It enables the residents to exercise their voting right in elections at levels such as regional, state or national. Voter ID card enables the individual to select a representative to govern their region, state or country by the way of elections.Voter card is issued once in a lifetime and it can be used throughout your life in order to exercise your right to vote.

In case you have lost or misplaced your voter ID card or in case it is torn or damaged, you can get a duplicate ID card.

Delhi being the capital city of India, elections are led as per the norms laid down by the Indian Constitution. Every single qualified applicant can apply for new or duplicate voter ID card online in Delhi. The online passage is presented by the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi and it has improved things a great deal and individuals can likewise make revisions and improvements in the address in their Voter ID cards through online mediums in Delhi.

Under what circumstances can an applicant apply for a duplicate card?

The residents can apply for a duplicate voter id quickly and easily. They can only apply for a re-issue in the circumstances such as:

  • Misplaced card
  • Theft/card stolen
  • Damaged card (Torn or Mutilated)

What all documents are required to apply for a duplicate Voter ID?

In order to apply for a replica of the voter id card, the residents will need to submit the below mentioned documents:

  • Application form no 002
  • FIR in case of stolen or lost Voter ID card
  • Supporting documents as required by the Electoral Officer such as proof of age and address

The electoral officer is the one who is in charge of issuing a duplicate Voter ID card after authenticating the details.

How can you apply for a Duplicate voter ID in Delhi in case of stolen or lost or misplaced card?

In case of the first two circumstances mentioned above, you need to file a complaint at the local police station in order to get a duplicate voter ID. The procedure to apply for a duplicate Voter ID in Delhi is as below:

  • In case you have misplaced or stolen voter ID card you must visit your nearest police station and submit a First Information report (FIR)since you would be requiring its copy in order to obtain a replacement Voter ID.
  • You would also be obligated to submit an application to the nearest police station on the subject of the date and place of loss of card, Voter ID number and the applicants name as appears on Voter ID.
  • You would also need to fill the Form 002 which you can easily download online and also submit it along with the FIR. This Form is created by the Election Commission of India so that the replacement or duplicate Voter ID or Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) could be issued.
  • Additionally, you would also be required to submit KYC documents such as your proof of age and proof of address.
  • All these documents needs to be submitted along with the Form 002 at the closest Office of Election Commission. The application with then be reviewed and in case it is considered authentic, a duplicate or replacement Voter ID would be sent to the registered residential address.

How can you apply for a Duplicate voter ID in Delhi in case of damaged or torn or mutilated card?

In case of damaged card, the application for the duplicate voter id can be submitted. Listed are the steps which would enable you to apply for a duplicate or replacement Voter ID card:

  • Go to the closest electoral office from your residence and fill up Form EPIC-002. (This is the form that would be required to fill for issuance of duplicate voter ID card in case of theft also)
  • Enter all the relevant details like the name, permanent address, voter ID card number etc.
  • Put in all the needed supporting documents and then give in the form to the respective electoral office.
  • After submission of the same, you will get a unique reference number which you can utilize in order to track the status of your duplicate voter ID card application.
  • The application gets thoroughly authenticated by the concerned Electoral Officer and after the successful completion of verification and authentication, you will be re-issued a duplicate or a replacement voter’s ID card.
  • The applicants are notified by the electoral office about the processing of their application and then the applicants can collect the same from there after they get an intimation.

What is the online process in order to apply for a duplicate or replacement voter ID card?

In older days, it was a cumbersome and tiring process of applying for a replacement voter ID card. The process was long and there used to be a lot of multiple trips which applicants had to make to the local electoral office in order to collect the form and complete the process therein. But now with everything going digital, the Election Commission of India also introduced an online application process so that the duplicate voter ID cards could be issued across the nation.

You can now apply for a replacement or duplicate card from the convenience of your house and also fulfill all the obligatory procedures without any need of visiting your local electoral office every time.

The procedure of applying for a duplicate voter id card online is as under:

  • The first and foremost step is to download the Form EPIC-002 from the website of your state’s Chief Electoral office. This application form is for issuance of a duplicate voter ID card.
  • Fill in the details as required in the form and also attach the needed documents as stated in the form. These include the copy of FIR, address proof, and identity proof.
  • You can now submit this form to your resident electoral office, wherein you will be given a unique reference number.
  • You would be able to track the status of your application on the website of state election office with the help of this reference number.
  • After the form is submitted, it will get processed and substantiated by your state’s electoral office.
  • After thorough verification, you will be informed and then you can go and collect your duplicate voter id card from the electoral office.

Form for Duplicate Voter ID

The form which needs to be submitted in order to get a duplicate voter ID card is called as Form EPIC – 002. You can easily obtain this form from the official websites of your Chief Electoral Officer for every state. Besides, this form is easily available in the local electoral offices all over the states and Union Territories.

The applicants need to furnish details if applying for the reissuance of replacement or duplicate voter ID card. These include – complete name, complete address, date of birth as per the Electoral commission records, and the reason for applying of a replacement card.

As stated earlier, a copy of FIR would be required to submit in case of theft/stolen/lost voter ID card. This would be attached with all the other documents and the ID and Address proofs plus the passport size pictures.