Difference Between Baby Pram and Stroller

As the world is changing, so are the ways of life. The parents have become smarter today and they love to make their families happy, from the moment they become parents.

 The parents prefer to buy a stroller or pram for their little ones. Instead of carrying the baby in arms while going out or while traveling, they find it most convenient to place it in the nicely designed and most comfortable cart in the form of a pram or a stroller. According to a survey, it is found that most would-be parents look for baby cots, cradles, car seats, prams, and strollers during the initial family shopping.

Most of the parents think pram and stroller are just synonyms and they don’t know the actual difference between a pram and a stroller. Let us find out more about the pram & stroller.

Baby Pram Vs. Baby Stroller

Baby Pram and Stroller

The two terms Pram and Stroller refer to a similar product. Both the names are of a product that looks similar and is often used for a similar purpose. The names Pram & Stroller are baby carriers that the parents use for the babies to take out.


The Pram refers to a baby carrier that is more closed and it has a flat seat where the baby sleeps. It is specially designed only for newborn babies. Pram is also called as reclinable stroller.


The stroller is designed to be more open and the seat can be adjusted for the baby to either sleep or to sit during the ride. The stroller is specially made for growing babies up to 3 or 4 years of age.

Both Pram & Strollers have wheels with brakes and handles to hold and they can be used by the parents to take the baby out and let the baby enjoy the world around.

Let us discuss and find out more about the differences between the Pram & Stroller in detail.

Age group

  • Pram:

Prams are mainly manufactured to be more compact and have a tightly closed design that is more protective for newborn babies. The protective design suits the newly born babies of one or two months.

  • Stroller:

Strollers are more open in the structure and design. The area inside the basket is wider for more movement. The stroller is the most ideal for growing babies between the age group of 6 months to 4 years.

Seat Arrangement

  • Pram:

The seating area provided inside the Pram is made of soft material that makes the baby feel comfortable. The seat remains flat and allows the baby to have complete bed rest while the parents push the cart carefully. The baby feels the movement when the Pram is pushed and it enjoys it. The position of the seat is higher to make it completely jerk-free.

  • Stroller:

The seat of the stroller is comfortable and it is specially designed to have adjustments. The seat with the handle has three options. A seat can be made flat so the baby can sleep. The backrest of the seat can be angled so the baby can sit by bending backward. And the seat can be made upright for the baby to sit straight with hands-on handles. The position of the seat is lower and closer to the wheels with suspensions. Babies can sustain minor jerks easily.


  • Prams:

The safety features are very limited for the Prams. It only has basic safety measures. The parents have to be watchful while taking the newborn baby out for a walk. It has safety options but in a limited manner.

  • Stroller:

Strollers are safer than prams because the strollers offer a 5-point harness & safety. The strollers have a restrained system that offers safety belts to the babies, the brake system helps in controlling the rear wheels, wheels have a lock that keeps the stroller safe. A footrest is very useful and adjustable and the canopy provides extended cover and protects the baby from hot sun & raindrops. The stroller is safe and sound for the babies and it makes the parent enjoy strolling with the baby.


  • Pram:

Pram is heavy to look at and feel. It has a compressed-sized design that remains stiff. Pram has a heavily padded seat, which makes it bulky in size when folded. The pram is not easily portable in the car or the bus because of its size and weight.

  • Stroller:

The stroller is light in weight. The design of the stroller is neither compressed in size nor bulky. The stroller is flexible and can be easily foldable. The stroller can fit in the car boot or it can be easily transported on the bus or train without any issues.


  • Pram:

The pram is mainly used for newborn babies only. The prams are designed in such a way that the newborn baby can sleep inside it undisturbed while taken for a ride. It is closed from all sides offering complete protection and remains jerk-free. It is not suitable for the growing babies to sit and play while strolling.

  • Stroller:

The stroller is very useful and preferred by the parents for many other reasons. The stroller has a more open design that allows the babies to look around while outside. The seat is easily adjusted to make the baby either sleep or sit depending on the mood. Parents love to make eye contact with the baby or talk to her while showing the world. The stroller can become part of the family for a long time.


  • Pram:

Pram is available for reasonable prices. Most prams have limited features and few options to be used. It makes the cost easily affordable.

  • Stroller:

The stroller is more commonly used and highly popular among parents. The stroller has more features that are highly useful. Also, it offers several benefits to the parents and the babies, so they are available for higher costs.

Bottom Line:

It is just a comparison of these two products – which look identical and used for similar purposes. But it depends on the individual choice to choose between a pram and a stroller. For some, the pram works perfectly well and for others, the stroller suits perfectly alright. You have to first decide your requirements and also your budget, only then you can make your preference.

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