CUB Net Banking: City Union Bank Online Internet Banking Registration & Login

Well, the City Union Bank is another main and most popular Indian Bank which also provides online internet banking services. These internet banking services are also called e-banking services. Not only is this, but the City Union Bank also offers many other services and facilities also to its users and people. With the help of internet banking or you can say the e-banking one can easily do all types of banking transactions and transfer funds from one account to another easily without standing in the long queues.

The main and foremost thing which every person needs to take care of is that they must acquire the proper user id and password to get avail for the e-banking of City Union Bank easily. Well, it is very important to log in and register properly in City Union Bank in order to enable for using the e-banking services or facilities which are provided by the bank.

Not only is this, but the person should also learn all the essential things which are related to this process of registration and login.

Know the registration and login process

Here you find the procedure of registration and login in City Union Bank. One should know and understand all the steps properly which are mentioned below and then follow them step by step to accomplish the registration and login process easily –

  • The first step for this is one must require user id and password. Users and people also need to perform some activities to get the user id and password. The following are mentioned some ways which the users must follow to obtain the user id and password –
    1. Users have first to fill the online internet banking form. They should properly fill all the necessary details of their bank account. One must download the e-banking request form from
    2. After then, users have to submit the e-banking request form at that branch where they filled it. The branch checks it properly and validates details and transfers it to the central processing center.
    3. After proper and successful validation the user id and password post to the user’s address.
  • The second step is to visit the official website of City Union Bank. Users and people can also take the help of to go directly to the City Union Bank website.

city union bank

  • After that one must choose according to their choice that they want to register with personal banking or corporate banking. After choosing once, one has to click on either button.
  • If the users and people click on personal banking, then this page opens
  • Then the personal banking login page opens, and it requires the user id of the user. Users have to fill that user id which they get from the branch in the proper column and correctly. Then after filling, they have to click on the continue button which presents at the bottom of the user id column.
  • Then the next page opens which require the password. In it, users have to fill the same password correctly which they received from the branch. The next step after filling the password correctly is one has to click on the log in button.

These are some basic and significant steps which everyone needs to perform in order to activate internet banking or e-banking services or facilities of City Union Bank. After properly and successfully login in internet banking of City Union Bank one can easily manage their transactions and also set all the account details accordingly.

In a nutshell, these are some simple and necessary steps which all people have to follow as to accomplish the registration or login process in internet banking of City Union Bank. One must follow all the above-mentioned steps properly and fill them after reading carefully.

Not only is this, but they can also take the help of above-mentioned links to go directly to the registration and login page of e-banking of City Union Bank.

So, after completing the entire procedure properly, one can free to use the online internet banking services of City Union Bank and perform all types of banking transactions easily without going to the bank.