Top 10 Countries with the Most Aircraft Carriers in the World

With the growing events of terrorism, civil wars, attacks between countries, the countries in the world are gradually realizing the importance of using some of the most modern technologies in warfare. One such modern warfare weapon is the very powerful aircraft carrier which helps the army to fight in the ocean. Countries spend millions of dollars to build their navy and investment in aircraft carrier is slowly gaining importance.

Following is the list of top 10 countries with the most aircraft carriers in the world:

10. South Korea

South Korea has one aircraft carrier and there are plans for developing another one as well. This number is inclusive of both the helicopter carriers as well as the traditional carriers. South Korea is known to own the helicopter carrier. The country boasts of a strong air power which comprises of both helicopters as well as the fixed-wing aerial vehicles. The army is well-equipped with a host of tanks, submarines, and the rocket projectors.

9. Egypt

The Egyptian navy has two aircraft carriers making it ninth on the list of the top 10 countries with the most aircraft carriers in the world. In terms of air power, like the other countries, Egypt too has a combination of the fixed wing as well as helicopter wings under its command. The navy of the African country has 2 commissioned aircraft under its command. In the month of June 2016, the country has its first ever helicopter carrier which was then named after the late president of the country, Gamal Abdel-Nasser.

8. Australia

The Royal Australian navy again has 2 commissioned aircraft carriers under its command. Like its other counterparts, Australia too has a strong military base and the air power comprise of both traditional as well as the helicopter aircrafts. The total number of assets that the navy of the country has is 47 and includes 2 aircraft carriers, 11 frigates, a number of submarines, patrol crafts, amongst a host of other military devices. Not only that, in the past, Australia has had a host of aircraft carriers by the name of HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Sydney, amongst others. Australia sure has had a strong history of aircraft carriers which were used to strengthen its navy.

7. Italy

Next on the list is the beautiful European country of Italy which has long been known for its military strength. There are two active aircraft carriers in Italy with the name of Cavour that is active since 2008 and Giuseppe Garibaldi which has long been active ever since the year 1985. Apart from this, in order to further strengthen its navy, the country of Italy intends to introduce another aircraft carrier by the name of Trieste. The construction of the carrier has already begun, and the military expects to use it by the year 2022. There were two other carriers which Italy was intending to introduce. However, the work on them never got completed.

6. Spain

Spain has always been known to have a strong military and air power. The one active aircraft carrier in the country is the Juan Carlos which was commissioned by the military of Spain in the September of 2010. Apart from these, the country has a great airpower and navy that comprise of frigates, submarines, as well as different warfare vessels. Spain also had two other aircraft carriers in the past which were named Dedalo and Principiede Asturias. The later was discontinued because the Spain government was looking forward to reducing its total expenditure on the military and navy. Nevertheless, the strength of its continuing aircraft carrier is good enough to give Spain a space on the list of the top 10 countries with the most aircraft carriers in the world.

5. United Kingdom

Another country on the list of the top 10 countries with the most aircraft carriers in the world is the United Kingdom. Apart from the fixed wing and the rotary wing carriers, United Kingdom has two aircraft carriers to assist its navy. Besides, the country once had a fleet of aircraft carriers which has been discontinued in the recent times. These include HMS Glorious, HMS Courageous, HMS Eagle, HMS Ark Royal, amongst others. Besides, the country also has its fair share of fighter and attack aircraft, submarines, patrol craft, and other vessels to assist the navy of the country.

4. India

India has recently increased its total expenditure on the defense sector of the country. Today, it is one of the fastest emerging world powers and part of the credit goes to the strong navy and aircraft carriers that the country has built for itself. Amongst the most notable aircraft carrier is the INS Vikramaditya that was added to India’s navy in the year 2013. INS Vikrant is under construction and is soon expected to be commissioned. India has a total of three aircraft carriers making it the fourth country in the list of top 10 countries with the most number of aircraft carriers in the world today.

3. Japan

With a total of four aircraft carriers, Japan is next on our list. Apart from the modern aircraft carriers, the country has a strong base of destroyers, submarines, corvettes, etc. to support and strengthen its already strong navy. The country has always been known for its strong military base. The name of the aircraft carriers of the country includes Hyuga and Ise. It is said that these vehicles are so strong that they have taken over some of the best aircrafts carriers of countries like Italy and Spain.

2. France

The European country has a total of four aircraft carriers. The air power in the country includes both fixed wing and helicopters for the protection of the navy. Amongst the aircrafts that France has, Charles De Gaulle was brought to service as early as in the year 2001. There are other aircraft carriers which the country has started to work on, but the same never got completed. The country has always been known for a strong military base and it comprises of 11 frigates, 10 submarines, 4 destroyers, and several other vehicles to assist the already strong French navy.

1. The United States of America

Countries with the Most Aircraft Carriers

No wonder the most powerful country in the world also tops the list of the countries which have the highest number of aircraft carriers. The country today has as many as 19 aircraft carriers which are far ahead than any other countries of the world. Amongst the various fleet of aircraft carriers the country has, a few include USS Carl Vinson, USS Ronald Reagan, USS Harry S Truman, USS George Washington, amongst a host of others. The high defense budget and the number of talented engineers present in the region make it possible for the United States to have some of the most advanced technologies as far as defense and navy are concerned.

Thus, the strongest countries in the world are also the ones which have the largest fleet of aircraft carriers.

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