Top 10 Countries with Most Agricultural Land in the World

Agriculture is an important contributor to the economy of most of the countries in the world. Arable land is nothing but the land that is used often for ploughing as well as for the tilling purposes. While the natural environment of a few countries enables them to produce larger agricultural products, there are others which do not have products of their own.

In this article, we shall see the top 10 countries with most arable land in the world:

10. Argentina

Tenth in the list of the most arable land in the world is the country, Argentina. The total arable land in the country is around 274,    697 square kilometers which roughly represent 1.74% of the world. In fact, the country is known to be a leader as far as organic agriculture is concerned. Most of the money in the country in the form of foreign exchange comes from the exports of agricultural goods that include wheat, maize, and even soya beans.

9. Nigeria

With a total arable land area of around 300,624 square kilometers that represent 1.9% of the world, Nigeria is ninth in the list of the countries that have the most arable land in the world. Agriculture in the country is a major source of employment and the essential produce of the land include beans, rice, sesame, melon, rubber, maize amongst a host of other products. Nigeria also exports some of its agricultural produce to support the economy of the country.

8. Ukraine

Next on the list is Ukraine. The total arable land in the country stands at 324,352 square kilometers representing 2.06 percent of the world’s land. Agriculture forms an important part of the country’s economy as around 11 percent of Ukraine’s GDP comes from such products. The favorable climate and the adequacy of the fertile black soil support the growth of varied agricultural produce in the land. As a result, you find a lot of wheat, rapeseed, sunflowers, maize, soya beans, legumes, varieties of fruits, etc. being grown in and around the region. The country majorly exports its products to countries in the Middle East as well as that of North Africa.

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7. Canada

The country bordering the United States of America has seen development in the field of agriculture since the second world war. Today, the country has roughly around 415,958 square kilometers of arable land which represents 2.64 percent of the total in the world. Within the country, the largest area used for agricultural produce is really located in western Canada where the locals produce wheat, barley, canola, as well as other crops used mainly for the local consumption. There are many ways in which the production of crops is increased in Canada. Apart from the favorable climate, the use of pesticides and insecticides prove favorable in helping to improve farm productivity in the region.

6. Australia

Australia has around 468,623 square kilometers of arable land, making it sixth on the list of the top 10 countries which have the most arable land in the world. Different range of crops that grow in the Australian land includes wheat, sugar cane, barley, different types of fruits, nuts, cottonseed, lentils, maize, vegetables, amongst a host of other agricultural produce. Not only that, the country is also known to produce a large variety of animal products both for exports as well as for the domestic use. Some of these include beef products, pork, and lamb meat. Amongst the major exports of agricultural produce in Australia, dairy products namely milk, etc. rank particularly high.

5. Brazil

Agriculture is one of the greatest sources of protecting the economy of Brazil. A number of agricultural produce which Brazil exports include sugar cane, coffee,beef, soybeans, as well as ethanol. The total arable land in the area is roughly around 586,784 square kilometers which is representative of around 3.72 percent of the world’s land. Apart from those exported, the other agricultural products for which the country is known for include wheat, tobacco, beans, cotton, rice, soy, amongst a host of other products.

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4. Russia

With roughly around 1,175,352 square kilometers of arable land, Russia sure deserves a place on the list of the top 10 countries with most arable lands in the world. Although agriculture has seen a decline in the recent years, it still contributes to the Russian economy to a great extent. The sector employed around 6.71 percent of the total employed in the country in the year 2015. The main crops grown in the country include wheat, barley, pumpkins, potatoes, rye, as well as oats and sunflower seeds. Amongst these, wheat and barley are majorly exported by the country.

3. China

The most populous country in the world also makes it to the list of the top 10 countries with the most arable lands in the world. With a total arable land of 1,386,115 square kilometers, China’s agricultural land represents 8.80 percent of the world land. There are a number of agricultural produce in which China ranks first as far as the total production is concerned. A few majorly produced products include rice, barley, tea, peanuts, millets, potatoes, tomatoes, amongst a host of several others. Rice and wheat are the most important crops in China. Besides, the country is also known to be the house of some of the major livestock such as pigs and fowls. China is always on the lookout for improving the agricultural produce which supports around 20 percent of the total world population.

2. India

A major proportion of the total economy and GDP of the Asian country is supported by agriculture. Not only that, the importance of agriculture in India can be estimated from the fact that the sector itself employs around 50% of the total workforce of the country. States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Bihar are amongst the ones that produce agricultural products to a large extent. Some of the well-known agricultural produce of the fast-growing nation includes anise, badian, fennel, jute, spices, chickpeas, lemons and limes, sesame seeds, mangoes, meat, castor oil amongst a host of other products. As far as fruits are concerned, the country is the largest producer of mangoes, papaya, banana, and sapota. Although the sector has seen a decline in the recent years, the current government is taking a number of steps to revive agriculture in India which continues to remain a major contributor to the Indian growth story.

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1. United States of America

Countries with most Arable Land in the World

With a total arable land close to 1,649,873 square kilometers, the United States of America is the number one country that has the most arable land in the world.The share and value of agriculture have always been on an increasing trend since the year 1990.The major agricultural products of the country include corn, cattle meat, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, cottonseed, wheat, pig meat, grapes, oranges, amongst a host of others. California is the most important state in the United States for agricultural production although all the 50 states are known to contribute.

Thus, the above are the most important countries that have the largest number of arable land in the world.

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