Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World

It is not surprising that the marriages are made in heaven. It is one of the most popular quotes of the wedding, but it is no more. For most people, marriage follows a new trend. Most of the countries support love marriages, while some countries accept arrange marriage. Arrange marriage reflects the culture and heritage of people and the place. In fact, it is an excellent way to reduce the divorce rates. Because of the arranged marriages, both the partners have been involving in the wedding life for long. Some countries follow arrange marriage even today. Some of the countries accept arrange marriage includes India, Sri Lanka and Arabic country. In these countries, divorce rates are comparatively meagre.

While, there are high divorce rates in rich countries such as United States, Cuba, Belgium and so on. Both the men and women fall in love and would like to marry soon. They never think about the plans. Due to the misunderstanding, they get divorced. Here are the top 10 countries with the highest divorce rates.

10. The United States of America

With the rate of 73%, the United States of America stands tenth in the country. It is no wonder that the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. More than 30% of the Americans are the millionaire. Unfortunately, this country fell under the curse of the highest divorce rates. It is reported that every six seconds of a second, divorce happens in the United States. It is very common to see the Americans living with more than a partner. The recent survey states that the 73% of the 3rd marriage of an individual in the US end in divorce. Some of the major cities with the highest divorce rates include Maine, Vermont, Oklahoma, and Oregon, while states with fewer divorce rates are New Jersey, North Dakota, Hawaii and Massachusetts.

9. France

At number 9, we have France with the highest divorce rate of 55%. France is a part of the European nations, which is the hub of romance. France has been the city of Love for more than a century. However, it is better known for the divorce and breakups. In order to reduce the divorce rates, the French government has imposed strict rules for the people. Nevertheless, France ranks at 9 with the divorce rate of 55% by 2017. For most rural regions, the divorce rate is low. Some of the northern parts of France had been facing less divorce rate for years.

8. Cuba

At number 8, we have Cuba with the highest divorce rate of 56%. Love marriage is possible in Cuba. Surprisingly, Cuba government helped a lot for the sake of their people. Cubans always spend thousands of dollars to enjoy their wedding and honeymoon. That is why so many Cubans are getting married many times. The laisse –faire approach has been trending in the Cuba since 2000. It is the casual approach to marriage, which always ends in divorce. The couples are always taking the fast decision when it comes to divorce. The second thought is next to impossible for those couples.

7. Estonia

Compared to Cuba, Estonia has high divorce rate. With the rate of 55%, Estonia stands seventh in the country with the highest divorce rate. In this country, every six out of ten marriages end in divorce. With the strict rules in Estonia, many people don’t like divorce. So they just stay with their girlfriend or boyfriend. While some people don’t get married, they prefer living together approach. It is not a better approach to avoid marriage although it is good enough to prevent the divorce rates.

6. Luxembourg

At number 6, we have Luxembourg, which fells under the curse of high divorce rates. For most people, divorce happens around the age of forty and fifty. Some prefer arrange marriage too. However, in most cases, people would get married even at the young age. This might be the reason for the divorce because some of us never had a good maturity at the young ages. This is how the couples have been in the marriage life for at least three years and getting divorced. According to the various resources, Luxembourg had an estimated divorce rate of 60% as of 2017. It is also shocking that this divorce rate has been increasing at an alarming rate.

5. Spain

Spain is not a country of love and Romance. Hence, it accepts divorce nowadays. The government has imposed strict rules to reduce the divorce rates. However, there will not be an agreement between the couples. It has passed a new law known as divorcio director, which means that the couple should be legally married for at least three months before seeking the divorce. For most people, they could not tolerate the financial crisis in their family. In fact, it has been the leading cause of the divorce for many years.

4. Czech

As per the recent survey, Czech has sixty-six percentage of divorce rate as of 2017. It is reported that there is about eleven percent of men that are divorced. And, thirteen percent of women are getting divorced every year. A misunderstanding between the couple is the main cause of the heartbreak up. After the divorce, women are granted full freedom with child custody. Some of the primary cause of divorce includes infidelity, Inability to compromise, financial difficulties, substandard living situations and similar endeavours.

3. Hungary

With the divorce rate of 67%, Hungary has been in the third place since 2017. In the last ten years, the divorce graph has been declining in Hungary. However, the divorce rate is being increased still now. The government grants full freedom regarding the divorce. Most couples go for the mutual consensus. They would love to separate legally, and that is why the divorce rate of Hungary has been increasing for years.

2. Portugal

At the number 2, we have Portugal with the highest divorce rate of 68% as of 2017. Portugal is one of the Europen nations, which are also fells under the curse of high divorce rates. Portugal is bordered by Spain, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal deviated away from the Catholic descent and therefore they follow some special rules for marriage. The marriage ratio is high in Portugal however, most marriages end in divorce. With the new marriage trend, instant love approach, divorce is unavoidable today.

1. Belgium

Countries with highest Divorce Rate

With the highest divorce rate of 72%, Belgium has hit the number one spot. Every year, Belgium stands first in the countries with the highest divorce rates. Belguim is blessed with rich heritage and tons of astonishing architecture. But, it does not make much sense when they cannot even live together.

Some of the leading cause of divorce includes anger, Frustrations, loss of belief, anxiety, misbehavior, financial crisis, fake love and much more. These are the primary reasons that people got married and forced to separate legally. Not all the couples are happy in this world- everyone has some feelings and frustration inside. But, divorce is not a one-stop solution for this problem. In fact, divorce is much like suicide, which kills many people without the proper solution. Divorce is not an ideal solution for your anger or frustration. Just, think about your child and family before getting the divorce.

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