Could the Realme X50 Pro 5G Represent the Future of Mobile Gaming in India?

Mobile gaming in India is big business. With an estimated worth of roughly 62 billion rupees as of 2019, this figure is expected to rise to around 250 billion rupees by 2024.

This rapid growth has, naturally, been supported by the ongoing evolution of the casino sector within the country, with developers continually creating newer and more complex technologies to help improve the overall player experience.

Now, thanks to the release of the Realme X50 Pro 5G phone, it looks as though efforts may be ramped up again. The first 5G phone to be released in the country, it is assumed that its launch may catalyze further development of India’s internet infrastructure, to bring it up to speed with many of its biggest rivals, and that the mobile gaming sector and online casino industry will respond accordingly.India’s 5G infrastructure

In our modern society, technology and its reach are constantly evolving. No single area of our lives remains untouched, from the way we shop and spend through to how we connect with people and share our stories.

5G is the latest tech designed to help us do this. First launched in late 2018, the fifth generation of mobile networks utilizes the most advanced features to date. Offering increased speed in transmissions, a greater capacity for remote execution, enhanced security, and more, it is already operational in many countries.

Notably missing from this list is India. While China, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States all have a 5G infrastructure in place, India does not, placing it at a distinct disadvantage among its many high-tech rivals.

In the eyes of the experts, however, the release of the Realme X50 Pro 5G phone indicates that this is expected to change, and one industry that could be significantly and positively impacted by such a move is mobile gaming and the wider online casino industry.

The future of mobile gaming and the casino industry in India

As it currently stands, mobile gaming and the online casino industry are big business in India. With the number of mobile gamers expected to reach 370 million within the next two years, it generates a huge amount of revenue, with the biggest names in the industry continually looking to improve upon their products.

One way they could do this is through the introduction of 5G-compatible games and tech – provided that they had the infrastructure in place to support this. Designed in such a way that it would undoubtedly improve the player experience, this type of mobile gaming would come with plenty of upsides, from faster and more streamlined gaming through to an improved connection for those who opted to game on the go.

This would mean, for example, that those who chose to join a bet online casino site, would not only have access to existing offers such as video poker, live roulette, slots, and more, but would be able to access their more technologically advanced 5G counterparts too.

With many claiming it’s only a matter of time before India joins the race toward developing the most advanced 5G network, there are dozens of different industries that stand to benefit, foremost among them mobile gaming and the wider casino industry. For this sector, in particular, such an overhaul promises to be exciting, dramatic, and massively beneficial to the player experience.

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