Choosing the Right Feeding Bottle for Your Little Angel

If you are a new parent or are planning to have babies shortly, you will have a lot of important choices to make. These choices will include what brand of diapers to use, whether the baby will be sleeping in a cot or a cot bed, which milk formula to buy, and even the milk bottle that they’ll use. Another important choice you will need to make is choosing the right baby feeding bottle for your little angel.

A baby feeding bottle is an indispensable tool nowadays. New mothers working are only given a few weeks for maternity leave and, even then, may be very busy and unable to breastfeed. When they get back to work, the baby bottle becomes essential. Several mothers also cannot express breast milk, so they have to rely on formula and use baby bottles to feed their babies. If you care for your baby, you know that a good quality baby bottle is just as important as good milk formula.

Babies are extremely sensitive to everything around them. They are new to this world, and it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that everything your little one touches, uses, ingests, or puts in their mouth is safe for them. This is why it is important to know if the milk bottle you choose to feed your baby is made from the safest materials.

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The good thing now is that science has come a long way in helping develop products specifically designed to assist parents in making sure they have the option to provide their baby with the best. Nipples and bottles are now made from the safest materials to avoid contamination or ingesting harmful substances.

The style, softness, and shape of the nipple of the feeding bottle are also important. It has to feel as natural as possible for the baby to accept it and prevent discomfort.

As time goes by, your baby will grow, and with that comes changing needs. Their appetite will get bigger as they develop, and you must upgrade the nipple and baby feeding bottle to accommodate these changes.

High-quality baby nipples are ergonomically designed to imitate natural nipples and promote the right flow of milk. The age of your baby is the main factor. Nipples for newborns are designed to flow slowly and smoothly to avoid excess flow and consumption of milk, which can cause choking or overfeeding. There are also anti-colic nipples are clinically proven to reduce colic in babies significantly. Colic, for your information, is when a baby cries excessively, several hours in a day and several days in a week, for no reason at all.

For the bottle itself, a new parent can choose from 2 different materials: glass and plastic. The advantage of glass is that you are sure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The parent or guardian must never leave the child with a glass bottle unattended for safety reasons. Glass bottles are also heavier than plastic and are relatively more expensive.

In other words, they are non-toxic. Glass bottles are easy to clean and do not scratch easily. Scratches in baby feeding bottles can become areas of contamination as residue can cling on and get stuck in them, promoting germ and bacteria growth. The biggest downside, however, is that they are fragile and need to be handled with extra care, as any chip or crack will render them useless.

On the other hand, plastic bottles are readily available and come in a broader price range. You have to exercise caution and make sure to buy a reputable brand that eliminates any harmful chemicals in the production of the bottle that may contaminate the formula.

Plastic feeding bottles are practically unbreakable, so you can leave them anywhere without worry. They are also lighter, so transporting multiple bottles during a long day full of activities will be easier on your lower back than glass. Plastic milk bottles, though, tend to exhibit scratches after some cleaning. These scratches make plastic bottles harder to clean as you have to ensure no residue is left in them to avoid bacterial growth that can cause bad odour and milk contamination. They also tend to discolour after several times getting sterilized.

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Raising a child is not a simple matter. Parents must be serious and committed to giving their best to ensure their offspring grow and develop properly. Using the right feeding bottles is just as important as any other choice you must make for your little one.

The bottom line is you must choose the best child care option. There are several options to choose from that are readily available in the market and every price range. Whatever you choose, please make sure you buy a reputable brand. Only purchase directly from legally appointed distributors and honest sellers.

Always ensure that the products you purchase are original, complete, and untampered. Avoid counterfeits as these items are almost certain to contain harmful, toxic chemicals which can inhibit or disrupt your child’s growth and development or cause future health issues.

Choosing the right baby feeding bottle to feed your baby and the proper milk and care will guarantee successful child development.

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