Brilliant Ideas For Wall Decor To Amp Up The Interior Of Your Home

Tired of that boring blank wall staring at you! A real dilemma for a homeowner. Those days are gone by when decorating a wall means to convert it into a photo gallery. Now, you can use many ideas to enhance the overall feel of the wall. If you are looking for some ideas to revitalise your space,  here are some brilliant ideas for converting your blank wall into the centrepiece of your room by adding some elements according to your interest.

Curated Gallery Wall

Make your wall a gallery of memories by adding different shapes and sizes of photo frames. A gallery wall can be a great way of showing your collection. You can experiment with bright colour asymmetric photo frames to add a more cheerful vibe. Or, you can choose a black and white colour to create an aesthetically elegant ambience.

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Statement Artwork

Large artworks and paintings can be a great idea to draw attention to the wall. It will help you to create a focal point for your room without too much effort. Add an abstract painting for a modern feel, or place an antique painting to give a luxurious feel to your living space. And hang it to eye level for the maximum impact of the artwork.

Vintage Clocks

The vintage timepiece will remain timeless. No one can deny the grace of vintage clocks. Incorporate it with your gallery wall to give an epoch feel to your wall. It will undoubtedly add a charm and a bit of history to your living room. You can match it with the furniture and other decorative pieces for a seamless look.

Metal Wall Arts

Metal wall decor is getting so popular these days. There are so many beautiful decorative items available in the market. You can choose a tiny metal flower or a giant metal tree to decorate your wall. They are very versatile and can suit any wall colour and theme of the room.

Hanging Mirrors

If you want to brighten your room, just add a few mirror decorations to your wall, and it does the magic by adding extra lighting to your room. Choose a big statement mirror to create a focal point of your room. And if you want decoration with small mirrors, synchronise it with other accessories to give a unique feel to your wall.

Floating shelves

Take your decoration game to a new height with your favourite floating shelves. You can choose antique metal selves. It will be a perfect place to organise your favourite books, family photograph or a vintage art piece. Choose a shelf that compliments your wall colour and other decorative elements for a flawless interior.

A Basket Wall

Want to add a boho vibe to your space – try basket wall. It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to give a fresh look to your wall. Whether you want colourful or neutral baskets, they will create a topical feel in your living area. You can incorporate it with some in-house plants to give a lively sense to your wall.

In the end, these are a few great ideas you can opt for creating stunning wall decoration. You are free to create a beautiful wall with these charming decorative pieces. Think about your interests and let the wall speaks about your personality.

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