Boat Earphones One Side Not Working? Possible Fix!

When it comes to buying wired or even true wireless earphones, Boat is for sure one such brand that every buyer considers before making the final purchase decision. And that’s primarily because Boat offers the most fantastic earphones with incredible sound quality at a reasonable price point. This is the prime reason why Boat is one of the leading brands in the categories like speakers, wireless earphones, wired earphones, and mobile accessories as well. When it comes to the best quality wired earphones, Boat’s BassHead series is for sure the favorite one of hundreds and thousands of customers. In this series, Boat offers the most value-for-money earphones to the customer without compromising on the quality of the sound.

That’s why Boat headphones have tons of reviews and ratings from its customers on online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. However, you may have read some reviews or seen some people talking about how their Boat Earphones’ one side stopped working. Correct? Well in today’s post we’ll be taking a look at the root causes behind that and what you can possibly do to fix this issue.

Boat Earphones

Possible Reasons Behind Boat Earphones One Side Not Working

If you have used wired earphones in the past, then you may have faced the same issue. Believe it or not, one side of earphones not working is actually a pretty common problem, especially with wired ones. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why your Boat earphones one side not working.

  • Damaged Wire
  • Faulty Or Jammed 3.5mm Jack
  • Software Related Issue

In almost all cases, you’d be having the earphones on one side not working because of these root causes. In some cases, you can’t do much, that’s why buying new earphones would be a great choice. However, sometimes you don’t need to invest in new earphones because the issue with your old Boat earphones can be easily fixed. And we’ll talk in detail about it in the next section.

Possible Fixes When Boat Earphones One Side Not Working

Sometimes it is really easy to fix the earphone problem, especially when there is something wrong with the 3.5mm jack, or earphone wires, or if any software issue occurs. Let’s have a look at what you can do when your Boat earphones on one side are not working properly.

Damaged Wire

Some earphones are not meant for rough usage, but we must admit that Boat makes one of the decently durable earphones. However, if you are using them quite roughly, then the wires of both ends can rupture or break easily, especially from the middle part, where both earphones’ sides are separated. If you are certain that it is actually the damaged wire that is causing the problem, then you can’t do much about it. Therefore it would be great if you buy new earphones instead.

Faulty Or Jammed 3.5mm Jack

If you mostly use your Boat earphones with your smartphone, then it is possible that your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack becomes loose over time. Or it could be that it is jammed because of dirt build-up, and that can for sure cause issues when pairing your earphones with your smartphone. You can quite easily verify that it is your earphone or smartphone that is causing the issue by simply using your earphone with a PC or another device. If it is the 3.5mm jack problem, then we’d suggest you clean it carefully, or you can go to a mobile repair shop to have it cleaned or repaired.

Software Related Issue

With wired earphones, the software-related issue isn’t very common, but it can be a possible reason sometimes. In this case, we’d recommend you restart your device, and check whether there is a new operating system update available for your device or not. If you are using your Boat earphones with a PC or Laptop, then you should check for driver updates for your audio devices.

In almost 99% of the cases, when only one side of your earphones is working, then these are the possible reasons why you are having such an issue. With these fixes, you can make your earphones work again.