How to Block / Unblock ICICI Bank Credit Card Through IVRS, SMS, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

ICICI Bank has many types of services and products to offer to its customers in India. The bank has everything that you would ever need from a bank. Even from the credit card perspective, the bank has different cards to offer and some of the best credit card from ICICI Bank includes Ferrari Card, Make My Trip Card, Jet Airways Card,and HPCL Card.

These cards offer savings as per their name. For example, HPCL Card offer savings on fuels, Jet Airways Card offers Jet Miles and so on. You might already be aware of these benefits if you have an ICICI Bank Card. If in case you lost your card and if you wish to block your ICICI Bank Credit Card then you can refer to the steps below to block the ICICI Bank Credit Card.

ICICI Bank Credit Card

Steps to Block ICICI Bank Credit Card using IVRS

It is quite easy to block the ICICI Bank Credit Card using IVRS. You can dial in the number and select the IVRS Option to block the card. This will redirect you to the customer service executive and the executive will then block your card for you. You will have to confirm some of the personal details to get the card block.

The general number that you can use are listed below

Phone Banking Number – 011 33667777, 01144455000

There is another number that you can call on to register a grievance, this number is 1800 200 3344. For the list of all the number for all cities, visit

Steps to Block ICICI Bank Credit Card using SMS

ICICI Bank lets you use SMS Banking for the Credit Card but the list of services available right now are restricted. You can check your balance, reward points, last payment and payment due date with help of SMS but presently, you can block the Credit Card with this service. You can use internet banking or mobile banking for this.

Steps to Block ICICI Bank Credit Card using Internet Banking

Follow the steps listed below to block your Credit Card using ICICI Internet Banking

  • Visit the ICICI Bank Website to start the process. The URL of the website is and Login to your account using the ICICI Bank User Name and Password.
  • On the dashboard of your account, select My Accounts from the top menu bar and then select Credit Cards from the drop-down option. This will now take you to a dedicated page for the credit card.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will notice several options. From these, select Block your Credit Card – Instant Deactivation. You will be taken to a new page from where you can block your card.
  • Select the credit card you want to block and click on the Submit This will take you to a new page where you will be asked to confirm the request.
  • Click on the confirm button and validate the request. Your Credit Card will now be hotlisted

Steps to Block ICICI Bank Credit Card using Mobile Banking

Follow the steps listed below to block your ICICI Bank Credit Card using Mobile Banking

  • Initialize the app on your mobile phone and enter the PIN to login to the ICICI bank mobile app.
  • Swipe left on the account balance to see the credit card details and from there, tap on Manage Button.
  • On this screen, you will be able to see the details for the credit card. Scroll down on the screen and clock on Block Card button.
  • You can now select the credit card number, block type, reason and contact details. Once that is done, submit the request. This will instantly block your card. You will receive a notification about replacement of card and with this, you can choose if you wish to get a replacement card for yourself.

These were different ways to block the card. Remember, if you have lost your credit card then block it immediately. Also, do not share the credit card details with anyone as this can help you in saving yourself from fraud. The bank will never call you to seek credit card details.

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