Birthday Party Snack Ideas That Are Kid-Approved and Budget-Friendly

Birthdays are so special to each of us and we love to celebrate them with our loved ones. No matter how old we become, we all want a celebration to make it memorable and be happy about it. When we all are so excited about our birthdays, how much more when it comes to our kid’s birthday. As we all want the best of everything for our children, how can we stay behind when it is a matter of giving them joy on their special day. How comforting it is to see the cute smile on their faces.

Is your kid’s birthday approaching? Do you want to throw a party for your child? As much as it sounds exciting, it is also a challenging task as you need to plan your budget and choose the right kind of food for kids. We all know that kids are choosy and show a lot of tantrums when it comes to food. That’s why it is essential to have a fun menu with sumptuous delicacies that they will enjoy having along with their friends.

If you think cakes and ice creams are the perfect snacks for your kid’s birthday, maybe it is the right time to get updated. The following are some food that you can choose to have at the birthday party of your child –


Pizza is always at the top of the list whether it is a party for kids or adults. It has already become a child’s favourite food. You can shower your love by ordering double cheese Margherita pizza for your child from Domino’s restaurant. Adults are not the only ones to drool at the sight of cheese.  The kids will for sure love having it.

Do not restrict yourself to only pizza but add on some sides such as the garlic bread with sauce, chicken kicking, chicken sticks etc. You can order different variations of pizza available in Domino’s restaurant for a wholesome experience. Whether you order a burger pizza, veg pizza or a chicken pizza, don’t forget to ensure that these are loaded with extra cheese that elevates the spirit of the party.

French fries

 French fries are an all-time favourite of young and old. Nobody can deny the fact that the first thing that we would ever think of ordering either in Domino’s app or in a restaurant is the French fries. All of us love munching on it and given a chance can do it forever.

Oven-Baked Sandwiches

These are crunchy as well as gooey which is a perfect snack for any party. Each bite will elevate your kid’s mood while the cheese will ensure a creamy and soft touch in the mouth mesmerizing you and your child. It is also filling to the tummy as it is stuffed with meat and cheese.

Speciality Chicken

This is a simple yet lip-smacking food which is made with boneless chicken. It is prepared by combining the toppings, cheese and sauce in the layered chicken. It is available in four flavours which include crispy bacon and tomato, spicy jalapeno pineapple, and classic hot and sweet BBQ bacon. You can try them as per your preference.

Stuffed Cheesy Bread

You can go cheesy with these perfect oven-baked bread sticks.  As the name suggests, it is prepared by using mozzarella and cheddar cheese generously stuffing them in the bread by mixing them with garlic, parsley and Romano cheese. You can see the cheese oozing out profusely in each bite that you take. Your kids are going to love you for this excellent snack at the birthday party. You can try out the three varieties available in Domino’s which are spinach and feta, bacon and jalapeno and cheese only.

Birthdays are close to our hearts be it ours or our kids. Therefore, ensure to add in a lot of fun along with the amazing food that your child desires. With Domino’s, your order is always going to be easy on your budget. Not only that, ordering food too is easy when done online or in the app. The best part is all your orders will be delivered to you within 30 minutes of your order. Try out these fantastic foods for the party and surprise your child with the best dishes of their choice.

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