How to Get Birth Certificate (Rules and Regulations)

Birth Certificate is quite an important document from the parent’s perspective and this is the only proof the child has initially. This is the first documented proof issued to the child. Based on Birth Certificate and the ID proof of parents, the other documents for the child like Aadhaar Card and Passport can be obtained.

The birth certificate is issued by the Municipal Corporation and there are many rules and regulations that are applicable to get the Birth Certificate. This certificate is also used for getting admission in school and other such purposes.

To help you in getting the birth certificate for your child, we have listed the process and the rules applicable to get the birth certificate in this article. You can refer to the sections below and get the information that you are looking for.

Rules and Regulations Applicable for Getting Birth Certificate

There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow to get the Birth Certificate and these are as listed below

  • The birth should be registered with municipal with 21 days of the birth and you need to have the birth certificate issued by the hospital to do so.
  • If parents fail to register the birth in 21 days then they would need to get a NOC certificate before they can get the birth certificate and this is where the process gets complicated.
  • The birth certificates can be applied online or by visiting the Public Facilitation Centre in Delhi
  • The new birth certificates are computer generated and they have details like the name of the child, birth date and name of parents along with the place of birth.

These were the rules pertaining to the issuance of Birth Certificate. Let us now look at the documents required to get the birth certificate.

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Documents required to get Birth Certificate

The documents that you need to get the birth certificate includes the application form and the certificate of birth issued by the hospital. You can also give Goan burah certificate to register the birth of your child.

Process to Get Birth Certificate

The process is now available online as well as offline. Here is how you can get the Birth Certificate issued for your child.

  • To apply online for the birth certificate, you can visit the Municipal Website of the state that you live in. On the website, you might need to choose the Municipal where your residence falls in.
  • Once that is done, click on Registration of Birth and Death. This is the option that can help you in registering the birth of your child.
  • Select Birth Certificate on the next page and a form will be displayed. You can enter all the details in this form which mostly includes the personal details and the Aadhaar number of parents.
  • After filling in the form, you will be asked to upload some of the documents which include the Birth Certificate Issued by the hospital. Upload the documents required and make the payment of the fee.
  • After paying the fee, click on the submit button and an application ID will be generated. You can use this application ID to track the progress. Also, it takes almost 10 working days for the birth certificate to be issued.

This was the online process to get the birth certificate of your child. In case, you want to follow the offline procedure, you can visit the Public Facilitation Center of the municipal corporation in your area. From the centre, obtain a form and submit the form to the relevant person along with the documents and the fee.

In the case of offline procedure as well, the birth certificate will be issued in a period of 10 days. You can obtain multiple copies of the birth certificate as most of the institutes and government departments will demand the original copy of the birth certificate.

If you need more copies of the birth certificate then you can just share the registration ID and obtain the birth certificate instantly by paying the fee applicable.

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