Bigg Boss Malayalam Winners List From Season 1 To 5

It’s no secret that viewers of different language backgrounds like watching Bigg Boss. One of them, Bigg Boss Malayalam, has already aired four seasons. Its 5th season is all set to air from March 26, 2023.

The participants every season come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those in the film and television sectors, the business world, the music industry, Instagram’s influencer community, the dance world, and even activism.

For 14 weeks/98 days or less, contestants from a wide range of professions will be isolated from the outside world in a Bigg Boss home that has been outfitted just for the show.

A total of 18 participants compete each season, with an additional 2–3 “wild cards” being added. The contestants are assigned tasks each week, and one or two of them are eliminated from the competition based on their performance on the task and the audience vote.

All sorts of things like avoiding eviction, going grocery shopping, and taking over as the family patriarch are on the list of things to do. Those who come out on top are awarded the coveted Bigg Boss trophy & cash prizes.

List of all Bigg Boss Malayalam winners Till Date

Here is a list of all Bigg Boss Malayalam winners

Season Winner List Runner Up Prize Money
Bigg Boss Malayalam season 1 Sabumon Pearle Manney 1 crore
Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 Season discontinued due to Covid19 pandemic NA NA
Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 Manikuttan Sai Vishnu 75 Lakhs
Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4 Dilsha Prasannan Blessle



50 Lakhs
Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 To be announced To be announced To be announced

Season 1 Bigg Boss Malayalam winner- Sabumon Abdusamad (2018)

The first season of Bigg Boss Malayalam aired from June 24th, 2018 until September 20th, 2018.

In the first season, there were 18 regulars and 2 impromptu additions. Sabumon Abdusamad won the first season, and Pearle Maaney came in second.

Sabu appeared on Bigg Boss, a reality show presented by Malayalam actor Mohanlal, as the show’s thirteenth competitor. After 98 days of competition, he emerged victorious over Pearle Maaney, Srinish Aravind, Shiyas Kareem, & Aristo Suresh during finale.

Sabumon Abdusamad, an Indian actor in Malayalam cinema, is  43 years old. His most recent film, “Sesham Mikeil Fathima ,” is yet to be released soon.

He bagged 1 crore as a prize money. The Bigg Boss house location was set up in Lonavala in Film city.

Season 2 Bigg Boss Malayalam winner- No one (2020)

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam aired from January 5th, 2020, to March 20th, 2020.

In season 2, there were 17 contestants, & 5 wildcards. The show was cancelled before the season two finale because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the second season kicks off, the TRP was at 11.03, which is once again an excellent TRP rating.

The TOI newspaper reported that the grand finale wind down for some time because of the widespread spread of the coronavirus. And with that, every competitor conceded defeat. Host Mohanlal described the season as a “revolution” in his words.

The location of Bigg Boss house was set up in Chennai in EVP Film city.

Season 3 Bigg Boss Malayalam winner- Manikuttan (2021)

The third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam aired from February 14, 2021, to May 20, 2021. In season 3, there were 18 constants. Manikuttan triumphed in Season 3, while Sai Vishnu placed second.

Indian actor Manikuttan made his debut in Malayalam cinema in 2005; his most recent film, Navarasa came out in 2021.

Surya TV’s Kayamkulam Kochunni was his first acting role.  He competed in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, hosted by Mohanlal and broadcast on Asianet in 2021. As a result of his excellent work on the show, he received widespread acclaim from the public.

After 96 episodes, the show was cancelled owing to a global pandemic, but a victor was chosen by popular vote. At the Bigg Boss Malayalam Third season Grand Finale on 24 July 2021 at EVP Film City in Chennai, Manikkuttan was crowned the victor. He was voted the best entertainer of the year, so he took home the trophy.

Manikuttan received Rs 75 Lakh as the winning amount in grand finale.

Season 4 Bigg Boss Malayalam winner- Dilsha Prasannan (2022)

Dilsha Prasannan

This fourth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam aired from March 27, 2022, until July 3, 2022. In season 4, there were 20 regulars. Dilsha Prasannan, the very first female victor of Bigg Boss Malayalam, claimed victory in the 4th season. Bleslee finished in second place.

Professional dancer and Indian actor Dilsha won by numerous votes. In addition to appearing on numerous reality TV series, she has also acted in numerous Malayalam films.

Dilsha’s acting career kicked off in 2016. She first came to prominence in Kana Kanmani, a popular Malayalam variety show. This program aired on Asianet. There was only a four-month run for the show.

In the year 2022, she participated in Season 4 of Bigg Boss Malayalam where she was declared as the winner. She was awarded with Rs 50 Lakhs as prize money.

Season 5 Bigg Boss Malayalam winner- To be announced (2023)

The Season 5 Bigg Boss Malayalam is all set to air from March 26, 2023. Its first look has already been released on 15th February. This season, they will be inviting commoners, so it will be interesting to watch.

There is a lot of rumor for some amazing contestants entering the show, and all this will be revealed soon on 26 March, 2023.

You will have a great time watching the common mallu audience. Don’t forget to watch the show and make the best one winner of Season 5 Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Bottom Line

If you are also a Bigg Boss fan, then stay tune to watch its upcoming season 5 of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Like every year, this season will also bring all new-contestants, and best part it will include people like “You”, which means the common public that will make it more interesting to watch and enjoy.

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