Top 10 Best Tarpaulin Brands In India

Rains can wreak havoc on the furniture and goods outside. In the same way, the sun can be very unforgiving as well. You must protect anything outside from the weather elements to extend life. Tarpaulins are great at saving such things from the weather and improving their life. These are mainly waterproof sheets that protect the goods from the rain. These sheets can protect your things from the blazing sun and UV lights. You can install a tarpaulin with a little modification, which will help you protect your stuff even in the harshest weather. When you go out looking for a tarpaulin, you must ensure you buy something of good quality. At the same time, the tarpaulin should also offer you the right value for money.

You can install the tarpaulin permanently, or you can cover the stuff with tarpaulin when it rains. Many people also install tarpaulin in their car parking to convert their open car parking into covered ones. There are many options available in India when it comes to tarpaulin. You will find brands manufacturing tarpaulin of varying quality, and hence you will find expensive and affordable options in the market. You are on the right page if you are looking for a tarpaulin. Here, we have listed the best tarpaulin brands available in India. Go ahead and check out the details in the section below.

List of Top Tarpaulin Brands In India


Please note that we have considered various factors while compiling the list below. This represents our personal view based on our tests and experience. You can choose the size and the thickness of the tarpaulin. You can also check what added features the brand offers you if you purchase a tarpaulin from them. So without wasting any time, let us now jump on to the list of best tarpaulin brands in India.

1. Tuffpaulin

The first brand on our list is Tuffpaulin. This brand offers the best quality tarpaulin in India. They come with three years of warranty, and the tarpaulin also has ultrasonic eyelets for securing the tarpaulin. The tarpaulin from this brand is also sealed to avoid any leaks. You can go with the Tuffpaulin brand if you want the best tarpaulin.

2. Sigma

For roofing, you must always buy the best possible tarpaulin. One such option available in the Indian market is Sigma. The brand manufactures UV-resistant tarpaulin, which can last years without needing replacement. The eyelets in tarpaulin manufactured by Sigma are made of aluminium, and the edges are hemmed for reinforcement. The brand offers tarpaulin in 120, 150, 170 and 230 GSM. There are also multiple options available in the size of the tarpaulin.

3. Amazon Basics

If you are looking for an affordable tarpaulin, you can buy it from Amazon Basics. You have options for 125 GSM and 150 GSP from Amazon Basics, available in two colour options. Moreover, the brand sells different size options. The eyelets in the tarpaulin from Amazon Basics are rustproof, and weaved reinforced edges ensure durability. You can use this tarpaulin for outdoor camping, household requirements, construction protection, crop protection and even vehicle protection.

4. Shalimar

Another popular brand in India is Shalimar. You will find enough options in this brand if you want thick tarpaulin. The brand also offers 200 GSMP tarpaulin, these are made of high-quality HDPE material. Ultrasonic eyelets are integrated into all tarpaulin offered by this brand, making it even more durable. The edges of the tarpaulin manufactured by Shalimar are reinforced for extra strength.

5. K P S Agro Agency

If you are looking for really think tarpaulin for agricultural purposes or any other heavy-duty usage, you can buy tarpaulin from KPS Agro Agency. The brand offers 250 GSM tarpaulin, with a limited variety available. The edges of the tarpaulin from this brand have eyelets, and all four sides are reinforced. The brand also adds a UV-resistant additive while making tarpaulin, and this improves the life of tarpaulin by multiple folds.

6. AgriWorld

If you are facing issues with the edges of the tarpaulin and looking for a premium brand, you must check out the offerings from AgriWorld. This brand is known for top-quality tarpaulin, wherein the edges have special eyelets for equal load distribution. The brand offers one eyelet after every meter. In addition, the brand also provides rope with its products. You can use tarpaulin from this brand for boat covers, truck covers, cargo covers, agricultural covers, tourism tents and even for covering the house.

7. Mipatex

At number 7, we have Mipatex, and this brand has a lot of options when it comes to tarpaulin. One of the best parts about this brand is that all products are UV resistant and come with high-strength eyelets. The tarpaulin from Mipatex offers value for money. The products manufactured by tarpaulin are also resistant to tears. It is a perfect option if you are looking for affordable tarpaulin.

8. DuraPlast

DuraPlast manufactures military-grade tarpaulin, and they are available in different sizes. These tarpaulins are super strong, and they offer all-weather protection. The brand manufactures all tarpaulin in India. Apart from this, DuraPlast provides quality assurance on all its products. These offerings from the brand are priced at a premium but worth the price.

9. Tandhan Tarpaulin

If you are looking for catchy colours, you must check out the offerings from Tandhan. This brand uses modern technology and 100% recyclable material to manufacture tarpaulin. The products are lightweight, and they are also easy to handle. The brand manufactures tarpaulin in huge size variations. You can even provide them with a custom size, and Tandhan Tarpaulin will surely arrange something for you.

10. NEX

The last brand on our list is NEX. This brand is known for strong tarpaulin, but there are limited options. The tarpaulin from NEX is resistant to snow, dirt and water. The material is also UV resistant and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Tarpaulin FAQs

Q1. What Does the Price of Tarpaulin Depend On?

Ans: The price of the tarpaulin would depend on the cost and the thickness of the tarpaulin. The thickness of the tarpaulin is represented in GSM. The thicker the material, the costlier it would be. Moreover, the size of the tarpaulin will also determine the cost of the tarpaulin you purchase.

Q2. What Should I Look At While Buying Tarpaulin?

Ans: While buying the tarpaulin, you can look at the ratings of the brand, the GSM of the tarpaulin and the size that you need. You should also check the material it is made of and if the tarpaulin has dedicated holes to secure it. In addition to this, you must know why you are buying tarpaulin.

Q3. Can I Cut Tarpaulin In Small Pieces?

Ans: We do not recommend cutting the tarpaulin into small pieces. This will damage the fabric, and it will also lead to the disintegration of the fibre that is used for making tarpaulin. You must order the size you need and avoid bringing any sharp objects near the tarpaulin.

Q4. What Material Should I Use To Secure Tarpaulin?

Ans: The best material to secure the tarpaulin is the nylon rope. These are strong, and they are resistant to the weather element. Using them will help you secure the tarpaulin even during the windy days. Moreover, nylon rope is quite a cheap alternative available for you.

Final Verdict

Once you have started using the tarpaulin, please ensure that you carry out regular maintenance to extend the life of the tarpaulin. It is quite simple to maintain it. You should regularly clean the tarpaulin with mild soap to prevent the dust from working as an abrasive agent. In addition, when the tarpaulin is not in use, you must store it in a dry place. However, it is very important to dry the tarpaulin before you store it anywhere. This was all for today, and if you have anything else to add, please share it in the comment section.

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