Top 10 Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi You Should Watch

Just like Bollywood, South India also has a leading Film Industry. There are 5 languages dominant in South Indian Film Industry and these languages are Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, and Malayalam. There are many amazing movies which are made in South Indian film industry and some of them have the power to change society as well. A lot of movies takes the box office by surprise as these movies are a super hit and their collection can buy pass many movies in Bollywood or Hollywood.

South Indian Film Industries have also given us many great superstars like Sridevi, Rajnikanth, and Prabhas. Apart from these superstars, there are many other stars that are regarded highly in the country. These South Indian movies are a delight to watch but anyone who doesn’t know the language may not be able to understand the movie. To make it easy for these audiences, these south Indian movies are also dubbed in Hindi.

In this article we have compiled a list of 10 best south Indian Movies that have been dubbed in Hindi and you must certainly take out time to watch these movies. So, here is the list.

10. Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood was originally made in Malayalam and it was later dubbed into Hindi. The movie revolves around the ATM robberies and the peculiar part about these robberies is that a single bank was targeted. The movie is about the investigation of the robberies and it is certainly worth your time.

9. Thani Oruvan

Next on our list is Thani Oruvan and this movie was released in 2015. The movie was originally made in Tamil and it was dubbed for the audience in Hindi. The movie revolves around a scientist who is involved in some of the unethical and illegal medical practice. The movie also shows the struggle of the IPS officer in rooting out this scientist to help the humanity and the public.

8. Duvvada Jagannadham

Duvvada Jagannadham

On number 8, we have another Telugu movie and this is basically an action comedy movie. The movie is written and directed by Harish Shankar. This movie was released recently in 2017. The movie revolves around a man who loves to help people and this guy ends up getting the job of a crime fighter. The lead actor fights the crime easily as he is disguised as a priest and you must watch the movies to watch the action in the mission he takes up.

7. Kadamban


Kadamban took 7th position on our list and this is also an action drama movie which was originally made in Tamil. The movie is now available in Hindi as well and the movie feature Arya and Catherine Tresa. In the movie, a businessman is trying to destroy the forest surrounding a village for his financial benefits but villagers start a war against this businessman to stop him from ruining the forest.

You must watch the movie to see if the villagers are able to stand against businessman or if the businessman is able to destroy the forests.

6. Magadheera

Next on our list is a movie directed by S S Rajamouli. The movie is a romantic action movie and this movie has a base theme of reincarnation. The movie has four major characters and these major characters include a warrior, a princess, cousin of the princess and the emperor. In the movie, the princess is in love with the warrior but the cousin of the princess lusts for her. These characters die before they fulfill their dreams and they are re-born 400 years later. It would be interesting to see if they are able to fulfill their wishes now.

5. The Great Father

The Great Father

On number 5, we have The Great Indian Father which is basically a Malayalam Mystery thriller. The movie is directed and written by Haneef Adeni. The movie revolves around a child abuser who is also known by the name of Joker. The molester rapes a young girl and her father starts a search for the Joker. The movie has a unique ending. The movie had a budget of Rs 6 Crore but it was able to make Rs 50 Crores on box office.

4. Makkhi


Originally the name of this movie is Eega but after being dubbed in Hindi, the movie was named Makhi. The movie was made in Tamil and Telugu and the movie starts in a flashback. The movie is about the story of a man whose name is Nani. The lead actor, Nani was killed by a guy he is then reincarnated as a housefly. The memory of housefly comes back and he then decides to take revenge from his murders. The movie has intense graphics and it is loved by a lot of people.

3. 24

We also have 24 on our list and this was a Tamil movie released in 2016. The movie was directed by Vikram Kumar and the movie features Suriya and Nithya Menen in the lead role. In the movie, the lead actor Suriya is a scientist and he is successful in inventing a watch which enables him to travel in time for 24 hours. The story gets more intense from here and it is certainly worth watching the movie. The movie also received Best Cinematography and Best Production Design Award.

2. Nenokkadine


Next on our list is Nenokkadine and this movie was also a Telugu movie before it was dubbed in Hindi. This is basically a psychological thriller and the movie features Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon. In the movie, the lead actor has a feeling that his parents were murdered by three people but a journalist made he believe that he was an orphan and hence he hallucinated about the murder. In a twist, the lead actor ends up killing one of the imaginary killings and that is when the story starts unfolding.

1. Dynamite


Dynamite was released in 2015 and the movie features Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, and J D Chakravarthy. The movie was originally made in Telugu but it was later dubbed in Hindi as well. The movie is like any other love story between Sivaji and a girl but the twist comes when the girl gets kidnapped. Sivaji leaves no stone unturned to find the love of his life. The movie was a hit at the box office and you must see the amazing acting of the stars in this movie.

So, this was the list of the best south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi and you can certainly watch them on various online platforms as these movies are available on most of the online platforms. If you think we missed out on any of the legendary movies then do let us know in the comment section about the South Indian movie that you loved.