10 Best Sanitary Pads In India 2022 [Disposable Sanitary Pads]

Menstrual is a natural body process, which is also termed as menses. Women go through the menstrual cycle every month. In this period, women’s bodies shed the lining of the uterus. The sudden imbalance of hormones leads to discomfort and excessive bleeding. Maintaining adequate feminine hygiene during this time is essential.

Even though India is developing at a faster rate and more people are getting essential knowledge regarding such subjects. Still, this natural body process is considered taboo in several parts of India due to a lack of knowledge and superstitious beliefs.

At present, the literacy rate is increasing in India, and more people are coming forward to consider menstrual a new norm, and yes, it is a norm. During these five days, taking care of eating habits, a night of proper sleep and hygiene is important for every woman. The use of a quality sanitary pad can make things easier in these times.

Most women choose sanitary napkins based on the brand’s popularity, hyped claims and appearance factor. Well, if you think that this method works, then we have a big ‘NO’ as an answer. Choosing the best menstrual pad is slightly complicated due to the increase in variety, build quality, features, size options, and many other features.

It would be easy to say that top brands offer the best quality sanitary pads, but if you look closely into the sanitary pads industry, you can find all brands making the same claims. So, how could someone choose which sanitary pad is best in India without getting tricked into the fancy claims of a manufacturer? Well, it is easy. You can look into the need, comfort, and capacity factor to ensure a quality sanitary napkin.

Sanitary Pads In India

You might indeed have to try a few options to find the perfect one for your specific need. It would be easy if you pay close attention to the best in class options. Here, we have curated a list of the top 10 best selling menstrual pads for excessive or heavy flow bleeding for wonderful women.

Best Buy Sanitary Pads Online In India

The list of best sanitary pads for heavy bleeding in India follows the basic pattern of checking key qualities, their features, capacity, and buyers’ opinion. Let’s explore the options:

1. Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long Pads

Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long Pads

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Sofy is one of the most preferable and popular brands offering the best napkins. Every woman requires good quality napkins during their menstruation. So, Sofy has always been an ideal option for every age group of women. The highly useful copy ensure proper hygiene and safety. The best quality about softy that it prevents leakage which is not be offered in cheap quality sanitary pads.

This product comes with natural ingredients ensures 99.9% bacteria protection from germs and infections. It maintains proper hygiene and safety while you are sleeping, walking and working. You can feel confident while you used these napkins. Even, you won’t have to worry about heavy flow and leakage. Because its deep absorbent sheet helps in preventing heavy leakage.

Besides this, it comes in tree fragrance which makes you fresh for more than 2 hours. Overall opinion regarding this extra-long pad is positive and it feels highly reliable for the price point.


  • Sofy has come in two different packaging– large and extra-large.
  • The napkins are soft and light.
  • It doesn’t cause a rash.


  • Sofy napkins require frequent changing.

2. Stayfree Secure X-Large Cottony Sanitary Pads

Stayfree Secure X-Large Cottony Sanitary Pads

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Choosing the right sanitary pad is difficult than we think. Many women keep on choosing random brands of sanitary pads available in the market without doing much research. And that may cause rash and infection during heavy flow. To avoid such problems, you can choose Stayfree cotton sanitary pads. As you know, Stayfree is a leading brand of sanitary pads in India. The napkins absorb flows and prevent leakages. With these cotton sanitary pads, every age group of women enjoy a comfortable feel and entire day protection.

The best thing about this product is that the packaging consists of 120 secure XL napkins, out of which 40 pads are included free. The Stayfree pad has a super soaking design that prevents leaks and absorbs more. The Stayfree Secure large cottony pads are an ideal option for all and ensuring no side leaking especially when you sleep.

It perfectly fits your body and offering a great amount of comfort and security during heavy flow. Further, it comes with a mild fragrance which helps in eliminating the bad odour from your body. Hence, it is a trustworthy product. Overall, this product is cost-effective and highly recommendable by experts.


  • The pack offers XL napkins, good for heavy leakage days.
  • These napkins absorb well and prevent leakages.
  • The packaging gets 4 Stars which is pretty good.


  • This pad is a bit stiff so it might be uncomfortable for people who like many flexible pads.

3. Abena Maternity Pads for Women

Abena Maternity Pads for Women

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As the name implies, the Abena is specially producing to make your post-pregnancy hassle-free. Abena Maternity Pads ensure immediate soaking of body leakages. This Post-Maternity pad comes with an extra-wide back that soaks light to heavy flows to hold away wetness and leakage throughout the day. Usually, maternity pads offer minimal odour protection but this maternity pad provides proper hygiene and care during the post-natal period. Choosing Abena Maternity Pads might become an ideal option for those women who are facing the issue of heavy leakage after pregnancy. Plus, it doesn’t cause itches and rash.

Besides all mentioned benefits, this product has one major benefit and that is air plus technology. These napkins offer a cooler experience for better skin health. The best thing about Abena is that it is tested by experts to ensure minimal irritation. Plus, all packages have Nordic Eco-label and are certified by the FSC. So, you won’t have to worry about heavy leakages and absorptions.


  • Abena maternity pads for women especially for new mom’s.
  • The best part is thing pads are so soft they do not irritate.
  • Abena Maternity Pads has 5-star reviews.


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4. Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pads For Women

Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pads For Women

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In this list, the next product is a whisper. Whisper is one of the popular sanitary pad companies offering a wide range of napkins in different sizes and ranges. Whisper Ultra Night Sanitary Pad specially produces to make your night hassle-free from heavy leakage and flow. All napkins are made with cotton material. That means there is no chance of rash and itchiness.

One of the major benefits of using these pads is that it ensures 5X more absorbency and locks 75% of leakage as well. Its lock core helps in absorbing body fluid and holds it in gel form for long-lasting protection and safety.

These napkins are made of medically tested soft cotton fabric that remains soft and convenient for a long. Further, it can easily lock the fluids without any leakages and allow them to eliminate from the body. The whisper Ultra night pads keep the vaginal skin well protected against any germ, bacteria and infection. Thus, it is a trusted brand offering by many experts.


  • It is great in terms of perviousness, comfort and packaging.
  • The product quality is good.
  • It doesn’t cause dryness and itchiness.


  • Women’s can make sure the required size.

5. EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties

EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties

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The highly considering and thoughtfully designed EverEve Ultra Period Panties have become the modern way of life for housewives and also for women who are working outside. The gentle and super absorbent disposable pant is far better than the manual pad that is used commonly. It offers complete protection during heavy flow. The EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable pantie is very soft and is very flexible, fitted well, odour-free, leakage-free or any rashes.

The super and comfortable panties are specially designed for 360-degree protection. It is used to prevent both side and back leakages. These panties lock overflow instantly. As compared to regular sanitary pads, these panties are a good option for both day and night use. Further, these panties fit your body perfectly so you don’t need to wear any panty over them.

These disposable panties have changed both women’s and girl’s life during menstruation and also it offers complete comfort and relief to them. The best thing about these panties is that you can place them while you are travelling. Most women and girls find it convenient and comfortable in India.


  • After use, you can tear it off sideways easily.
  • These period panties are soft and comfortable.
  • It helps to sit comfortably during travelling or sleeping without worrying about period stains.
  • All panties packs are super absorbent, very comfortable and very soft.


  • You should consult experts before using it.

6. Dynamic New Mom Maternity Pads 

Dynamic New Mom Maternity Pads

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The Dynamnic New Mom Maternity Pads is thoughtfully designed for new moms. The pads are highly comfortable, highly effective, affordable and completely safe. It eliminates the effects of itching and dryness. These pads are made of soft fabric which is thin and flexible and offers proper cleaning and hygiene.

The rash-free, odour-less, softly-touched pads offer long 4-hour protection. Even you will have a comfortable sleep during the most difficult days. The well-designed, large-size pad is available with odour control benefits. It is combined with an extremely soft and ultra-absorbent top layer; you will never have to worry about stickiness and wet feeling.

The Dynamic Maternity Pads have major two qualities – First, it comes in an extra-wide and extra-long size, which helps in handling heavy post-partum bleeding; Second, It has an elastic side that enables the pad to stretch with everybody movements. It is suitable for every age of women and girls. Further, its soft and non-woven top layer works gently and is good for every skin.


  • This product has good coverage and never leaked at night.
  • You don’t need to change it frequently even after delivery.
  • It helps in excess moisture and prevents re-wetting.


  • You should check the size before purchasing it.

7. PLUSH Ultra-Thin Rash Free Natural Sanitary Pads

PLUSH Ultra-Thin Rash Free Natural Sanitary Pads

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Usually, sanitary pads are designed for all types of skin but PLUSH Ultra-thin sanitary pads are designed for women who have normal or sensitive skin. These pads make sure that no germs will be entered inside the body. The material which is used in PLUSH is made from pure U.S. cotton. You can enjoy your difficulties without any fear of stains.

The ultra-thin, paraben-free, odour-free, super-absorbent pads offer you a complete rash-free experience. The best thing about PLUSH is that it is approved by PETS and got certified by FSC. These pads are extra-softer and comfortable and are offering long-lasting protection to women. It keeps the intimate part skin well clean and protected against any germs and infection.

These pads don’t bother or cause rashes especially if you walk long distances and travelling. PLUSH Ultra-thin Sanitary pads reduce the awkward and unpleasant moment completely. Additionally, it is dermatologist-tested and ensures safety during menstrual conditions. The only feeling you will experience with PLUSH pads is pure comfort.


  • Each pad of PLUSh is wrapped separately.
  • The size and Thickness are quite good.
  • A cotton bag is good to keep your pad safe for use every month.


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8. Nua Sanitary Pads

Nua Sanitary Pads

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Women’s who are seeking pads in different sizes can choose Nua Sanitary Pads. The Nua Sanitary Pad comes in three sizes include – XL, L, and R. Nua is the only sanitary pads company certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. The NUA pads are considered the complete and safest hygienic-sanitary pads, which is completely clinically tested. It ensures pads are appropriate for all types of skin.

The advantage of the Nua Sanitary Pads is the super-absorbent core. Each pad is made of non-woven fabric which is completely safe for the vaginal area. The best thing about NuaSanitary pads is, all come with free disposal cover, which is free.

These rash-free, leakage free and perfume free pads offer effective use and comfort during heavy leakages. The best quality of these pads is that it has no prints so your skin never feels irritated. Besides this, it can make sure to lock flows and heavy leakages for a minimum of 6 hours.


  • This product comes in different sizes and has good packaging.
  • These napkins are not very dry and soft.
  • They offer great absorption so youdon’t worry about spotting on heavy flow days.


  • The number of pads is less for the given price.

9. PEESAFE Sanitary Pads

PEESAFE Sanitary Pads

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The PEESAFE sanitary pads are introduced with a reusable box which makes this product much safer. These pads are highly usable, effective and are easy to carry while travelling or go for outside. This sanitary pad is the best of all kinds and offers excellent use for the money.

If you are looking for a bang for the buck deal, then this product offers great value due to the premium build quality for an affordable price. These pads ensure well-hygiene and comfort during sleeping, travelling, walking, jogging. The best thing about these pads is that it is made of 100% organic cotton. Thus, it is made of bamboo pulp along with organic cotton. The PEESAFE Sanitary pads have no perfumes and no prints, so your skin never feels irritated and make it rash free.

It is a perfect combination of comfort and safety which ensure hygiene and comfort at the same time. It makes your difficult time easier and boosts your confidence level. These pads are far better in terms of absorbance, locking, wet-free and chafing. Talking about its quality, it has a chemical-free product, comes with wider and longer lack. Thus, it ensures you have a rash-free and leakage-free experience even on the heavy days of your period.


  • It is made of 100% Organic Cotton.
  • It comes with a reusable box, which makes it less harmful.
  • It is a biodegradable product, so it is good for our environment.


  • These sanitary pads are quite expensive.

10. Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads for women

Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads for women

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As you can see the Azah Sanitary pads is thoughtfully designed for women who face rash problems during their period’s time. Well, Azah is completely safe, rash-free and odour-free pads offering in two different sizes – regular and XL. It has made of 100% organic cotton which is safe for every type of skin. The Azah Sanitary pads offer maximum comfort and hygiene with ultra-thin.

It is an ideal choice for every age group of women. This non-toxic and ultra-soft pad is considering by many Indian Women’s. These pads offer superior comfort and feel ensure you rash-free experience even in heavy flow. The best thing about Azah is it is India’s first sanitary pad which is tested to be free from harmful chemicals and skin irritants.

You can choose it as per period days. Overall the regular size is suitable for low to medium flow whereas XL is good for medium to heavy flow.


  • Each pad comes in a disposable bag.
  • It is made with high-quality material.


  • Check sizes before buying it.

How To Choose Right Sanitary Pads in India

Many women are uncomfortable discussing issues related to sexual health and menstrual cycles, and as a result, they suffer. Some basic facts regarding sanitary napkins, which are among the most famous sanitary methods for dealing with periods, are unknown to many people. The following are a few pointers on how to select the best sanitary pad for good care, comfort, and hygiene-related purposes.

→ 1. Know Your Periods

Understanding the body and your menstrual cycle is the first step in selecting the most appropriate pads for the menstrual cycle. It is not possible to have a consistent flow throughout your period. As a result, you must keep note of the physical changes & menstrual cycle to select the most appropriate sanitary pad for you. Another consideration is how many pads are actually needed for a single cycling session.

2. Good Absorbency

When it comes to sanitary pads, among the most significant characteristics to look for is it good at absorbing a high blood volume in a short period of time. It is also important that the blood absorbed is trapped at the center core, ruling out the possibility of a leakage when pressure is put to the pads (for instance when sitting down).

The color of the ejected blood on the sanitary pad surface can be used to determine whether or not the blood has been absorbed into the center core of the catheter. As a rule of thumb, the more vibrant or fresh the color, the closer the period is to the top, which increases the likelihood of backflow and moisture. If, on the other hand, the color becomes a blander red, this indicates that the blood has been completely absorbed, allowing you to feel dry, confident, and able to carry on your regular activities without bothering about any leaking!

3. Flow & Length

Due to the fact that blood discharge is typically thicker at the beginning of your period, it is critical to select a pad that can absorb your flow fast and effectively.

Days are distinguished from nights by the length of the sanitary pad, with Day pads generally shorter (varying from 17centimetres to 25cm long) and Night pads reaching lengths of 35cm or more. The greater the length of the pad, the greater the amount of fluid it can absorb.

Night pads are also available with additional features such as wide hip guards, which are designed to efficiently prevent back leakages while you sleep. Some pads are also designed with side gathers that conform to your body curves, which helps to reduce side leaks during the day and night.

4. Material

Both cotton pads for periods and plastic-netted sanitary napkins are available; both types of sanitary pads are available. It all depends on your personal choice and skin type as to the products you want to utilize. A sanitary pad for sensitive skin is readily available if you do suffer from a skin sensitivities issue in that particular location.

It is recommended that you use cotton menstruation napkins on the last few days of your menstruation to avoid rashes and irritation.

5. Lifestyle                           

If your regular tasks or activities that occur on days when you have your period are physically demanding, you should wear pads to protect yourself.

Utilize wings slim napkins if you have a gym class at school or an exceptionally absorbing pad if it is important to participate in any after-school or extra-curricular endeavors.

6. Variety

Fortunately, just as with your clothing and lingerie, there seem to be a variety of things available to make dealing with your period a little bit easier. There are a plethora of options available depending on your use and desire. No matter if you like extremely short and slender sanitary napkins or a densely layered one, everything is available what you need.

Alternatively, you can specify whether you need an extra-large or a regular-sized item, as well as if you want wings or not. A panty liner, for example, is ideal for times when you are suffering a very little bit of leaking or simply would like to feel more secured when using a tampon or menstrual cup, as opposed to regular underwear.

7. Cost of sanitary napkins

Pads are present in a range of different pack sizes, with prices ranging from INR 5 per sanitary pad to INR 12 per pad depending on the type. When you consider that the average woman has her period once a month for approximately 40 years, the cost of sanitary pads quickly adds up. As a result, it is critical to look for both good value for money and a high-performing product. Try to find bigger packs if available, and stock up on them when you see them for a good price. Pads were designated as a tax-free product in India in 2018.

8. Environment concerns

As previously said sanitary pads may not be the most environmentally friendly product because they are considered to be “once use and trash” products. However, with the passage of time, there are several sanitary pad solutions available that are more environmentally friendly than traditional ones. Cloth pads, that are washable and reusable, are available for purchase. They are also made of cotton, which makes them gentle on the skin. It is possible to purchase disposable pads that are bamboo made and other plant fibers, which makes them especially biodegradable when thrown away.


  • Cotton panties will keep you cool and breathable when you’re down there.
  • Change your pads after every 4-5 hours to prevent infection.
  • Every time you replace your pad, wash your vaginal area thoroughly.
  • Warm baths can help to alleviate cramping and pain.


  • Do not flush an open pad down the toilet or put an open pad in the trash.
  • Don’t wait until the pad is completely full.
  • Avoid the use of soaps.

Even now, 60 percent of women all around the world use the wrong sanitary pad. In order to have a healthy and more productive menstrual cycle, we must first have an understanding of our bodies and their requirements. By considering the aspects and tips that have been presented, you can choose the ideal level of coverage and comfort. And say goodbye to the feelings of hesitancy, irritability, and persistent uneasiness that come with your periods.

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads?

Here are some steps through which you can dispose of sanitary pads to maintain cleanliness around you.

  • Place a Separate Dustbin

Those who use separate dustbins for dry and wet waste should keep extra bins for throwing sanitary pads as they are biohazardous waste that neither belongs to wet waste nor dry waste. So, first, you need to have a separate bin for sanitary pads.

  • Place a Disposable Lining Inside trash bin

Don’t forget to place disposable bags or lining inside your trash bin to collect waste sanitary pads. Otherwise, it will mix with the rest of the wet and dry waste. Throw them away separately using disposable linings to prevent the local garbage collection from dumping only the used pads into the overall waste. It can be named biohazard waste to remember. This waste should be thrown away every 2-3 days.

  • Wrap the used Napkins in Toilet Papers

Next, you have to fold and wrap the used sanitary pad in toilet paper. You can also use paper or plastic covers instead of toilet paper. The reason most people do not use is that the plastic cover will not keep bacteria, germs flying away due to improper wrapping.

Before throwing the used napkin pads in the bin, make sure that the mouth of the lining is closed. Also, close the lid of the dustbin tightly so that the lining does not come out. This way you will prevent insects and odour from spreading around your house. Plus, it will prevent curious children or playful pets from sneaking into the containers.

  • Don’t Flush

Keep in mind that sanitary pads should never be flushed down the toilet as it may lead to flooding or may clog the entire drainage system. Used napkins should only be wrapped in scrap paper or newspaper and thrown in the dustbin.


There is nothing like best, but there are things that are close to perfect. A product might not suit someone but works perfectly for you. Such things happen with sanitary pads. All the given options are the best selling sanitary pad brands in India of their kind and offer excellent quality. You can choose the best sanitary pads in India by understanding your need, and size aspect. We hope that you have an excellent experience while purchasing and maintaining feminine hygiene.

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