10 Best Refrigerator Stand In India

Most of the household have a refrigerator. And that is the most common of the home appliances and the need for it keeps growing. Any refrigerator takes a good place in the house where it can be placed. Be it a big one or a small one, it needs dedicated place and the design of it makes it difficult and unnecessary to move.

The refrigerator is designed in such a way that the body is almost to the floor and there is a very small gap which makes it difficult to remove dust, that is sweep or mop. With the pollution among the city area you see a lot of dust that is accumulated and it is a common practise to sweep and mop the house on a daily basis. With this cleanliness to be maintained it becomes difficult for the refrigerator to be moved around. Such are the cases when you come across the refrigerator stands and they get useful in such cases.

These stands are usually made of thick metal or in some cases plastic on which we can place the refrigerator and it gives enough gap from the ground level to that it is easy to clean the floor below. Sometimes these stands also have wheels which will make moving the refrigerator easier. Not only refrigerators these stands can also be used for other home appliances like washing machine and dishwasher.

There are a many of such stands that are available in the market and we will discuss some of them as we go below this content.

Best Buy Stands for Refrigerator Online in India

1. Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Stands

Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Stands

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The first one on the list is the Smart Shelter stand which is indeed designed smartly. When I saysmart, it is for the reason that is designed to be both movable and immovable stand. Not just that, it is also designed to change size also based on what you want to place on it. This stand is designed to accommodate most of the home appliances like, front load washing machine, top load washing machine, Refrigerators and dish washers. It fits in all of these appliances from brads like Haier, LG, IFB, Bosch, Siemens, Godrej, Mitashi, Intex, Samsung, BPL and many more.

This stand is adjustable – which means that you can adjust its length and breadth based on the size of the appliance you are place on it. The stands of these appliances should be placed on the corners just above the wheel which is has a base to bear the weight of the whole appliance. The stand is designed to bear the weight up to 140 kgs. There are rubber bushes that can be rolled down to make the stand immovable and if you roll it up the wheels take up the charge and you can move the refrigerator where you need as it will be on the wheels.

Things we liked

  • Compatible with most size of the appliances as it is adjustable in size
  • Can be changed to immovable to movable and vice versa
  • Can bear up to 140 kgs of weight
  • 100% metal body

Things we did not like

  • Not fit for washing machine as it vibrates a lot
  • Too pricey

2. Irkaja Heavy Duty

Irkaja Heavy Duty

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Irkaja introduces heavy duty stand which is compatible for various kinds of home appliances. It supports washing machine from 5-10 kg capacity washing machines, refrigerators and dishwasher. Washing machine could be either the front load or the top load. It works as stand and trolled – which mean if you make it a stand it is immovable and if you make it a trolley you can easily move it around.

The size of the stand is adjustable – which means you can change the length and breadth of the stand by simply loosening the knob given on the inner side of the length running between 2 corners and adjust the length between the 2 corners. You can tighten the knob before to fix the size. You can place the refrigerator on the corner holding area which is strong enough to hold the appliance.

To move the appliance and put the wheel sin action you need to adjust the rubber stoppers to roll up and let the wheel touch the floor. To make it immovable roll the stoppers down to touch the ground and these stoppers will take the weight of the refrigerator.

Things we liked

  • Can fit in most of the appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and dish washer
  • Adjustable length and breadth make it compatible to most of the appliances
  • Made of metal making it strong

Things we did not like

  • Not fit for washing machine
  • Some customer complained on poor quality

3. NTC Trolly and Stand

NTC Trolly and stand

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This is a strong and sturdy multi-purpose stand and trolley from NTC that is worth trying for. This is an adjustable stand and trolley for various brand washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher. When I say multipurpose it is because it can be used as a stand and also as a trolley. With just adjustment of the stopper either up or down you can convert it. If you roll down the stopper to touch the ground then you can use it as a stand – which means you cannot move it. If you roll it up and if the wheel touches the floor then you can use it as a trolley. You can adjust the size of the stand by loosening the know on the sides and adjusting the length.

When I say various brands it includes Samsung, LG, Haier, Intex and many more. The wheel are made of heavy duty plastic material and the body is of metal making it strong. The place where you place the refrigerator on the stand is also provided with the rubber finishing making the appliance non-slippery on the stand.

Things we liked

  • Adjustable and mostly compatible with most of the brands and products
  • Strong body and also the wheels
  • Anti-slip rubber coating on the stand

Things we did not like

  • Not suitable for washing machine and it vibrates a lot
  • Technically not designed well

4. Smart Shelter Premium heavy-duty stand

Smart Shelter Premium heavy-duty stand

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This Smart Shelter stand is made of premium metal and is dyed black. This gives a royal look and goes with any coloured refrigerator. This metal is made of 100% metal hence it is very sturdy and can hold weight of heavy appliance. The size of the can be adjusted to the size of the appliance so that if can stand on the stand very easily. The height of the stand is around 4 inches which gives ample space for you to clean under by removing dust.

This stand/trolley comes with the rubber stopper which activates when touches the floor and that can be done by rolling it down. When theses stoppers are up then it is the wheels that will take the weight of the stand and the appliance on top of it. These wheels are of the high quality and can rotate 360 degrees making it easy for moving the appliance.There are knobs given near each corner to decrease/increase the distance between 2 corners. The rubber stoppers are also designed to absorb shock especially when the wash machine is placed on it.

Things we liked

  • Most of the appliances from various brands fit on it
  • Adjustable size
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • 100% metal making it strong and sturdy

Things we did not like

  • Stoppers does not take the vibrations of the washing machine and the wheels are not meant to
  • Too pricey

5. LIBERTY PRIME Refrigerator Stand

LIBERTY PRIME Refrigerator Stand

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This stand by Liberty, is the most basic form of the refrigerator stand that is designed only for the refrigerators of the size of 400 L. This is coloured in grey and serves well to the description. It is an refrigerator stand and not a trolley. The height of the stand if 4 inches and it makes it convenient to clean up the dust below the refrigerator much easily. You can also use a mop stick to mop it under the refrigerator.

The stand is not adjustable which means you cannot change the length and breadth of the stand. The base stand is quite wide making it impossible to make it fall just by pushing. The legs of the stand have a broad base. This can hold the double door refrigerator without any hassle.The stand is also used to make sure base does not get any rust.

Things we liked

  • Made of plastic making it rust free
  • The material is sturdy and is made it with goof thickness
  • Broad legs to give good grip

Things we did not like

  • Not adjustable and only compatible with double door 400L refrigerator

6. Sharabani Plastic Fridge Stands

Sharabani Plastic Fridge Stands

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This is a maroon coloured stand for refrigerators from Sharabani which is sturdy and made for heavy duty. This fits in 150-292 L refrigerator which are either single or double doored. The main intention to have these stand is to makes sure the base of the refrigerator does not get rust due to dampness. Also other purpose is to make sure there is no dust accumulation and we can easy clean up any dust with big gap available now.

As mentioned, these are made of heavy-duty plastic. The surface of the stand is not even making it anti-slippery. Although the usage it limited to specific set of refrigerators it still does what it is described as.

Things we liked

  • Does exactly when it is described as

Things we did not like

  • Fits to only specific refrigerator
  • It is made of plastic

7. E & A E&A Plastic Stand For All Single Door Refrigerators

E & A E&A Plastic Stand For All Single Door Refrigerators

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This is the maroon coloured stand from E&A which is designed to fit is all the singe doored refrigerator. It is maroon in colour. It is made of high-quality plastic material and the surface of it is designed to make it anti-slippery. This is compatible with all Direct Cooling refrigerators. The legs of the stand are very wide giving the stand good support and making it more fit for the purpose.

It is not too highly priced for the stand. It has a reduced price of Rs 475. It comes with a 30 days seller warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Things we linked

  • Plastic material making it less heavy to carry it
  • It is made of ribbed structure making it sturdy
  • Fits in all direct Colling refrigerators from all the brands

Things we did not like

  • Poor quality complaints from the customers
  • Expensive for the features it provides

8. Pardzworld Plastic 150-250 L EA Stand

Pardzworld Plastic 150-250 L EA Stand

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Yet another product which is made just for the purpose and no features more than what is required than its title. This stand from Pradzworld is made to hold the refrigerators stand with the capacity of 150-250L and fits the same for all the brands available. It is specifically for the ones with Direct Cooling system. This is a greyish coloured stand with the surface of it uneven to make sure it does not slippery surface.This is made from heavy duty plastic and the structure is made with ribbed plastic to make it sturdy and strong.

The legs of stand is wide enough and it does hold the refrigerator with good grip. It is a stand and not a trolley hence it is missing wheels and you cannot move it around. However, it has ample space from the ground so that there is good air ventilation and you can clean the floor by removing the dust accumulated.

Things we liked

  • All brands 150-250 L of refrigerators are compatible on this stand
  • The leg has large base which gives good grip
  • Easy to handle
  • 10 days replacement available

Things we did not like

  • Pricey
  • Damaged product delivered

9. Sharabani Refrigirator/Washing Machine Stand

Sharabani Refrigirator

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Sharabani comes with another stand/trolley for refrigerator and washing machine and as it mentions it is a multi-purpose one. That is because, it is adjustable one with compatibility to many brands. This one is made from the ISI heavy duty plastic nylon tray. The size of the tray is adjustable with the knob that is provided just below the running length between the two corners. Loosen the knob, adjust it and tighten the knob back. This also comes with heavy duty plastic wheels which is 360 degree rotating.

Each corner is heavily placed to with stand the weight of the appliance that is placed on it. It can withstand up to 120 kgs of appliance on it. The wheels are accompanied with anti-skid locking system which makes it easier for the appliance to be moved from one place to another. The stand has a height of 4 inches giving good space to clean the floor below the stand. The most good things is as it is made of plastic it is completely rust free.

Things we like 

  • ISI rated and 6 months warranty
  • Size can be adjusted with most of the appliances being fit on it
  • Can withstand up to 120 kgs

Things we did not like

  • Not taking load completely
  • Poor quality

10. SAI BALAJI Fridge Stand/Washing Machine Stand Heavy Quality

SAI BALAJI Fridge Stand

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Sai Balaji stand for refrigerator and washing machine is a high quality and heavy duty one due to its build. This is made of plastic with heavy duty. This is most simply designed which serves the purpose to the point, nothing less nothing more. This is a stand only and does not serve as a trolley. The legs of this stand have a broad base which means it has a good grip on the ground.

This is square in shape and fits in a refrigerator or washing machine which is of 24 inches in width and 24 inches in length. As this is made of plastic it is rust free and you need not worry about it. It has 4 inches of height hence good space from the ground to let you clean the floor below it. It also comes with 6 months warranty.

Things we liked

  • Rust free as made from plastic
  • Floor grip making sure the appliance does not skid

Things we did not like

  • Damaged product received

Buying Guide for Choosing a Best Refrigerator Stands

Now that we have gone through few of these stands, we now understand them better with their features. However, with so many stands available there are few things that you need to consider before you buy them. Not all features might be required when you buy it but you would sometime require a combination of more than one feature. Now let us go through some of the important features that might help you to be a guiding rule for your purchase.

  • Built

These stands come in either plastic built or the metal built. Choosing the right one for your refrigerator is important. If you feel the refrigerator is quite heavy then it is advisable that you go for a metal one as they are stronger than the plastic ones. But if your refrigerator is not too heavy then settle for the plastic ones as the metal ones can become rusty.

  • Price

Make sure to decide how much you want to spend on this stand. If you want to settle for a less expensive one you can go in for the plastic ones and also with the nonadjustable. In this case you should be sure you know the size of the appliance before you make the buy so that it fits your requirement. If you are willing to sped good amount then go in for the metal one with adjustable one as you can use shift it between the appliance if required.

  • Adjustable/non-adjustable

If you think you might use the stand maybe for different appliance in the future you can choose the adjustable ones as you can adjust the size of the stand to the appliance you are placing on it. You would also get standard sized ones which are particular to the specific size of the refrigerator.


As these are some of the feature, we could think of for you to think about before buying you can also see if there are something specific for your requirement that we might not have discussed here. This was merely discussed based on the basic requirements. Happy shopping!

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