Top 10 Best Projector for Home in India with Price

We all know that projectors are used to create a large screen on the wall which is either hanged on the ceiling or fixed on the wall. Varieties of projectors are available in the market so it is quite confusing to select the right one for the personal purpose.

So, I come here to pick for you top 10 best projectors in India for using in home along with their price (price may vary as per the seller and market offers)-

10. Toshiba SDW30

Toshiba SDW30

  • It is WXGA type projector producing HD picture of 1280*800 pixels up to the screen size of 100 inches. It is built with one 2W speaker and LED lamp having life having projection ratio 1:4 inch. It has got all the basic ports and plug-ins consisting 2-USB connectors.
  • It has perfectly balanced brightness and contrast ratio and the device is Wi-Fi enabled.

Price: Rs. 45000

9. Sharp PG-LW2000

Sharp PG-LW2000

  • It also comes with HD quality lens producing 1280*800-pixels resolution with multiple display mode starting from 576p to 1080i. It is built with a 210-watt lamp with a life up to 6000 hours. It is built with one speaker of 2W.
  • All basic ports are built in it including VGA and HDMI port. It has manual focus lens with aperture F2.5 to F2.7 and produces 2800 Lumens Brightness up to 300 inches.

Price: Rs. 43000

8. Acer H5360

Acer H5360

  • In reasonable price, this projector comes with rich details and natural quality colors. It projects HD quality picture i.e. 1280*720-pixel resolution and aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3 which justifies the Blue-ray disc format and HDTV format. It offers HDMI ports and multiple PC connectors.
  • It comes with multiple input interface along with USB and Audio jack. The life of lamp may extend from 5000 to 1000o hours. It is one of the cost-effective output and energy saving device.

Price: Rs.31000

7. Sony 3LCD VPL-BW7


  • It is equipped with LCD display technology with 190 Watts lamp. The aspect ratio is 16:10 (WXGA). The resolution is 1280*800 pixels which are capable of producing ascreen of 3.3 feet to 16.7 feet HD quality video.
  • It comes with multiple types of input like HDMI, S-Video, Composite and RGB Sub 15pin. The focal length of thelens is 1.65 to 1.93.

Price: Rs. 45400

6. BenQW1000

BenQ W1000

  • It is a Full HD 3D home theater with Lens shift technology. It produces 2000 lumens with ANSI. The capacity of the lamp is up to 6000 hours. It comes with in-built speakers with multiple input connectors (2 HDMI port) and 200 inches full HD display.
  • It has optimized contrast mode and color reproduction on the screen with Smart Eco technology to increase the life of the lamp.

Price: Rs. 39000

5. Vivitek H1080FD

Vivitek H1080FD

  • It comes with Full HD resolution which is 1920*1080 pixels and fantastic color reproduction with 1800 lumens brightness. Its uses Dark Chip 2 Technology for display and makes 25 inches to 300-inch display.
  • It offers different modes like Bright Mode, Movie Mode and Boosts Mode to comply with our requirement. It has got all the basic plug-ins with 2 HDMI port. The life of the lamp is 3000 hours.

Price: Rs.52000

4. Mitsubishi HC3800

Mitsubishi HC3800

  • One of the expensive range but worth as it is equipped with sharp lens producing vivid and deep image quality. It produces 1300 Lumens brightness through DLP technology. The lamp is capable of running 5000 hours with the consumption of 340 watts’ power.
  • It comes with the basic inputs like HDMI port, Composite Pin, RGB, and S-Video. It produces full HD picture quality i.e. 1920*1200-pixels.

Price: Rs.72900



  • It comes with full HD lens producing image size up to 16 feet. The resolution is 1920*1080-pixels and the color reproduction is sharp and vivid with 1800 Lumens Brightness.
  • The life of the lamp is 6000 hours and with all basic plug-ins along with 2 HDMI ports. It is capable of giving 3D experience with authoritative picture calibration features. It has the front fan which facilitates cooling of the device.

Price: Rs.234000

2. Optoma UD20

Optoma HD20

  • This is one of the Old Version projectors yet one of the most preferred projectors due to its highly affordable price and worthy features. It produces full HD picture quality i.e. 1080-pixels up to 300-inch screen size. It produces sharp and vivid images with nice contrast and color resolution.
  • The lamp is capable of last 4000 hours and it is equipped with all the basic plug-ins like HDMI port and other video and audio connectors.

Price: Rs.23450 to Rs.36700 (new version)

1. Panasonic PT-AE4000U

Panasonic PT-AE4000U

  • It is the winner in the race of home use projectors as it is equipped with high-end features with fair price. It comes with full HD optimized lens producing an image of 1920*1080-pixels. The contrast and brightness are highly effective and that of brightness is 2400 Lumens.
  • The Red Rich Lamp of 220 Watt produces very deep and eye-catching colors in LCD display quality. All the basic ports and plugins are built in this model.

Price: Rs.1599 to Rs.1899 (depends on model no.

These are the top 10 best home projectors available for you. All the technical specifications and features with their price are made vivid to you. You can go for them on the basis of your budget or feature requirement.

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