Top 10 Best Online Billing & Invoice Software Companies in India

In the past billing and invoicing used to be a lot of hassle but thanks to the modern technology, it now takes a few minutes to generate invoice and bills. Small businesses greatly benefit from the use of invoice and billing software that help in managing multiple invoices with ease.

The advanced software come with intricate functionalities and features such as purchase order, invoice, reporting, estimates,VAT, Taxes and so on. In this article we will tell you about the top 10 online billing and invoice software companies in India.

10. Invoice Xpress

Invoice Xpressis an all-inclusive invoice and billing solution designed for the small business owners and freelancers.  It is feature rich software and one of the best features is to create professional invoice and automatically convert files and send them to the clients. It also helps in creating the estimates and invoices for different projects. The software is capable of storing all the details of each client along with their history of past invoices, balances and payments. Also check this sap vim.

9. CurdBee

Developed byVESESS in 2008CurdBee is one of the most popular invoice and billing software companies in India. This invoice and billing software is supported by both iOS and Android devices. It boasts features such as sending reminders/acknowledgments to clients, billing in different currencies,creating /sending unlimited invoices to multiple clients, importing/ exporting date generating efficient reports and so on.  CurdBee’s successor called Hiveage was released in 2014.

8. SimplyBill

This is a pretty simple web-based invoice and billing software developed by Chilli Design. This online billing software is mostly used by the small to medium sized businesses. You can use this software to create invoices based on the templates provided and send them to clients via email. You may also convert the quotations into billing/ invoices, export the invoice and convert them into other file formats, set reminders and do much more.

7. eBillity

This software is developed by the Boston Billing Solutions, and the biggest USP of this tool is that it is simple to understand even for the beginners. The software can also be used as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. The app is easily compatible with Android,iOS and Blackberry and can be used as a desktop widget. The software can easily keep a track of all the invoice sent in various stages. It can generate revenue n real time and ensures proficient expense reimbursement.


HDPOS is a point of feature rich sale software for the retail stores. This easy to use inventory management software is available to the retailers at a very low cost. It has been developed by Hyper Drive Information Technology based in Bangalore. Some of the products offered by this company include HDsalon, eshop, HDschool, HDPOS Smart, Cloud Solutions, and HDPOS easy. The biggest USP of this software is that it is simple to use and almost everyone can use it.

5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is one of the most popular invoice and billing software that is available in different languages such as Italian, French, English, Spanish and many more. This is a simple and easy tool that can be used to manage the invoices and bills. The software is feature rich and it aids in creating invoices using the different features like attractive invoice templates, recording and tracking expenses, automatic invoice reminders, send invoice to the clients, configure automatic invoice reminders, integration with payment gateways and so on.

4. Invoicera

This is an online invoice and billing software that offers a solution for invoicing troubles for freelancers such as consultants, web developers, attorneys/lawyers, etc. It is the perfect feature rich software for small businesses and service providers around the world. This software can be used for effectively creating invoice for industries like transportation and logistics, utility,consultants and IT firms, telecommunications,manufacturers, tours and travels, and insurance and banking. The software is available in 11 different languages.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Software is an invoice and billing software developed by Intuit Inc and the company helps you run your business smartly. QuickBooks enables you to make smart and informed decisions through the various editions. You can use the software to send online receipts, create recurring invoices, send payment reminders, email invoice directly to customers, create invoice, monitor and track the receivables with the help of QuickBooks billing and invoice firms.

2. Billbooks

Billbooks is a smart feature rich invoicing app that comes with an economical tag line. It is simple to use and saves a lot of time. The software brings you a perfect blend of usability, speed and features. Billbooks can be used for preparing the records of billing invoice, reports, estimates, clients, and items. The software comes equipped with some really smart features such as Quick review, Dashboard, File attachments, Recurring Invoice,columns, Get Paid Faster and many more.

1. Freshbooks

When it comes to choosing a reliable and feature rich invoice software the name of Freshbooks stands tall. It is one of the most popular invoice and billing software in the company. This simple toll comes equipped with a lot of features. As this software is cloud based, you have the privilege of accessing it with your phones, desktop, or tablet. Freshbooks is one of the most effective apps to make your business fast, secure and easy. It also supports both iOS and Android platform.

We hope the above list of Top 10 online billing and invoice software companies in India 2017 helps you choose the right one for your business.

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