Best Indian Betting Sites for Gamblers in 2021

India has been known to be a hermitage of various sports. The rising popularity of international sports, such as football, cricket, and hockey, has also brought with it a rise in the popularity of online sports betting. Various demographics within the country now rely on online betting platforms to use their knowledge of a specific sport and earn exciting rewards and prizes. However, with more and more individuals registering online, there has also been a surge in web forums that provide different services to this rising demographic. This makes it difficult for people to choose a specific Indian betting site whilst gambling. Thus, the following article discusses a few of the best Indian betting sites available in the market.

The Top Indian Betting Sites for Individuals in 2021

1. Indibet

One of the best betting sites to invest your money in, as Indibet provides its customers with various advantages. They include – a trustable and easy-to-use customer support system, various events to choose from, live casino games with easy betting odds, and an end-to-end encrypted withdrawal system that is extremely safe and trustworthy. These advantages differentiate Indibet from its competitors, making it one of the best Indian betting sites for individuals in 2021.

2. Betway


Some sports enthusiasts might recognize the brand Betway from the Premier League. Being the biggest sponsor of the famous club – West Ham United, Betway provides various exciting offers to all its customers, especially in India.  Upon registering, Betway offers its customers a 100% sign-up bonus ready to avail, which can allow people to win up to INR 2,500 as a deposit bonus. Moreover, the site also provides a plethora of online casino games (all based around popular sports), thus increasing the action for online gamblers. These games include cricket-based roulette, which the site claims to be the only place for people to play this game. Thus, there is no contention as to why Betway has been listed as one of the best Indian betting sites for individuals.

3. Unibet

Unibet allows individuals who sign up to access boat casino games and sports-based gambling games, making it a big Indian betting site. Moreover, with over 11 million subscribers (as claimed online), they also have an extremely large audience who can make deposits easily (even with the national currency). This makes it extremely convenient for individuals who want to gamble at low stakes and are unfamiliar with currency conversion norms and policies. Moreover, Unibet also provides its clientele with a 100% deposit bonus amongst other exciting offers.

4. Purewin

A brand that was previously recognized as one of the biggest online gambling sites for card games like Teen Patti and poker, has become a huge name in the online sports betting industry. One of the most prominent features that differentiate Purewin from its other competitors is its extremely generous welcome bonus. The Indian betting website provides two promotion offers currently – firstly, individuals can earn up to 10,000 rupees in free online bets and 1,000 rupees in live Casino bets. However, for a more aggressive part of the demographic which is more interested in live casino betting, they can choose the other welcome package, which ranges up to 90,000 rupees with a 100% sign-up bonus. They also get other perks along with their sign-up bonus, such as free sports bets (worth 500 rupees), etc.

What Makes the Websites Mentioned Above the Top Indian Betting Sites in 2021?

There are multiple reasons why the sites mentioned above are considered among the best Indian betting sites in 2021. Let us look at some of those reasons:

  • Safety/Security – A key thing to consider whilst investing money online is the safety of transactions. Thus, the ease and security with which one can invest and take out money from a website are among the most important factors to consider.
  • The range of betting markets offered – With the increasing demand for online sports betting in India, numerous websites are making alterations to their user interface to incorporate a larger number of markets within their website. Hence, websites that allow individuals to safely bet on a range of sports, including popular sports like Horse riding and kabaddi, were ranked higher than websites that don’t offer such facilities.
  • High betting odds – One of the most important factors to be considered from the user’s point of view is the odds that a website offers compared to other top Indian betting sites.

Keeping these factors in mind, the above list features some of the best Indian betting sites for you to start or continue your betting journey.

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