Top 10 Best & Famous Guitar Brands In India

Guitar, the epitome of musical ecstasy is something to be truly admired off. The melancholy of the strings has always been known to strike a chord with our heart. This go-to musical instrument dearly touched our heart and we couldn’t stop by without giving it a rightful testimonial that it deserves.

We have witnessed plenty of guitars available around in the market. In fact, with a booming fondness for the instrument, there are plenty to choose from these days. But therein lies the hack, getting just an awry piece of guitar for the sake of it won’t do any good to you.

If you’re into guitar and its majestic world, we strongly advise you to get your hands among the best options. That way, the musical enigma will reach its pinnacle. We here would help you around with the list of best and famous guitar brands available in the nation at present. To be fair, even the best guitarist in India uses these ones for their musical rendering.

How to Choose a Right Guitar – The Beginner’s Guide

Learning to play guitar is surely very rewarding but the most rewarding experience is choosing the right guitar for yourself. Selecting the right guitar is not a very complicated process. Below mentioned are two main steps:

Select the appropriate size – A guitar too large would be difficult to handle for a short heighted person or a child. Therefore select the one which the user can easily reach with both hands. For adults, full size guitars are suitable but again height of the user plays an important role.

Do not buy cheap guitars – As the rule of the thumb goes, “You get what you pay for”, therefore don’t buy inexpensive guitar just to save yourself a few bucks. They won’t be worth your money, time and energy.

Select the colour and finish of the guitar that you like – If the guitar visually appeals to you, you will always be motivated to practice and play that guitar. So get the one whose colour, finish and texture you like.

Make sure you get an electric tuner along – The guitar needs to be tuned to a regular pitch. And regular playing usually increase the need for regular adjustment of tunes. Therefore it is best you include the electronic tuner whenever you are choosing your guitar.

Weight of the guitar – Obviously guitars do not comply with one-size-fits-all rule. Just like the height of the user, weight of the guitar also plays an important part. If it is too heavy and too large, you might not feel like playing it. Decide accordingly and then choose if you want an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar or a classical guitar.

So come join us as we let you into the ‘Top 10 Best & Finest Guitar Brands in India’.

10. Kadence


Starting off our list of the best and famous guitar brands in India is Kadence, an India-based guitar manufacturer. The company has been known to produce multiple instruments over the years and are regarded pretty well among the guitar users.

It has been offering high-end guitars at an affordable tag, something not many can offer. It’s a reason why they find a dear place among many. The company has a range of acoustic guitars under different series like Frontier, Slow hand and more.

Their products are quite a value for money investment and start off from a lowly Rs 5000 for the affordable ones. The high-end options are priced above Rs 10000 mark but that too is worth getting for.

9. Jackson


Jackson Guitars founded in California by Grover Jackson in 1978 is one of the well-known guitar manufacturers around and is rightly placed on our list of best guitar brands in India.

The company is known to offer slender and refined offerings unlike many others out there. Their guitars are also synonymous with their typical pointed head stock design. They deal in electric guitars and electric bass guitars and offers the same under their brand name.

Another peculiar thing about Jackson is their use of shark fin inlays which set the wheels in motion for other top brands to follow suit. The company’s offerings have been used by many top professionals over the years and have presented a glowing review of it.

8. ESP


Partaken as one of the best guitar manufacturers around the globe, ESP’s popularity and fame in India places it at eight in our list. ESP Guitars first ventured in the year 1975 under the guidance of Hisatake Shibuya. The company was set up in Tokyo, Japan at the time.

Initially, the company only dealt in quality replacement parts for the guitar. However, it was in 1976 that Hisatake Shibuya began offering his own set of guitars to the users. The company took great turns along the way and is rightly known as the producers of one of the highest quality guitars around.

The company deals in electric guitars and basses and produces the same under different sub-brands too. It’s popular offering under electric option in India is the EC series of which rave reviews have been received.

7. Martin


A leading guitar manufacturer company across the globe, Martin is quite famous among the Indian guitar enthusiasts. The company based out of America was founded in 1833 and has been well known for their steel-string ones and flat top guitars.

Furthermore, it was their initiative that saw the beginning of Dreadnought body style along with scalloped bracing in the guitar fraternity. The company also produced their guitars under different sub-brands for quite a while too.

They offer different acoustic, electric and other options under them. One of the pick ones from their offering list is the Martin DJR.

6. Cort


Cort, based out of South Korea is a leading manufacturer of guitars around the world and has been serving the masses out there since its inception in 1973. The brand has been known to produce one of the best pieces of guitars that anyone could ever lay hand on.

The company specializes in electric guitars, steel-string acoustic ones, and bass guitars. It’s top line option are bestowed in the electric range and comes in different series like G, M, CR, X, Zenox, Sunset and more. The acoustic line consists of Luce series, MR series, AD series and SFX series.

5. Gibson


Gibson, the erstwhile guitar manufacturer in the world has been known to offer its products under it Gibson brand and a host of other brands undertaken by it. The company is duly applauded as one of the leading giants of the guitar world.

It is famed as the producer of some of the intriguing piece of guitar around like arch top ones, the SG series, Flying V, ES175, Firebird and more. In fact, the ES 175 was the first popular electric guitar around the world at the time. Another peculiar offering under them is the Les Paul Melody Maker, which has been the go-to option for many around the globe.

4. Fender


A leading guitar and amplifier manufacturer in the world, Fender is the next one up on our list. The brand has been serving the fans worldwide since 1946 and continues to carry the legacy ahead. The company offers electric and acoustic guitars under its brand name.

The electric guitars on offer from Fender are one of the best in the industry and duly come with solid body paired with impressive sound quality. It’s variants under electric guitar include Telecaster guitar, Stratocaster guitar, jazz, Jaguar and jazz master ones and more.

The acoustic range comes in different options like Parlor, Concert, Jumbo, Triple O and more. It also has a line of products under others names as Squier, Charvel, Jackson, EVH and more.

3. Yamaha


One of the most revered guitar brands in the world, Yamaha comes in at third in our entry. Although there might be a few eye rolls on us listing Yamaha at lowly third, the sales chart binds us at placing it at here.

The company is well received for its extensive range of options like acoustic, classical and electric guitars. The acoustic series is lighted up with the offering in the ilk of L, F, FG, FS series and more. These are pretty much ideal for those seeking the initial venture into guitar world.

For classical fans out there, Yamaha offers C series, CG series, CGS series and more at different price levels. The electric range of Yamaha is supported by Pacifia and RGX series.

2. Ibanez


Ibanez, an offering of Japanese manufacturers, this one has built up enough brand status over the years. They are famed as the first leading brand to come up with mass production of seven and eight string guitars. Their product line includes classical, acoustic and electric ones.

The classical series includes GA series of which GA 15 series is known for its cedar top with mahogany backs and sides while other ones are famed for their spruce top. The acoustic line comes with perfectly projected design and tone offering. The pick of the lot is AEL, EWP and PF series. As for electrical options RGX, GRG and GRX series make up as the finest of the lot. For other series players around, the RG and AR series are the picks.

1. Epiphone


The oldest and the most accomplished of the guitar fraternity, Epiphone rightly stakes its claim as the top brands for guitar in India and abroad. The brand is based in America and was first founded in 1873 and was later on acquired by Gibson.

Epiphone offers one for every guitarist out there and has a product lineage featuring electric, acoustic and other options. One of its famed options among the acoustic line is the Les Paul Ukulele, a true vintage piece. The guitar has been termed as the market leader in the acoustic guitar field. It comes with mahogany body facilitated by top laminated, rosewood fingerboard and maple top. The tone of the same is truly resonating.

As for electric options around, a name to look for is SG special electric guitar. It holds iconic status among guitar users and features great build quality paired with the fine sound output.

Here’s us signing off this one with that last entry. What’re your thoughts on the list? Share your views with us via the comment box down below and let us know about it. We’d love to hear some. Till then, enjoy the resonating sound of your dear guitar.

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