Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting In India

When your business grows, you need a more powerful and robust hosting solution to cater to the various demands of your business. The dedicated server hosting is the answer to meet the needs and challenges of your ever growing business. So, when shared and virtual server systems are not able to cope up with the requirements anymore, you need something that is better and much bigger. The dedicated server hosting comes across as a really cool alternative. If you look online you will find a plethora of hosting providers in India.

In this article we will give you a list of top 10 best dedicated server hosting in India.

10. ComputeHost


This is a popular dedicated server hosting service offered in India and you can easily customize the plan to meet your specific requirements. The firm offers dedicated servers that deliver high level of performance and is capable of meeting the diverse needs of your website. The performance level remains steady as they use the highest quality hardware and IT components. Each account holder gets a team of IT professionals to run the site smoothly.

9. DialWebHosting


DialWebHostingis a reliable website and applications hosting company that specializes in dedicated server hosting. It offers customized web hosting solutions to meet the diverse needs of your business. Some of the main features are customizable feature, superior technology, and 24/ 7 customer support. The data centers owned by the company are powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. The affordable pricing of the hosting plans and round the clock security makes this brand highly desirable.

8. Host Dime


If you are looking for a reputable company that offers dedicated server hosting then HostDime is a good option. It comes with amazing security features and easy applications. The HostDime server is easy to manage and understand. It comes with an effective operating system that is capable of delivering good performance.

7. CloudOnGo


CloudOnGo is another popular dedicated server hosting provider in India that deserves a mention. It offers its subscribers high levels of website performance that is brought about by its robust data centers.  Some of the features include unlimited storage space, higher scalability, and high flexibility. The competitive pricing of the packages offered by CloudOnGo make it one of the best dedicated server hosting companies around.

6. Rackbank


If you are looking for affordable dedicated servers then Rackbank is the solution. It offers really low cost yet feature rich servers. They boast a high network up time and the customer support is offered round the clock. It offers cheap dedicated server hosting that is perfect for the companies operating on a shoe string budget. They have some really cost effective packages for businesses of all types.

5. HostGator


When we are creating a list of best dedicated server hosting companies, we simply cannot ignore HostGatorthat offers three different types of dedicated servers – Linux, Windows and Managed server. All dedicated server plans come with full root access, latest cPanel, multiple layer network security, round the clock monitoring and support. They have state of art data centers that are come with fully equipped backup power generators and HVAC units.

4. InMotion


InMotion hosting ranks high among the dedicated server hosting providers. They boast reliable and dedicated servers that have been designed to meet the specific requirements of any business. If your website receives huge traffic, the dedicated server by In Motion is completely able to meet the demands of your business. The main benefit is that they offer free installation and testing, which is lookd after by the hosting team of the company.

3. BlueHost


BlueHost is an established name in the field of dedicated hosting and there are many Indian websites that run on BlueHost. The company uses open source technology to deliver high level of flexibility in their dedicated server system. You can expect instant activation and set up of your dedicated server account as soon as you sign up with BlueHost. The hosting company offers a plethora features along with root access and storage upgrades that give you full control of the operations and server.

2. GoDaddy


This is another popular dedicated server hosting company that is consistently rising in the charts for good performance and service. There are four types of dedicated servers offered by the company and you can choose from them depending on your requirement. It comes with a plethora of dedicated hosting features that include unmetered bandwidth, up to 32GB memory, 3 dedicated IPs,24/7 technical support and free 1 year SSL certificate. The company offers reliable power systems and backups.

1. Go4hosting



This name needs no introduction as it has created a special position in the server hosting industry. Since 2000, it has been offering feature rich website hosting solutions to the customers. The dedicated server hosting service offered by Go4hosting allows you to enjoy a flawless performance in your website at optimal levels. The dedicated server solution offered by Go4hosting allows you to easily set up with customizable settings. The process is quick and hassle free. It includes a pay as you go option that enables you to pay only for those resources you use.

We hope the above list of top 10 best dedicated server hosting in India helps you in making an informed choice when buying dedicated sever hosting for your company. Stay tuned for more information like these.

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