Top 10 Best Blazer Brand for Men’s in India

Blazers are always the go-to dress when it comes to Men’s dressing. These blazers could be casual, semi-formal, traditional, designer, professional or business and are suitable for all occasions. But whatever said and done, men look really elegant in these blazers. These blazers not only add to the appearance to the men wearing them but also add a magnetism to the personality. You can get them customized as per your requirement.

One important tip of wearing a blazer is the comfort level.

Let us find out Top 10 best blazer brand for men in India 2017-18

10. Shaftesbury London Suits

Pure Comfort and perfectly blended fabric provides for a fashionable as well as must have garment of the wardrobe. You would find Shaftesbury London Suits in a glossy finish and it will not only add value to the dress but also will fetch you a lot of compliments once you wear it. The price range begins from INR2799/-. The best things is that this blazer could be easily washed by hand.

9. SuitLtd Blazers

On Number 9, we have SuitLtd Blazers which are a perfect choice for people who are looking for comfort as well as trend. They have a huge variety of fabrics and provide customizable blazers for all age groups. The value of the fabric starts from INR 3496/-. If you are looking for a mandarin collar, this brand provides the perfect fabric. You would surely love it.

8. Peter England Suits

Though not an Indian Brand but this brand is in India for so long that now it has the understanding of the Indian Market and Indian Consumers. The suits and blazers are tailor-made as per the requirement of the customer. Also the suits are so perfectly stitched and look really stylish. These suits are good enough to create a style statement. Besides these are pretty affordable. The range starts at INR 4049/-. Also they are low maintenance suits so you would be saved from the expenses of dry cleaning.

7. Raymond Suits

At number 7, we have Raymond suits which is the most preferred brand when it comes to suits and blazers. The range starts at INR 4500/-. Raymond is the Indian brand and people of all age groups have a liking for this brand. Mandarin neck and long sleeves, slim fit design or may be a semi-formal blazer or even if you need one for your kid’s school, Raymond is the name to go. This brand is considered better than the other competitive brands in India.

6. Arrow

Low maintenance, high comfort, stylish looks and easy on pockets is what Arrow suits are all about. The price range begins with INR 5999/-. The best part about Arrow Suits is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. As a matter of fact, they are different from the other brands making it one of the bold brand in the industry. These can be easily washed by hand but only the exposure to the direct sunlight must be avoided. Rest assured, it is a stylish yet comfortable wear.

5. MonteilMunero Suits

If you are planning to don a casual look, you can never go wrong with MonteilMunero Suits. On number 5, these are super stylish dresses and suits people of all ages. The price range starts from INR 7499/-. The dresses look very casual and formal at the same time. You would love the excellent range of collectionas well as great fabrics and amazing designs.

4. Next Men’s suits

On number 4 we have Next Men’s suits which are super in style and it is an unmatched choice for those who are looking for comfort. The styles and the modern designs made of the polyester fabric makes it very comfortable. This fabric is also very high in quality. This brand comes in the range of INR 7690/- and is suitable for all age groups. It is a perfect blend of comfort and quality.

3. Van Heusen

On number 3, we have Van Heusen which will surely turn the heads around once you wear it in a social event. Though a little higher on the budget with INR 7999/- but this brand is synonymous with trust, style and comfort. You would love the designs especially the two piece suit which makes people drool over your looks. Every blazer in this brand will have its own unique look and they make the consumers appear to be very stylish and classy at the same time. This is another must have in the wardrobe.

2. Black berry

On number 2 we have Blackberrys. Starting at the range of INR 8397/- these suits and blazers make sure that you do not need to compromise on style and quality. This is a well-established brand in Indian Market and is highly preferred by people of all age groups. The suits and blazers are even preferred by women who love to wear formal suits for work. The dresses are pretty light weight and usually preferred by corporates as it makes people feel comfortable and relaxed unlike other formal dresses. These blazers are worth the price and you will never regret buying these.

1. Park Avenue Suits

Park Avenue Suits

On Number 1, we have Park Avenue Suits with the starting range of INR 8499/-. These suits are suitable for all occasions such as business events, corporate meetings and presentations. You would love the perfect fit and the perfect blend of colors. These dresses are designed keeping in view the requirements of Indian clients. These are generally made of the polyester-wool blend and owning the three piece suit by Park Avenue will push up the style statement. The designs are super immaculate and you can make your look even more impeccable by teaming it up with a nice pair of formal shoes.


The blazers are usually made up of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, wool and so on. But the actual art lies in the stitching and the comfortable fit that it gives the customer. Blazers are important as a part of formal meetings and yet they look sporting in a semi-formal or a casual meeting. The list given above depicts the top 10 blazer brands in India which are preferred by men and these brands are super preferred by people of all age groups. It not only helps in improving the charisma of the person who is wearing it but also makes one look different from the rest. This is surely a great investment. Though at times, cleaning them could be a hassle but these days, the fabric is pretty washable by hand or by washing machine.