The Best Appam Pans In India

You must have heard about appam maker pans. They are made of non-stick material. If you wish to make or prepare appams at home, it is always best to try with item with appam pans. Paniyaram is one of the most famous Indian dishes. Most Indians love to have a bit of this delicious dish. These pans are just fit for making appams. Most companies manufacture these pans. They are available in various sizes. You can select it as per your requirement. The appam pans that are made of aluminum are much harder than those made of cast iron.

You can also buy the appm pans with two handles on both sides. These will allow you to hold the pans much more easily. If you select a suitable pan, it will require less oil to prepare the appams. These pans also require less maintenance to prepare the dish.

Appam Pan

Best Appam Maker Pans In India

How To Shopping For Appam Makers: Buying Guide

If you are eagerly searching for a suitable appam maker for your kitchen, you must go buy the best one that comes from a reputed brand. Below you will find some buying guides that you need to follow while buying the pans.

  • Coating:

It is essential to check the coating of the appam pan before buying the same. It should have a non-stick coating. The non-stick coating will help you pick out the appam from the pan very easily. Make sure that the non-stick coating is made of high-quality materials. If it is so, you can easily make an appam.

  • Material or quality:

The quality of the appam pan is most important. You must always check the quality of the appam at the time of buying. A good quality appam maker pan will require less oil at cooking time. This is good for your health. You can easily cook great appams with less oil if the ingredients are of high quality. It is also good if you buy the appam makers that are manufactured under reputed brands or companies. They will give you good service for a long time.

  • Cleaning process:

You must always buy an appam maker that comes with an easy cleaning process. Never scrub the appam pan with a scrubber because it will remove the non-stick coating from the pan, which is bad for the product.

  • Other tools and accessories:

You must also check and verify any other accessories that are attached or available with the appam maker. At some appam makers, you will get wooden spatulas. You need to check that the spatula is present in the packaging. The wooden spatulas are safe and can protect your hands from getting burnt. It is one of the primary accessories for the appam makers. You must also see that the handles are long enough. They must not be shorter. It is okay if you buy appam makers with a lid. They will help with smooth cooking and preparation of the appams.

  • Checking the reviews:

You should also read the appam maker’s reviews on various websites. You can search a number of sites that are best for reviews. You can go through it so that you get the full information on the product. But be aware of the fake sites as they will mislead you with wrong information. You will get confused and buy the wrong product for your kitchen. Check the common sites and don’t go for the uncommon ones.

  • Price

Checking or inquiring about the price of the appam maker is also essential and required. There are some manufacturers who demand unnecessary charges and prices for their products. It is not good for the buyers, who are also cheated to some extent. You should never pay extra for the same product.

  • Warranty period:

You must never plan or attempt to buy an appam maker without a warranty period. This is essential for the product. There should be minimum warranty duration of six months from the purchase date.

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