How to Activate and View Bank of Baroda mPassbook on Mobile

Bank of Baroda is over 110 year old bank but it has adapted to technology at a very fast pace. Today the bank has over 5480 branches across India and it provides a wide range of financial services and products to the commercial as well as retail users.

Earlier, you had to visit the bank for every small and big task but now if you have an account with Bank of Baroda then there is no need for you to visit the bank to get your passbook updated. You can get the passbook in real time on your mobile. That has surely added to a lot of convenience for all the customers of the bank.

mPassbook for Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda still offers physical passbooks for the people who are not very accustomed to technology and at the same time, they also offer digital passbooks to the customers who are looking for technical upgrades and real-time information. The best part of mPassbook is that it eliminates the need of visiting the bank to get the passbook updated.

In this article, we have listed the process to activate and view Bank of Baroda mPassbook on the Mobile device but before we look into the process of checking the mPassbook, you must go ahead and look at the features that this offers.

Features Offered by Bank of Baroda mPassbook

There are several features offered by Bank of Baroda mPassbook and some of the major features are listed below

  • You can easily check the account balance in your Bank of Baroda Account and at the same time, you can check the detailed history of the transaction with help of this mPassbook.
  • You can also download the statement history on your mobile phone and it is possible to filter out the transactions with help of dates. This is a print-friendly version of passbook and if you have a network printer installed then you can print the mPassbook
  • You can also have a look at the FD Account and check for details like the maturity amount, the interest due and the maturity date along with many other details.

These were the features of Bank of Baroda mPassbook, let us now look at the steps to activate and view Bank of Baroda mPassbook.

Bank of Baroda mPassbook Installation and Activation Process

Follow the steps listed below to check the mPassbook for Bank of Baroda. It should be noted that you would have to install the application and activate the application before you will be able to use the same.

  • Installation of App – Bank of Baroda mPassbook is available for mobile users who have an Android or iOS device. The app can easily be downloaded with help of the links listed below. Click on the link as per the compatibility of your device.
  • Android –
  • iOS –
  • Initialize the App – Once the app is installed on your phone, you can simply initialize the app and start registering as a user. The first option that you need to select is that for language. Apart from English, you can select other supported language as well. Once that is done, enter your mobile number and proceed to the next step.
  • Activating the App – You will now receive an OTP on your device to activate the App and this OTP will be shared with you on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and move to the next step. In this next step, you would have to set a 4 digit Login Pin for yourself. Set a pin which is easy to remember.
  • Checking mPassbook – The mPassbook has now been installed and activate. You can close the app and start the app again. Login with the 4 digit pin and tap on Passbook after login. You will be able to see the passbook for the year and it is also possible to download the passbook.

This was all about Bank of Baroda mPassbook app. For any other information or for any issues, you can reach out to the helpline number for Bank of Baroda at 1800 102 4455. This is a toll-free number and it is reachable 24×7.

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