Bandhan Bank Net Banking: Online Internet Banking Registration & Login Process

The Kolkata based Financial services company that entered into banking services in 2104 now has two divisions which include general banking as well as micro banking. You can use the Internet banking facility to view details of accounts, transfer funds and manage all other small banking activities quickly and easily. The net banking facility is quite secure.

Requirements for registration of Net banking facility.

You can apply for the net banking facility which is quick and fast if you are able to fulfill the following criteria

  • You should have an account in the bank. If you do not have one, you may open it by providing simple details like your name address, address proof, aadhar etc along with passport size photos.
  • The customer number or CIF number. This would be available in your chequebook or passbook.
  • The Bandhan Bank ATM card

The Net Banking Registration Process

 Submission of the request form

In order to avail the net banking facility of the bank, you would have to visit the Bandhan Bank that is closer to your place. Ask for a customer request form for net banking, fill it up and submit the duly signed. The bank would then do the needful.

The steps for registration

You have to follow a self-registration process that includes a step by step process. the steps are

bandhan bank

  • This would take you to the Internet banking Login page.
  • Ensure these conditions are met and then Choose the “Continue to Login” button

The conditions

The URL address on the internet browser should start with https. It is because at the end of http means secured.

Make sure that you see a padlock symbol either on the status bar or the address bar. You may verify the security by clicking on the padlock

The padlock in the address bar turning green is an indication that the site is secured with an SSL certificate that meets the extended validation standard.

Ensure you do not enter any security information in the pop-up windows

Clicking on the Continue to log in button means you agree to the terms and conditions of  Bandhan Bank’s internet banking.

  • When you click on the continue to login button, you will be moving on to the welcome screen of the net banking facility. You have to click on the New user sign up option you will find in your right- hand side.
  • Yo would now move on to the registration page. There you would find three instructions with check boxes at the end. read the instructions and click on the check boxes. Follow it up with the continue button at the end of the page. The three instructions include ensuring that you have registered your mobile number with the bank, you have the ATM card of the bank with you and that you have read and you are ready to accept the terms and conditions of the Bandhan Bank internet banking. If you do not have a debit card or you have not registered your mobile number, you would have to visit the bank to fulfill the condition.

Now, you will find two options listed for registration.

  1. Register with Debit card and ATM pin
  2. Register with Reference number

Though you may choose either of the options, it is better to use the first option. Choose it and click on the continue button

Bandhan Bank Net Banking

  • Now, you would have to fill out the account related details which include
  1. CIF number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Debit card number
  4. The expiry date of the debit card
  5. The captcha code

Then click on the submit button.

  • You will now receive an OTP number on your mobile phone- the registered mobile number. Fill in the OTP at the space provided and click on the submit button
  • You would now have to fill in the ATM pin in the space provided. You can also make use of the virtual keyboard facility enabled for the same. Then press the continue button.
  • Here you would have to choose a user ID, login password and a transaction password and click on the continue button.

You will see the congratulations screen of Bandhan bank. You will see the statement “Registration Successful”