Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics has been a revelation in the computer and electronics industry. The impact of computer graphics allowing for improvised interaction and the ability to perform high-end tasks which were an anomaly without the graphics is all but known.

But therein lies a catch as not many people can comprehend whether having computer graphics is useful or not for them. This can vary as every person has their specific need for computer performance and not one size fits all. So we thought of looking into this and outlining both sides of the coin and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of having computer graphics.

Computer Graphics

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Advantages of Computer Graphics

1. Advanced functionality

  • Addition of computer graphics allows for enhanced functionality and flexibility in terms of performance. It allows for accessing and running high-end programs that normal computers can’t do. Add to it the aspects like no lags and efficient run-time for programs, having computer graphics in your system is a game-changer. A system without computer graphics hasa hard time running programs and videos for specific apart from the games and a lot more activities for say Photoshop, AutoCAD, Maya, and other 3D software.

2. Product designing and development

  • A lot of product designing work is done on rendering which requires a capable system with high-end graphics and everything. The products are first rendered on the 3D view and presented as part of the alpha or beta build. The same is then processed through feedback and suggestions from the users and team upon which the final approved things are done. The modification of such designs and research again requires a computer equipped with graphics.

3. Graphic Designing and UI/UX works

  • We live in a world of modern amenities and technology. The era of doing testing with products via directly launching for consumption isn’t possible now. And with the technology we’ve also gone on shift to app-based usability where many apps are developed and provided for people. This thing was previously limited to just websites which normal computers could do. But for the proper app development, various aspects like UI/UX go into it. All of these are essential for proper app development. These aspects are done via the use of high-end performance computers equipped with graphics.

4. Additional Employment Opportunity

  • The use of computer graphics isn’t just about spending a large amount of money to use it for experience. The use of computer graphics is a must for any innovative tech and this has helped build a lot of employment opportunities for people. There are many students to professionals who have made a career in fields like app development, designing, testing, frameworks, and other platforms with the use of computer graphics-equipped systems.

5. Enhancement of visual aspect and gaming

  • We spend years going through the decade-old technology that limited us to high-end visuals. We had to go through low-resolution videos and games since systems wouldn’t support it. With computer graphics, visual aspects have improved and full HD is the normality these days. And not to forget the high-end gaming, which for years people had to rely on gaming devices like PS4 and Xbox to enjoy can now also be easily accessed and enjoyed via simplecomputers.

Disadvantages of Computer Graphics

1. Complex in Nature

  • Operating a computer equipped with graphics is generally more complex than the normal systems. With normal systems, you can run it as easily as possible. For a computer with graphics performance, there are a lot of settings to mitigate which makes it difficult for normal users as it takes time to understand and get up to speed.

2. Costly in nature

  • Computer graphics cost a lot as they are fully built high-end performance addition. The cost of computer graphics can increase your budget for a computer by almost 30% to 40%. This often causes people to shell more despite not being able to. They also require additional care as you need to build a cooling and additional changes to your system.

3. Limited by performance

  • This may sound odd as to how can computer graphics be limited by performance. But you need to understand just like computers come in different processing CPUs, graphics card also comes in various types ranging from low-end to high-end ones. Getting a low-end graphics card and imagining it will perform the high-end task is foolish. So it’s always advised to get the one as per your usability and requirements.

4. Raises the heat performance

  • Using computer graphics spikes the computer heat and radiation levels than normal computers. For say, a system with a graphics card is built for high-end tasks, and running them increases the computer’s heat and temperature by a lot. This is why additional cooling units are needed for it to smoothly perform.

5. Makes over-reliant on technology

  • Using technology enhances and makes our work a lot easier. But at the same time, it also tends to push us to be over-reliant on technology and lose our critical thinking ability. Many traditional art forms have been lost due to the development of digital arts and the paradigm shift will continue for long.

Final words

Computer graphics has been a game-changer in the technology field and it has a lot of potential benefits for human civilization in terms of extended development and newer avenues. But as is the case with everything, there are certain downsides to it too. As such, we should always keep in mind to understand our needs and then decide whether to opt for it or not.